In the ever-evolving telecommunications and technology landscape, Aethertek is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to address the most challenging production testing needs. The company is offering a one-stop service bundled in its FR2 test solution package. This all-inclusive approach saves users both time and expenses as they gain access to a suite of essential components necessary for successful mmWave testing. The package includes the Pluto shielding chamber, test software, horn antennas and up-down-converters. With this bundle, Aethertek hopes to increase the efficiency and precision of mmWave test solutions. Aethertek hopes that this will streamline the testing workflow and revolutionize the way testing procedures are carried out, empowering users to focus on their core objectives without needing to source and integrate multiple components from various vendors.

At the heart of Aethertek’s FR2 automatic test solution is the Pluto shielding chamber, which contains nine horn antennas, a turn table and anechoic material. This chamber allows users to conduct stable and precise far-field tests on mmWave signals. The chamber facilitates precise beam steering verification, enabling researchers and engineers to fine-tune their mmWave systems.

The chamber houses up- and down-converters operating in the 24 to 30 GHz (UDCX-2430) or 37 to 40 GHz (UDCX-3740) frequency bands. These converters enable users to use existing FR1 instruments in the FR2 band. The converters also have built-in GPS functionality, allowing users to remotely calibrate and align the frequency if they are using multiple UDCX devices.

With its one-stop automatic test system, Aethertek hopes to empower users to execute tests seamlessly and efficiently, reducing manual intervention and accelerating the overall testing process. To explore more about FR2 testing solutions, please visit the Aethertek website.

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