Digital Debug Solutions CD-ROM

This CD-ROM will assist design engineers with measurement insight into tough digital debug problems with information about tools that can help minimize project risk and drive products to market faster. The CD also provides quick access to application notes, product data sheets and web links.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA (800) 829-4444,

Product Data Sheet

This data sheet details the company’s dual-band CDMA power amplifiers that reduce time to market and PCB space. An overview, features, product descriptions and performance data are also provided.

Warren, NJ (908) 791-6000,

Amplifier Brochure

The SuperPower Amps brochure provides a detailed overview of the company’s microwave amplifiers for EMC and wireless testing. This brochure contains information on the many “Gigs Galore” microwave offerings from AR, along with specifications on the ST, T and S series amplifiers that comprise these offerings.

AR Worldwide • RF/Microwave Instrumentation,
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

Product Data Sheet

This data sheet details the company’s end launch/waveguide to coax adapters. The end launch adapters operate in standard waveguide sizes from 10 to 40 GHz. Waveguide to coax adapters are made of aluminum with standard cover flanges.

Microwave Development
Laboratories (MDL),
Needham, MA (781) 292-6680,

Product Brochure

This brochure features the company’s UFX-EbNo series of precision generators. Features, ratios, a simplified functional block diagram, specifications and ordering information are also provided.

Noise Com,
Parsippany, NJ (973) 386-9696,

RF Switch Data Sheet

This data sheet provides detailed information on the company’s wireless UltraCMOS™ switches that extend performance to 3 GHz. The switches feature high isolation, high ESD tolerance and low insertion loss and are ideal for wireless applications.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.,
San Diego, CA (858) 731-9400,

Millimeter-wave Products

This brochure highlights the company’s components, subsystems and integrated assemblies, engineering services and custom products that serve virtually every application and market including communications, radars and sensors, military applications, test, measurement and instrumentation, and industrial and scientific applications.

QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA (310) 320-1111,

Specialty Materials Brochure

This product capabilities brochure offers an array of specialty materials including high frequency circuit materials, laminates, photoimageable covercoats, high performance foams, busbars, EL lamps and drivers, elastomer components, nitrile floats and nonwoven materials.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605,

Product Selection Guide

This selection guide highlight’s the company’s various products from the recent acquisitions of Amplifonix, FSY Microwave, Magnum Microwave, Q-bit, Salisbury Engineering and Radian Technologies. The updated guide details the features, benefits and performance characteristics of each product type.

Spectrum Microwave Inc.,
Palm Bay, FL (321) 727-1838,

Test Cable Brochure

This updated SilverLine™ test cable brochure displays products used by original equipment manufacturers of RF and MW components and subsystems in production test, R&D and quality control. The brochure adds several new connectors, adapters and a handy QMA extraction tool.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (978) 887-3033,

Missiles/Radar Capabilities

This brochure features the company’s high reliability microwave and RF subsystems and components for demanding applications and environments. The company’s experience in missile and radar products allows them to be a significant partner within the global military market.

TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL (813) 901-7200,

Capabilities Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of the company’s thin film capabilities and features the UltraBridge,™ UltraCapacitor™ and UltraInductor™ solutions.

UltraSource Inc.,
Hollis, NH (800) 742-9410,