Microwave Journal

API Technologies Releases CFT Synthesizer

November 17, 2010

API Technologies Corp., a provider of highly engineered products and services to the global defense sector, announced the availability of the API™ CFT synthesizer. With a fast switching speed of 2 microseconds, this compact synthesizer has a frequency of 1.60 to 18 GHz in a single, ruggedized package with low power consumption.

“What makes this synthesizer unique is the combination of its size and speed with very low power consumption,” said Jim Fisher, Director of Engineering, API Technologies. “It is an ideal solution for Electronic Warfare engineers and in mobile and laboratory environments where fast tuning and spectral purity are a must.”

The API CFT synthesizer is available in resolutions up to 1 Hz and supports both Ethernet and parallel interfaces. Its compact design weighs less than 3.3 lbs and measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 2". The synthesizer’s programmable logic offers system simplification by removing the need for external glue logic.