Hirose has released a multi-RF board-to-board connector that provides a size reduction of up to 71 percent compared to conventional designs. With the industry’s smallest width of only 2.2 mm, the BM56 Series supports multiple RF and digital signals with one board-to-board connector. By combining digital and RF signals into a single connector, the BM56 Series offers a more effective use of the PCB, and enables the development of smaller, lighter end-products. In addition, the ultra-low profile BM56 Series can be placed on top of a device’s battery, offering more space savings and design flexibility.

With contacts designed for both high-speed digital transmission and RF signal, the BM56 supports a wide range of high frequency applications, including 5G. The BM56 supports the following RF signal transmissions (VSWR):

  • DC to 5 GHz: 1.3 maximum
  • 5 to 10 GHz: 1.4 maximum
  • 10 to 20 GHz: 1.5 maximum.

The BM56 Series connector has a double shielded design that enhances EMI protection. A fully armored design that covers both ends of the housing with metal for enhanced robustness and a significant reduction in the risk of housing damage from misalignment when mating. A wide self-alignment range of ±0.3 mm in the pitch direction and ±0.3 mm in the width direction, along with guidance ribs provides smooth mating operation.

“Conventional connector solutions require one board-to-board connector and two RF connectors to achieve the capability of one BM56 Series connectors. These traditional designs do not leave much room for other components,” said Pete Lais, assistant vice president of product management for Hirose Electric Americas. “The BM56 connector offers significant PCB space savings allowing OEMs to add a larger battery, add components to increase functionality, or simply miniaturize end-products.”

Combining an ultra-low profile with high contact reliability, the BM56 Series board-to-board connector employs a simple lock design to ensure secure mating retention. The connector makes a clear tactile click when properly mated.

The BM56 FPC-to-board connector is commonly used in smartphones laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and wearable devices.