Menlo Micro announced the formal qualification and production release of the MM101, an 8-channel, low-voltage to high voltage driver with an integrated charge pump. The MM101 driver provides a cost-effective solution for MEMS devices and other high voltage driving applications in a highly integrated form factor. Built as a companion to Menlo Micro’s Ideal Switch® products, the MM101 provides up to eight drive outputs, programmable from 80 V or 90 V, in a miniature 5 x 5 mm 32-pin QFN or WLCSP flip-chip package powered with 5 V charge pump and 3.3 V driver circuit supply sources.

The MM101 high voltage driver features selectable communication interfaces (SPI, GPIO) with up to 33 MHz SPI clocking speed, enabling SPI to be configured in a daisy-chain mode. In addition, the driver’s communication interface supports interface fault indicators, power-on-reset, power ON/OFF sequence control, and under-voltage protection for charge pump and supply voltage. The MM101’s highly integrated driver design reduces board layout space and BOM costs when compared to the industry’s common multi-chip, high voltage driver solutions for controlling MEMS devices.

“The new MM101 driver provides a miniature, low-power solution for driving our MEMS-based switches and other Ideal Switch products, bringing size, weight, power and cost benefits to a wide range of applications,” said Chris Giovanniello, co-founder and SVP marketing, Menlo Micro. “We developed this high voltage driver solution to simplify the creation of highly integrated, multi-chip modules that are easy to program and control. Using the MM101 in system designs, customers will be able to reduce the board space required for driving multiple switches, as well as have the option to integrate our new driver into their own custom modules.”

MM101 Product Highlights:

  • Eight high voltage push-pull output channels
  • Internal charge pump voltage converter
  • Selectable communication interfaces (SPI, GPIO)
  • Available in a 5 x 5 mm QFN package and WLCSP flip-chip package.