Product Catalog

This product catalog features the company’s advanced antenna systems. It highlights new products including the Phased Beamer;™ modular phased array panels, Edge-of-Space Gateway;™ SatCom antenna system with orbital down conversion and UniScan Direct;™ and a real time airport security RF imaging scanner, all based on the company’s patent-pending technologies.

AntennEM Communication LLC,
San Jose, CA
(408) 927-6880,

Product Catalog/CD-ROM

This catalog showcases the range of products and services offered through the company, including OEM consulting and manufacturing, custom antenna design, low profile disc antennas, microcell hemi antennas, omnidirectional antennas, Yagi antennas, Enviro-Sealed Protected (ESP) Yagi antennas, PCD subscriber series antennas, and dual-band and tri-band antennas.

Astron Wireless Technologies Inc.,
Sterling, VA
(703) 450-5517,

Shortform Catalog

This shortform catalog (No. 14S) details over 500 standard models of general purpose pulse generators (5 to 100 V), high speed and high voltage pulse generators (rise times as low as 50 ps), high voltage amplifiers and function generators (to 1000 V peak-to-peak), high frequency amplifiers (to 4 GHz), pulsed laser diode drivers and current pulsers (1A to 200A), and delay generators.

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.,
Ogdensburg, NY
(800) 265-6681,

High Performance Solutions

This 600-page catalog features over 425 products that include components and integrated assemblies in frequencies ranging from 100 kHz to 20 GHz. Components include: TO-8 cascadable amplifiers, VCOs, mixers, switches, detectors, limiters, limiting amplifiers, attenuators and voltage-controlled amplifiers. Custom integrated assemblies, available in a variety of custom packages, including IQ demodulators, switch limiting amps and down converters, are also highlighted.

Cougar Components,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 522-3838,

Antenna Catalog

This product catalog features the company’s antenna products including BiConiLog,™ Biconical, log periodic, double-ridged waveguide horn, diagonal dual polarized horn, tuned dipole, loop and magnetic field coil, rod, and conical log spiral. A quick find chart, antenna calculations, and antenna selection charts by test type and frequency are provided to help locate specific products.

Cedar Park, TX
(512) 531-6400,

Product Catalog

This catalog highlights the company’s miniature semi-rigid coaxial cable including MIL-C-17 QPL, low loss EZ FormAL Aluminum, EZ Flex cable assemblies, delay lines and RF connectors. The catalog features its line of RF coaxial connectors, in standard series such as SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, N and MCX, in-and-between series adapters and its EZ Quick Snap push-on connector system

EZ Form Cable Corp.,
Hamden, CT
(203) 785-8215,

RFI/EMI/Tempest Components

This six-panel brochure features RFI/EMI/Tempest components and subsystems used for military, industrial and commercial applications. The brochure includes key features and specifications for EMI/RFI/Tempest line filter and surge protector product lines, as well as an overview of the company and its capabilities. The company’s products serve the worldwide aviation/aerospace industry and industrial markets.

Filter Networks Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 341-4200,

Connectors and Components

This catalog details the company’s RF connectors, cable assemblies and RF microwave components for wireless mobile communications, aerospace and the industrial market. Product descriptions, photographs, characteristics and outline drawings are provided for each product.

Seoul, Korea
(82-2) 3413-2806-8,

Amplifier and Converter Capabilities

This brochure highlights the company’s amplifier and converter design and manufacturing capabilities. Products include low noise amplifiers with noise figures to 0.4 dB, solid-state power amplifiers with output power to 300 W, and converters with variable and fixed local oscillators.

Locus Microwave Inc.,
State College, PA
(814) 861-3200,

Receiver Components Brochure

This product brochure features the company’s high performance receiver components that include switches, attenuators, phase shifters and integrated subassemblies. These components and subassemblies offer proven performance in both defense and commercial applications.

