Accel-RF’s mmWave Sidecar module was designed to be combined with the company’s characterization platform and RF fixtures to create a single-channel, “oven-ized” RF test chamber. The Sidecar module provides frequency up-conversion, amplification and gain control for RF life testing at mmWave frequencies. Made for the Ka-Band satcom and 5G bands, the Sidecar is available in “micro” bands from 26 to 40 GHz.

Integrating the Sidecar module with Accel-RF’s characterization platform yields a compact benchtop system for reliability testing, including RF measurement and thermal characterization, such as infrared or thermoreflectance. The combination provides an independent single-channel unit or it can be combined with additional units to form a multi-channel test subsystem.

Using the Accel-RF LifeTest or USBControl programs, the reliability test platform is controlled via USB to set the bias, temperature and RF input signal to a device undergoing reliability testing. The standard RF drive level is +20 dBm, with an SSPA option available to increase the drive to +35 dBm, depending on the frequency band chosen. The Sidecar has an integrated Ka-Band coupler for precise input signal monitoring and provides a gain control voltage of 0 to +10 V and ±15 V bias.

Since 2003, Accel-RF has developed RF and power semiconductor reliability test systems, recognized for its expertise with reliability testing methodologies and RF component reliability testing. Accel-RF’s equipment has facilitated wide industry adoption of compound semiconductors for the space, military and commercial wireless markets, supplying reliability test systems to many semiconductor manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Now part of STAr Technologies, Accel-RF is the only provider of fully integrated, scalable, turnkey systems for dynamic, multi-dimensional, RF, DC and temperature testing on a single platform. Accel-RF helps companies reduce development time, ensure reliability and reduce business risk.

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