With nearly 500 custom cable designs and 5,000 custom and standard connectors, Frontgrade has the industry’s broadest selection of cable systems for radar (airborne, ground, shipboard and missile), as well as electronic warfare, CNI, C4ISR, satellite communications and laboratory test equipment.

Frontgrade Technologies

Non-Magnetic Cable Assembly

The MIcable H09 series non-magnetic cable assembly is specially designed and developed for the application areas of magnetic resonance imaging, EMC laboratory, particle accelerator and high-power equipment connection. The product has the characteristics of non-magnetic, high shielding effectiveness, low loss, high-power and excellent VSWR performance. It is a good choice for the application areas above.

Fujian MIcable Electronic Technology Group Co. Ltd.

Littlebend SMP Cables

The Littlebend Ultra Flexible RF Cable is designed for demanding microwave interconnect requirements. They are phase and amplitude stable. This cable is well suited for dense microwave packaging with a tight bend radius cable with stainless steel braid. HLB098 Littlebend flexible cables are terminated with high performance SMP connectors. Also available in 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, SMA, SMPM and bulkhead connectors. Additional configurations available by special order.


5G RF Connector from I-PEX

The I-PEX® MHF® 7S Connector is designed to solve EMI issues caused by 5G mmWave transmissions. The connector has unparalleled EMI performance in a small form factor (2.0 × 2.0 mm footprint). With a 1.50 VSWR maximum at 15 GHz, the MHF 7S solves 5G problems now. This connector is ideal for fixed wireless access, notebook PCs, small cell applications and any application where improved electrical performance is required.


Stability Wafer On-Wafer Probing Cable Assemblies

Stability Wafer™ on-wafer probing cable assemblies from Maury Microwave provide table and repeatable electrical performance, flexible to facilitate easy installation, small profile for tight spacing requirements straight, right-angle and extended 90-/83-degree connectors for optimized connections to probes and color-coded connectors to avoid damage caused by connector. Stability Wafer™ on-wafer probing cable assemblies are available with 3.5 mm connectors to 26.5 GHz, 2.92 mm connectors to 40 GHz, 2.4 mm connectors to 50 GHz and 1.85 mm connectors to 67 GHz.

Maury Microwave