Waveguide Switch

Model SWJ-05-T1 is a motorized WR-05 waveguide transfer switch that covers the frequency range of 140 to 220 GHz. The bidirectional switch includes four E-plane ports. Double pole, double throw operation allows each port to be connected to either of its adjacent ports. Typical insertion loss is 2.5 dB with 40 dB isolation between disconnected ports. The RF ports are WR-05 waveguide with UG-387/U-M anti-cocking flanges. The switching speed is 125 ms. An H-plane version of the switch is also available.


Ultra-Broadband Directional Couplers

KRYTAR Inc. announced the continued expansion of its line of ultra-broadband directional couplers with the addition of a new model offering 16 dB of nominal coupling over the frequency range of 1 to 65 GHz (S- through V-Bands), in a compact and lightweight package. KRYTAR’s latest addition, model 101065016, enhances the selection of multi-purpose, stripline designs that exhibit excellent coupling. This coupler offers the ultimate solution for emerging designs and test and measurement applications including mmWave and 5G.


MMIC Frequency Tripler

Mini-Circuits’ model CY3-453-DG+ MMIC frequency tripler delivers output signals from 20 to 45 GHz. It accepts inputs from 6.66 to 15.00 GHz at typical power levels of +12 to +17 dBm and provides output signals with conversion loss of typically 19.0 to 20.3 dB and fundamental and harmonic suppression of -25 dBc or better. Based on GaAs HBT technology, the 50 Ω tripler die measures 2500 × 2400 μm and is a good fit for back-haul radio, satcom and test applications.


Custom Capacitor Assemblies

Passive Plus Inc. (PPI) offers custom capacitor assemblies for high-power requirements. Typical assemblies are configured in series and/or parallel combinations, producing higher voltage/current handling capabilities, extended capacitance range and tighter tolerances. PPI works with requesting engineers to determine the best assembly for their applications.

Passive Plus Inc.

Fixed RF Attenuators

Pasternack has expanded its line of 40 GHz fixed RF attenuators with 2.92 mm connectors that lower the amplitudes of signals in a wide variety of applications. Pasternack’s 40 GHz attenuator pads are engineered for preventing signal overload in amplifiers, detectors and receivers and adjusting RF signal levels to an optimal range. These 40 GHz fixed RF attenuators protect measurement equipment and other circuitry by reducing RF power.