Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced Rigol DSG5000 Series RF Microwave Generators which can generate high quality RF signals up to 20 GHz with amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse modulation capabilities. These generators are available with two, four, six or eight independent RF channels, housed in a 2U rack-mountable case. The DSG5000 Series of signal sources feature an impressive +/- 1 degree long-term phase stability between channels and they are designed for high frequency work in applications like radar and quantum research. Each of the up to eight channels can be independently controlled with a channel-to-channel isolation of more than 75 dB, a frequency resolution of 0.01 Hz, phase deviation resolution of 0.01 degrees, and a switching speed of 3ms. The generators provide an output power adjustable from -30 dBm to +25 dBm, with a phase noise of -133 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz (10 kHz offset), a fast switching speed of 3 ms and an amplitude accuracy of +/- 1.1 dB (typical).

DSG5000 Series RF Signal Generators meet the needs of complex tests such as superconducting quantum computing, radar signal generation, MIMO, EMS, etc. Single or multiple qubit manipulation is the basis of complex quantum algorithms. The DSG5000 series multi-channel coherent microwave signal generator provides a stable base for realizing multiple qubit and stable vibration signals by generating multiple coherent and ultra-low phase noise microwave signals. Multiple units can be cascaded to achieve multi-channel coherent output, supporting larger-scale qubit gate operations.

The DSG5000 Series offers a channel density that is eight times greater than the previous Rigol DSG3000B series, making the DSG5000 generators an excellent solution for complex multi-channel and system-level applications. They can be controlled from a 3.5 in. touchscreen interface or remotely, with local PC, or via an internet connection: just enter the IP address of the DSG5000 series into a web browser to open the Web Control software. The DSG5000 series also allows for the use of a wide range of external displays via an HDMI interface.   

DSG5000 Series RF Signal Generators are available now from Saelig Company, Inc., Rigol’s USA technical distributor.