The S5180B 2-Port 18 GHz Compact VNA  from Copper Mountain Technologies will serve as an enhanced version of its predecessor, the S5180 Compact VNA. S5180B is the first CMT VNA with built-in pulse modulation generation/measurement capabilities which will expand measurement proficiency for the development, manufacturing and testing of high power amplifiers. The pulse modulation feature is a paid software option sold separately from the VNA and is only compatible with the S5180B VNA due to hardware requirements. The Pulse Modulation option can be added at any time during or after the initial VNA purchase.

Pulse modulated measurements are useful for high power amplifier development, manufacturing and testing, especially on-wafer components where a heat sync isn't practical. 5180B has built-in hardware to support various types of pulse measurements when used with the Pulse Modulation software option. Pulses can be generated synchronously or asynchronously with respect to VNA measurement timing.