Microwave Journal

Raytheon Completes Software Specification Review for GPS OCX

December 2, 2010

The Raytheon team has successfully completed a key design review of the Global Positioning System (GPS) Advanced Control Segment (OCX), signaling the team’s readiness to proceed with the next development phase of the program. Nearly 70 representatives from the government, aerospace and System Engineering and Integration, a contractor for the GPS Wing, recently completed a three-day software specification review at Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems facility in Aurora, CO. During the review, the team detailed its architecture and software requirements for GPS OCX, which will deliver the advanced control segment designed to provide secure, accurate and reliable navigation and timing information to military, commercial and civil users. Raytheon is the prime contractor for the $886 M program.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this important review,” said Bob Canty, Raytheon Vice President and GPS OCX Program Manager. “The successful software specification review sets the foundation for the preliminary design review scheduled for spring 2011 and is an indicator of the maturity of the software and interface requirements and the operational concept for GPS OCX.” The software specification review is the culmination of several analyses: the architecture; OPSCON (Operations Concept); segment, prime mission and interface requirements; and allocation to the software requirements specifications, interface requirements specifications and operational concept document.