SAR-AESA-X, a pulsed radar imaging solution operating in X-Band, integrates advanced synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signal processing and AESA phased array technology. With an operating bandwidth of 2 GHz in X-Band and a pulse repetition frequency range from 100 kHz down to 10 kHz, the SAR-AESA-X produces an effective isotropically radiated power of 82 dBm and achieves a fine range and cross-range imaging resolution of 20 cm. With antenna dimensions of 45 x 25 x 20 cm and a total system weight of 20 kg, the SAR-AESA-X is compact and lightweight and draws 300 W of power.

Besides the technical specifications, the SAR-AESA-X sensor can be used in a wide range of application scenarios. The SAR-AESA-X targets applications from intelligence gathering and reconnaissance to surveillance and monitoring. Its capabilities allow the possible applications to extend to the detection of underground explosives, combating drug trafficking and other illegal activities, search and rescue operations, forest fire monitoring, disaster scenarios, emergency response and geographic mapping.

In addition to its adaptability to many applications, the SAR-AESA-X covers imaging ranges of up to 50 km. It offers varying image resolution modes from 3 x 3 m down to 0.2 x 0.2 m, with adaptive swath settings at 1 km, 5 km, 10 km and 20 km. It operates in strip-map, spotlight and GMTI modes and features electronic beam stabilization to ensure stable imaging even in dynamic environments. The SAR-AESA-X also excels in scenarios where GPS reception is not available, providing robustness in harsh environments.

Besides radar antennas, PIDSO focuses on all types of antennas, like blades and buttons and RF systems like tracking antennas and smart arrays.

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