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TMD appoints new sales and business development director

TMD Technologies Ltd. (TMD), an independent manufacturing SME in the microwave and RF field, has appointed Jane McAlister to the executive board as sales and business development director. In her new key position she will be responsible for leading and guiding TMD’s sales and business development teams in all aspects of their operations, to further increase the company’s on-going growth.

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Resonant Inc. expands advisory board

 Resonant Inc., a late-stage development company creating innovative filter designs for radio frequency front-ends (RFFEs) for the mobile device industry, today announced it named industry sales & marketing veteran, Barry Waxman to its Advisory Board. Resonant formed the advisory board in late August to aid in marketing and commercializing its designs. 

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GigOptix announces global customer operations organization

 GigOptix, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor communications components for use in Cloud connectivity, data centers, and high-speed optical and wireless networks, today announced the inception of the Global Customer Operations Organization (GCO), under the leadership of Dr. Raluca Dinu, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. This change in organization structure is aimed at establishing complete alignment of the company’s operations with the customers’ requirements, by integrating into one organization the driving of a strategic roadmap, tactical and product marketing, engineering applications, and global sales. 

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New Lockheed Martin Center improves satellite sensing and communication technologies

 A new development center will advance satellite sensing and communication technologies, broadly known as Radio Frequency (RF) payloads, at the Lockheed Martin facility in Denver. The RF Payload Center of Excellence will focus on developing reconfigurable payloads and advancing satellite systems that many already rely on, from high-def television broadcasts to GPS transmissions and secure government communications. 

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