2π-Labs GmbH
mmWave FMCW VNA Radar System

2πSENSE – Innovative FMCW radar systems operating in the 126 GHz to 182 GHz frequency band are ideally suited for advanced vector network analyzer (VNA)-like use cases such as product inspection, 6G research, material characterization, NDT applications or generic S-Parameter measurements. The 2πSENSE radar technology platform is unrivaled in bandwidth and signal stability performance and offers high flexibility in terms of interfacing (USB or GbE with trigger/synchronization options) as well as RF options (from waveguide to multi-polarization focus lenses) for adapting to your needs.


Altum RF
MMIC Amplifiers

Altum RF announces new MMIC amplifiers for Q-, V- and E-Band. ARF1208 is a 37 to 57 GHz low noise amplifier (LNA) that has a typical noise figure of 3 dB and 26.5 dB linear gain. ARF1207 is a 57 to 71 GHz linear amplifier that offers 5 dB gain and 22 dBm P1dB output power. ARF1206 is a 71 to 86 GHz LNA that delivers 22 dB gain and 3.5 dB noise figure at 77 GHz. Discover Altum RF for high performance RF to mmWave solutions.


American Microwave Corp.
Power Divider

American Microwave Corp. offers model number PDV-6W01, a brand-new power divider (PD6). The power divider has a frequency range of 2.0 to 4.2 GHz with an insertion loss of < 0.74 dB maximum and an isolation of 16 dB minimum. This module has an amplitude balance of 0.7 maximum, a phase balance of 8 degrees maximum on the output ports. These are non-coherent at 1 W at each port. The size is 3.20” × 4.00” × 0.38”.


5G Networks with Anti-Hackable Encryption

AmpliTech Group, Inc. and joint venture partner SN2N LLC have delivered a fully working proof of concept of their field programmable gate array (FPGA) solution, with an intelligence-community-caliber hardware encryption communications channel. The joint venture’s solution enables network providers to achieve substantially improved data carriage capacity, speed and security, while significantly reducing related Capex requirements, enabling AmpliTech Group to be the only provider of 5G networks with this anti-hackable encryption security solution.


Analog Devices Inc.
X-Band Phased Array Development Platform

Analog Devices, Inc. is developing a X-Band hybrid beamforming phased array radar development platform as a reference design for customers to leverage and accelerate design time. The development platform consists of the ADAR1000EVAL1Z 32-channel beamformer front-end, ADXUD1AEBZ quad channel up-/down-converter, and AD9081-FMCA-EBZ high speed converter. The development platform demonstrates a full hybrid beamforming antenna to bits system capable of being controlled and evaluated with example HDL and software scalable to a customer’s end system requirements.

Vector Network Analyzer Front-End

The ADL5960 is a wideband vector network analyzer front-end targeting multi-port VNAs, test equipment and materials analysis to name but a few use cases. The IC consists of a resistive bidirectional bridge, down-conversion mixers, programmable IF amplifiers and filters and a highly flexible local oscillator (LO) interface. The bridge provides > 10 dB of directivity up to 17 GHz and the primary transmission line of the bridge, from RFIN to RFOUT, is wideband impedance matched to 50 Ω.


Anokiwave Si ICs

Anokiwave has been providing mmWave technology for A&D applications for over 20 years and enables new capabilities in satcom, radar, electronic warfare (EW), communications, NextG and space by leveraging the advances in mmWave Si commercial technologies. Its solutions offer low SWaP-C, flexibility to customize for specific needs and a phased IC development approach to meet budgetary constraints, all with an assured supply chain to support volume demand.


AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
RF Test Solutions

The 75S1G6C, with a signal generator, will provide a minimum of 75 W from 1 to 6 GHz. The low spurious signals and high linearity make it ideal for use as a driver amplifier in testing wireless and communication components and sub-systems. It is also suitable for EMC Test applications where class A amplifiers are desired. Visit AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation at IMS to learn more.


RF Signal Generators

Boonton enters the signal generation market with the new SGX1000 series of RF signal generators delivering a unique combination of high performance and ease-of-use in a compact form factor. The SGX1000 utilizes a proprietary blend of direct digital and direct analog synthesis to provide ultra-fine frequency resolution, lightning-fast frequency switching, ultra-low phase noise and jitter and superior reliability. It brings high performance signal generation at an affordable price for broad use in the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical and communications industries.


Wireless Products

Cadence provides engineers developing wireless products for 5G, radar and automotive applications with high-capacity simulation, multiphysics analysis and design interoperability through the Cadence® Virtuoso®, AWR Design Environment® and Allegro® PCB Designer platforms. Cadence will showcase its latest innovations that address IC through system-level design (chip, package and board) including integrated EM and thermal analysis for large-scale systems with the Clarity 3D Solver, Celsius® Thermal Solver and EMX® Planar 3D Solver.


Frequency Multipliers

CernexWave’s active and passive frequency multipliers cover the frequency range of 10 MHz to over 1000 GHz. They can be designed to multiply an RF signal 2x, 3x, 4x or as many as 64x with our custom multiplier chain assemblies. These multipliers utilize state-of-the-art MIC and MMIC technologies to provide highly stable, reliable and efficient frequency extenders for system applications.


Ciao Wireless Inc.

