Agile Microwave

Agile Microwave’s new power amplifier AMT-A0560 operates from 27 to 31 GHz, has 10 W, 40 dB gain, +48 V single supply, linear and saturated output power and a compact size with 2.92 mm connectors. This power amplifier is ideal for 5G and satellite communications. Check out the full collection of power amplifiers.

Agile Microwave

Standard & Custom Design LNA & MMIC Products

Amplitech offers the best low noise and system performance with up to 40% more throughput, up to 4 hours less outage and up to 40% cost reduction. RF microwave, satcom and 5G solutions are available for pioneering disruptive technology with low noise amplifiers, custom MMICs and 5G networks. Low noise amplifiers are designed up to 60 GHz, with cryogenic amplifiers and space qualified amplifiers available. Satcom amplifiers include waveguide, custom and X, Ku and Ka-Band amplifiers.

Amplitech Inc.


ADI’s newest MxFE provides a common digitizer platform to direct sample L, S, C, X and Ku frequency bands to enable innovations in phased array radar, electronic intelligence, test and measurement and more. This product is augmented by high performance variable gain amplifiers, ultra-low noise LDO and Silent Switcher® regulators, clocking and multi-chip synchronization, along with embedded digital and software technologies including algorithms and security. Apollo MxFE helps customers accelerate design cycles, bring new products to market faster at lower costs, while future-proofing their product designs.

Analog Devices Inc.

Single- & Multi-Channel SG up to 54 GHz

The APLC is a series of phase-coherent, single or multi-channel, ultra-fast switching and ultra-low phase noise signal generators with a frequency range up to 20, 40 and 54 GHz. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, where good signal quality, accurate and wide output power ranges and very stable phase coherence among all channels are required. Excellent phase noise is combined with good spurious, harmonic rejection and optional switching speed of 15 μs.

AnaPico AG


CAES is a pioneer of advanced electronics for the most challenging defense and aerospace trusted systems. As a leading provider of advanced RF technology to the U.S. aerospace and defense industry, CAES delivers high-reliability RF and digital solutions that enable their customers to ensure a safer, more secure planet.


SPDT RF Switch for Military/Defense Applications

Model 120BG-530570/MS is an SPDT failsafe-type switch with TTL logic and suppression diodes operating from DC to 18 GHz. CEI’s ultra-ruggedized switch withstands severe levels of vibration and shock for airborne, naval and ground applications. This Switch Series is also available with latching-type or normally open-type configurations, and with various actuator and mounting options. CEI offers a complete line of highly reliable and repeatable coaxial RF switches for commercial and defense applications.

Charter Engineering, Inc. (CEI), a dB Control Company

CPI: Your Go-to Source for High-Power Microwave Components

CPI is a global defense and communications technology company that designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic components and subsystems, including RF and microwave products for radar, communications, electronic warfare, medical, industrial and scientific applications. Their products are used to generate, amplify, transmit and receive microwave signals and are found in numerous radar, electronic warfare and communications systems operated by the U.S. and allied militaries. Contact CPI at or for innovative and reliable high-power microwave components.

Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI)

40 GHz 8 x 8 Switch Matrix

CMCI1150 is a 20 to 40 GHz non-blocking 8 x 8 solid-state switch matrix system controlled through an embedded browser-based patented intuitive GUI with near zero learning curve and start-up time promised. Benchtop (12 x 12 x 6 in.) model is shown. Rack-mount and wall-mount configurations are available.

Custom Microwave Components

Eravant’s Space and Military Applications are Certified

Eravant’s quality management system has been certified by DEKRA to the AS9100D standard, based on and including ISO 9001:2015. Eravant’s validation capabilities for space and military applications include thermal-vacuum test chambers and thermal-shock testing. Eravant offers components, subsystems and custom design services from 18 to 330 GHz.


High Performance Passive Components

Exceed Microwave provides custom high performance passive microwave component designs up to 110 GHz for defense, space and commercial applications. Exceed Microwave is AS9100 certified and ITAR registered, providing high-quality, high performance passive components. They provide various types of designs, each with its own unique values and are designed and made in the U.S. Many of Exceed’s designs offer extremely high Q factor, allowing very low insertion loss and high-power handling.

Exceed Microwave