AWR Corp., a leader in high frequency EDA, announced that antenna analysis is now available in the 2010 release of its AXIEM™ 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulation software. AXIEM 2010 includes new features and capabilities that are ideal for large, planar, antenna designs such as arrays with many elements. Critical design problems, such as scan blindness, can now be discovered and corrected. Post-processing such as antenna patterns for linear, circular and elliptical polarizations, etc., numerous antenna measurements (including gain), as well as current visualization/animations, are now part of the 2010 release.

Key features of AXIEM 2010:

Seamless integration with Microwave Office® and Analog Office® software

Proprietary full-wave planar EM solver technology

• Open-boundary method-of-moments (MoM) approach

• Unconstrained capacity exhibited by NLn(N) solver scaling (N is # of unknowns)

• Unconstrained line width versus thickness ratio

• Robust results from DC to daylight

Advanced hybrid meshing technology

• Mixed element meshing of triangles and rectangles

• Geometrically-aware and optimized

• True thick metal support

Antenna analysis and post-processing

• Antenna measurements, including gain

• Patterns for linear, circular, and elliptical polarizations

• Current visualization

Numerous source/excitations including auto-calibrated internal ports

Parametric studies, optimization and tuning

3D visualization and animation