The Spacek Labs Model SLKaQ-38-15 amplifier operates from 26.5 to 50 GHz, making it suitable for 5G FR2 applications. The amplifier has a noise figure of 3.8 dB, output P1dB of 15 dBm typical, along with 38 dB minimum and 43 dB typical gain. The VSWR is 1.5:1 typical, using 2.4 mm connectors. The bias voltage for this amplifier is +8 to +12 VDC at 0.3 A. Without a heat sink, the amplifier measures 1.13 x 0.93 x 0.31 in. Spacek Labs offers both custom and standard amplifier designs in the 10 to 110 GHz frequency range. The modular amplifier designs allow a large variety of configurations to meet your specific requirements. For a more customized solution, our engineers and in-house CNC machining facility can produce an amplifier design to meet your specific needs.

Spacek Labs is a small, woman-owned business that designs and manufactures mmWave and microwave components and subsystems operating from 10 to 110 GHz. Since 1982, Spacek Labs has been providing products to government agencies, universities, research institutions and private industry. Spacek Labs operates from two adjacent facilities occupying 10,000 square feet. Except for shock and vibration testing equipment, Spacek Labs owns all the necessary manufacturing, test and screening equipment to support its 2 to 110 GHz product portfolio. The company has a Faraday cage screen room for low noise testing, along with the capability to temperature test its devices from -55°C to +165°C. Spacek Labs also has in-house cryogenic test facilities capable of temperatures as low as 15 Kelvin.

Spacek Labs
Santa Barbara, Calif.