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Mobile TETRA LTE radio system from Cassidian passes its first functional test by the German Armed Forces

Cassidian has supplied a customer with the world’s first prototype of a mobile TETRA LTE radio system, which will allow voice and broadband data services to be used in parallel. As part of the German Armed Forces’ highly mobile cellular networks study, HochZeN (Hochmobile Zellulare Netzwerke), the system passed its first functional test when it was accepted by the Armed Forces’ Technical Centre for Information Technology and Electronics (WTD 81) in November. 

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Cassidian launches TB3s TETRA base station with LTE

Cassidian has launched the TB3s TETRA base station, which can be fitted with broadband LTE carriers. It includes the same powerful features as other TB3 series TETRA base stations, guarantees the same utter reliability, and can also house broadband LTE eNode equipment that enables LTE communications in addition to regular TETRA services.

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