Microwave Journal

NEC Participates in LTE Field Trial in Argentina

December 14, 2010

NEC Corp. will participate in an LTE field trial with Telefonica Moviles Argentina S.A., the largest mobile carrier in Argentina, and a subsidiary of mobile giant Telefonica. The trial, which is the first in the AWS band in Central and South America, is taking place between November and mid-December 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. NEC will provide a total LTE system, including terminals, base stations and core networks. The company will also run mobility testing such as throughput measurement from a fixed point, handover between networks and latency test.

“NEC is honored to participate in these LTE field trials with Telefonica, which are a continuation of laboratory testing. We have successfully achieved approximately 100 testing items in the previous tests and we are confident that we can contribute to the success of this trial,” said Kazuya Hashimoto, General Manager of NEC’s Mobile Access Network Division.

In addition to the NECs domestic accomplishments in Japan, the company is expanding its international LTE activities, with the project in Argentina being the latest. Another includes NEC’s selection and participation in several LTE trials, including activity with Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel). The company aims to leverage its experience and achievement in this field to drive the success of these trials and maximize the company’s contributions to the early commercialization of LTE.