Evans Capacitor Co., whose energy-dense Hybrid® capacitors are found on space shuttles and the most advanced aircraft, has made these capacitors available for deepwater use.

Tested to 10,000 psi and impervious to salt water, these tantalum Evans Hybrid capacitors provide up to 2 joules/second and 0.5 joules/g. They have more than 10 times the energy density of aluminum capacitors.

Used by virtually every Tier 1 aviation defense contractor, space agencies and major commercial aircraft manufacturers, Evans Hybrid capacitors can provide the same durable reliability for manufacturers of submersibles and their component assemblies.

Evanscaps filter power, fire pulses, correct power factors and allow submersibles to ride through critical power interruptions.

Hermetically-sealed, they are available with four-pin mounts or threaded mounting studs. They are available in both standard and custom configurations and can be combined in banks.