Butler Matrix

Model KBM9100400 covers the ultra-wideband frequency range from 10 to 40 GHz and provides ±1.2 dB of maximum amplitude imbalance and maximum phase imbalance of ±15 degrees. This model exhibits low insertion loss of 12 dB with low VSWR of 2.0:1 dB and high isolation of 12 dB. This Butler Matrix is a compact package measuring just 3.68 (L) × 2.80 (W) × 0.81 in. (H) and comes with standard 2.4 mm coaxial female connectors.


C-Band Filter

MCV Microwave introduces MCV Blue, a C-Band filter for protection against 5G and terrestrial interference. The filter passes from 4000 to 4200 MHz while providing outstanding rejection both below and above the passband. The filter exhibits very low insertion loss while maintaining a compact size. It is easily installed between the feed and LNB for new and existing installations. The filter is environmentally sealed and moisture resistant (IP66).

MCV Microwave

Step Attenuators

Pasternack has expanded its portfolio of step attenuators for use in high-reliability applications requiring precise control of signal levels, including precision measurements, prototyping and characterization product systems and instrumentation. They feature a maximum VSWR of 1.4:1, a maximum insertion loss of 1 dB and attenuation accuracy of ±5 dB, making them well-suited for high-reliability applications requiring accurate control of attenuation values. Additional performance characteristics include high power and wide coverage with a 2 W power rating and an operating frequency range up to 18 GHz.



Quantic PMI model no. LM-20M20G-18-20WP-5W-MAH is a limiter with a frequency range of 20 MHz to 20 GHz. This unit has an insertion loss of 1.55 dB, a VSWR of 1.9:1, an input power of 5 W, and a recovery time of 25 ns. It has SMA female connectors and the housing size is 0.50” × 0.50” × 0.22”.

Quantic PMI

Band Reject (Notch) Filters

RLC Electronics has introduced higher frequency band reject (notch) filters, designed to operate over the frequency range of .01 to 40 GHz. These filters are characterized by having the reverse properties of bandpass filters and are offered in multiple topologies. The filters are available in compact sizes and are constructed to operate over the most severe military environmental conditions. Filters are tailored to specific customer needs (electrical, mechanical and environmental), with insertion loss typically less than 1 dB and VSWR less than 1.5:1.

RLC Electronics


Field-Replaceable Connectors

Fairview Microwave has introduced a new series of field-replaceable connectors designed for a variety of RF/microwave applications. Fairview’s new series of field-replaceable connectors allows for easy replacement of damaged connectors without needing to access sealed components. The connectors’ EMI gaskets protect the internal parts of devices from electromagnetic interference. These field-replaceable connectors offer frequency coverage up to 65 GHz and feature 1.85, 2.4, 2.92 mm and SMA connectors. Contacts for the connectors mate with five-pin diameters ranging from 0.009” to 0.036”.

Fairview Microwave

SMP Microwave Cable Assemblies

MIcable C29F series 40 GHz high performance SMP microwave cable assemblies have a wide operating frequency range up to 40 GHz with excellent electrical performance, the typical cable loss is 4.92 dB/m at 40 GHz, the VSWR is less than 1.35:1 at 40 GHz, the shielding effectiveness is greater than 90 dB and amplitude and phase stability are less than ±0.1 dB and ±3 degrees, respectively. Also, the small cable diameter, small bending radius (5 mm) and blind-mated structure make them easy to install. It is an ideal choice for equipment internal connection, module interconnection and compact space installation.

Fujian MIcable Electronic Technology Group Co. Ltd.

The EESeal+®

Meet the newest addition to the EESeal® family of EMI filter connector inserts: the EESeal+. Achieve enhanced filtering for demanding high frequency requirements (up to 20 to 40 GHz) and greater attenuation needs (up to 45 to 50 dB). The EESeal+ utilizes conductive silicone rubber to provide an extremely low inductance ground plane. Like the original EESeal, it can be installed in seconds, maintains the environmental seal of the host connector and is proven against MIL-STD and DO-160 requirements.