As the technology needs of test and measurement (T&M) require more advanced broadband connectivity, Swift Bridge Technologies, an established global designer and manufacturer of RF cable assemblies, developed the FastEdge™ RF product line. It addresses the T&M challenge with a high quality, versatile and cost-effective RF cable assembly. FastEdge cable assemblies are flexible and low loss, built with precision RF connectors, custom molded flex reliefs and an abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket. The cable assemblies provide the adaptability needed for T&M, well-suited for connecting to spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, oscilloscopes and multi-function production test sets. Their versatility is suitable for applications such as compliance testing, clock timing, probing and multiplexing — any operating environment to 125°C.

The FastEdge 40 series is optimized for low loss performance through 40 GHz, with transmission losses typically 2.8 dB for a 1 m cable assembly at 40 GHz. Low signal loss is achieved using air-enhanced PTFE in the cable construction. Return loss is guaranteed to be better than 18 dB through 40 GHz. Important for T&M, performance is stable with cable movement, typically ±0.05 dB in amplitude and ±9 degrees in phase.

To meet the broadest range of customer demands, the FastEdge RF product line can be ordered on the Digi-Key marketplace. FastEdge RF products are available with various connector types and multiple upper frequency ranges. The newest line, FastEdge 70, a 70 GHz solution, will be available soon. Phase-matched cable pairs up to 1.5 ps skew are available for all frequency ranges.

Swift Bridge Technologies
Tigard, Ore.