Micronetics Receiver Components,
Hudson, NH
(603) 883-2900,

Microwave Components Catalog/CD-ROM

This CD catalog contains over 2000 pages of the company’s extensive component product lines including amplifiers, IF signal processing and microwave control products, mixers and low noise receiver front ends, fiber optic products, frequency multipliers, frequency generation products, passive power components, integrated microwave assemblies and communication systems.

Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400,

Agile Precision Frequency Sources Catalog

This catalog describes the complete line of precision frequency synthesizers, based on a high stability frequency standard. Easy and fast remote programming is available. These synthesizers are used in advanced measurement and production systems as well as stand alone test equipment and mode locking applications. Options and accessories are available to customize them to a required specification.

Programmed Test Sources Inc.,
Littleton, MA
(978) 486-3400,

Full Line Catalog

This latest edition includes a number of new products, including both PIN diode and waveguide switches, as well as coaxial switches up to 65 GHz. The filter section now includes a range of Bessel filters, both absorptive and reflective, as well as cable filters. The company’s most recent innovation is to integrate a number of products into a single housing creating a “super component” to meet specific requirements.

RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334,

High Performance Cables

This catalog features the RTK-Flex high performance flexible microwave cables. The entire product line is constructed using a low or ultra low density PTFE dielectric offering good loss characteristics, phase stability and flexibility. The company manufactures a broad line of cable assemblies, ranging from hair-thin configurations for electro-medical applications, to phase stable precision cables, to semi-rigid cables or high flexible braded lines.

Rosenberger of North America LLC,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 290-8000,

Product Selection Guide

This guide features the company’s analog, mixed signal and digital semiconductors for mobile communications applications. The company’s power amplifiers, front-end modules, direct conversion transceivers and complete system solutions are at the heart of many of today’s multimedia handsets, cellular base stations and wireless networking platforms.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA
(781) 376-3000,

Designer’s Handbook/CD-ROM

This designer’s handbook/CD-ROM features the company’s signal processing components, including double balanced mixers, image reject mixers, quadrature IF mixers, power dividers, couplers, modulators, filters, frequency doublers, phase shifters, phase detectors, attenuators and transformers. A product index, environmental specifications and quality assurance program details are also provided.

Synergy Microwave Corp.,
Paterson, NJ
(973) 881-8800,

Material Guide

This material guide features the company’s high performance laminates that include PTFE/woven glass base materials for microwave, RF and high speed digital applications. Applications include LNAs, LNBs, PCS/PCN antennas, GSM and UMTS antennas, power amplifiers, passive components, collision avoidance radar, aerospace guidance telemetry and phased array radar.

Taconic, Advanced Dielectric Division,
Petersburgh, NY
(518) 658-3202,

Engineering Capabilities Brochure

This brochure highlights the company’s engineering capabilities and their ability to provide unique engineering solutions and custom products for passive RF and microwave signal control components and subsystems.

Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc.,
Bedford, NH
(603) 627-6000,

Switch Catalog

This space-qualified microwave switch catalog features information about the company’s high reliability electromechanical devices. This complete line of space-qualified switches is for high power applications in the L-, S-, C-, Ku- and Ka-bands. The product line consists of coaxial switches, waveguide switches, switch matrices and blocks. These products are typically custom-designed and manufactured according to specific performance requirements.

Teledyne Relays,
Hawthorne, CA
(800) 284-7007,

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

This brochure highlights the company’s SiO2™ silicon dioxide coaxial cable assemblies that meet the requirements of demanding microwave interconnect applications in aircraft, space, shipboard and ground based systems as well as other hostile environments. SiO2 is ideally suited to applications requiring low loss, unmatched phase stability and low phase hysteresis over extremes of temperature and pressure.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT
(203) 949-8433,

Millimeter-wave Products

This 90-page catalog features the company’s standard millimeter-wave products in the frequency range of 18 to 110 GHz. The products offered include millimeter-wave amplifiers, antennas, control devices, ferrite devices, frequency converters, Gunn oscillators, passive components and subsystems. The catalog also offers product application notes and useful technical references.

WiseWave Technologies Inc.,
Torrance, CA
(310) 539-8882,