Standard models include units with instantaneous bandwidths covering 10 MHz to 6.0 GHz and 24 to 43 GHz (designs for 52 GHz available), to support both the uplink/downlink bands for 5G NR. Designs are available with O/P levels up to +33 dBm P1 dBPT and functions including detectors, switched/RF by-pass (TTL), variable gain (digital and VVA), or full rack-mount with ethernet control. Multiple gain levels from 10 dB and up are available, typical noise figures in the 3 to 5 dB range.


Communications & Power Industries LLC
VSX3716 X-Band SSPA

CPI’s VSX3716 is a conduction cooled, 1.5 kW X-Band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) optimized for pulse radars. X-Band SSPA transmitters are efficient, high-power and compact with proven GaN transistor technology. This VSX3716 SSPA is rugged, reliable and easy to maintain. This amplifier utilizes GaN transistors, providing high gain, high efficiency and excellent pulse fidelity. Contact the SSPA experts at ElectronDevices@cpii.com.


Connectronics Inc.
Standard and Custom RF Connectors and Adapters

Connectronics Inc. has manufactured standard and custom RF connectors and adapters since 1985. Our newest designs address the need to achieve higher frequencies with minimal return loss. Our 1.85, 2.4, 2.92 and 3.5 mm connectors and adapters are manufactured and assembled at our Edinburgh, Ind., facility to meet specific requirements up to 67 GHz and low VSWR. Allow us to design the perfect solution for your project with fast lead times and reasonable minimum order quantities. Visit us at IMS booth 10082.


Copper Mountain Technologies

The newest 2-port USB VNA from Copper Mountain Technologies is the first CMT VNA to offer pulse modulation capabilities. The S5180B 18 GHz VNA is perfect for development, manufacturing and testing of high-power amplifiers.


Crane Aerospace & Electronics
RF Converter Miniaturization Using Multi-Mix®

Our multilayer Multi-Mix technology provides a miniature footprint with maximum flexibility and performance. Key benefits include a 5x—10x reduction over traditional converters with packages less than 5” × 2” × 0.5”, multilayer Multi-Mix motherboard with double-sided SMT populated in a lightweight housing frame that provides excellent RF channelization and isolation, four integrated coherent wideband synthesizers, embedded pre-select frequency filters and fast tuning and settling times. Let us meet your most complex RF converter needs.


Custom Microwave Components
CMCI1150: 8x8 Non-Blocking Matrix

A 20 to 40 GHz frequency range makes model CMCI1150 switch matrix 5G ready. This solid-state non-blocking 8 x 8 matrix enables the connection of any of eight inputs to any combination of eight outputs. Intuitive browser graphical user interface, integral embedded processing unit server, easy to network, repeatable and reliable performance of solid-state. Applications include Ku-/Ka-Band RF signal routing and 5G system performance testing.


Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.
Customized Gang Mounts

With today’s industry trends for higher frequency performance and increased density, Delta’s SMP, SMPM and SMP3 gang mount designs are solving engineering packaging and performance challenges. Delta’s gang mount designs assure true position for each port, save valuable PCB space and provide reliable connections every single mate. Our hyper-responsive engineering team offers design solutions based on port density requirements, insertion force considerations and return loss performance targets. With SMP3 port counts up to 64, think of the design possibilities.


Radar Sensors

Modern radar sensors are crucial for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, but validating these sensors is a challenging task. With a dSPACE radar test bench, you can perform easy and reproducible tests using over-the-air (OTA) simulation. Using highly accurate simulation models and a graphical editor, engineers can create maneuvers for realistic traffic scenarios and play them out in real time on the test bench equipped with an anechoic chamber, the DUT, a simulation system, radar target simulators and antennas.


Eclipse MDI
Schottky Detector Diode

EZR2018QFN4 zero-bias Schottky detector diode, exhibits broadband flat frequency response, low video capacitance of 20 pF typical, high voltage sensitivity of 1800 mV/mW typical, high sensitivity—without external biasing. These versatile detectors offer a dynamic range of -30 to +20 dBm, are hermetically sealed and operate from -54°C to +100°C. Eclipse MDI ZBD detectors are designed for such applications as power measurements, analyzing radar performance, leveling pulsed signal sources, AM noise measurements, system monitoring and pulsed RF measurements in ultra-broadband and mmWave applications.


Empower RF
Solid-State Tri-Band Amplifier

Empower RF Model 2198 is a solid-state tri-band amplifier in a single 3U chassis and is ideal for general purpose lab and production line test applications. With user selectable modulation and power output modes this amplifier integrates easily into any test system and simplifies test setups with selectable AGC and ALC modes. The amplifier is ready to go out of the box with its built-in browser GUI so there’s no software to install for PC or Lan control.


Eureka Aerospace
Integrated Blumlein Antenna (IBA) Array

Solid-state compact scalable modular architecture, tunable in 100 MHz to 1 GHz range, high (10s of GW) peak microwave power, integrated microwave source/radiator, high (> 20) Q waveform implementation of PCSSs triggered by laser diode arrays, low SWAP, no cooling is needed, no external antenna is needed, multiple directed energy weapon applications at large standoffs: Remote neutralization of explosive hazards and IEDs, remote neutralization of UAVs, ground vehicles and boats and nonlethal area denial.