Microwave Journal

RFMD Expands Family of GaN Power Transistors

December 1, 2010

RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD) announced that RFMD® has production released the RF3932, a 75 W, highly efficient gallium nitride (GaN) RF unmatched power transistor (UPT) that delivers superior performance versus competing GaAs and silicon power technologies.

The release of the RF3932 follows the recent release of the 140 W RF3934, which is the highest output power device in RFMD's UPT family. RFMD plans to release a third GaN UPT device in the first calendar quarter of 2011, significantly expanding the GaN power transistor options available to RFMD's customers.

RFMD's GaN unmatched power transistors support "green" architectures that reduce energy consumption, improve thermal management and optimize network efficiency for network operators. The RF3932 operates over a broad frequency range (DC to 3 GHz) and delivers high peak efficiency of >65 percent. Additionally, the RF3932 incorporates simple, optimized matching networks external to the package, providing wideband gain and power performance advantages in a single amplifier. The RF3932 is packaged in a hermetic, flanged ceramic two-leaded package that leverages RFMD's advanced heat sink and power dissipation technologies to deliver excellent thermal stability and conductivity. The 75 W RF3932 and the 140 W RF3934 are optimal for both driver and/or output stages, depending on overall power requirements.