Corning Incorporated will showcase two push on, high performance, microwave interconnect solutions, the G3PO™ and G4PO™, at the 2023 International Microwave Symposium, June 12-16 in San Diego, Calif. With their well-known quality, Corning's innovations help to solve customer's toughest connectivity challenges through solutions that are easily integrated and customized for constrained environments.

First developed for demanding military applications, the G3PO™ and G4PO™ series build on our pioneering GPO series, which was the industry's first 'push on' sub-miniature high frequency connector system. This floating interconnect system enables the system designer to work with looser alignment tolerances, helping to ease manufacturing intensity by lowering assembly time and complexity, leading to improved flexibility. Since then, their solutions have been increasingly seen as a high frequency interconnect solution for military, satellite, wireless and telecommunications applications.

"Corning's microwave connectivity solutions have a long legacy of operating reliably in some of the world's harshest environments," said Dave Meis, director for Corning's aerospace and defense business. "As the pace of technological change accelerates, the demand for more connectors in smaller and smaller spaces has intensified. Corning is integral to the progress that will help our customers enable the next generation of advanced systems."

In Booth 2335 at the conference, Corning's experts will showcase their latest innovations, including:

  • G3PO™ Interconnect Series: A high frequency (65 GHz and 100 GHz) connectivity solution for telecommunications, radar systems, shipboard, airborne, ground-based, missile programs, cryogenic and non-magnetic applications. The G3PO™ interconnect series offers a blind mate interconnect that has a center-to-center spacing of 0.085 in and weighs just .016g. This series is designed to accommodate both radial and axial misalignment with negligible voltage standing wave radio (VSWR) change to perform in high-stress environments. Within this series, Corning offers adapters available to SMA, 1.85 mm and 2.4 mm.
  • G4PO™ Interconnect Series: Their latest innovation, this ultra-high-density connectivity solution enables high frequency (60 GHz) connections even in constrained environments that lack open access. With center-to-center spacing of 0.070 in, board-to-board spacing of 0.090 in., and a weight of .005 g, th is series is 50 percent smaIler than G PPO® and 18 percent smaIler than G3PO™. Within this series, Corning also offers adapters available to SMA, 1.85 mm and 2.92 mm.