Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing have evolved quickly over the last few years and made its way into the RF and microwave market. We have seen everything from 3D printed PCBs and circuits to waveguides to antennas and lenses to connectors. Additive manufacturing has the advantages of being able to produce shapes that are not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques and able to miniaturize structures which is well suited for higher frequencies. They also use less material and in many cases are lighter than traditional manufactured parts. Additive manufactured parts can typically be produced much faster than traditional techniques for smaller quantities and fast prototypes. The eBook covers many of the recent innovative devices and components that additive manufacturing and 3D printing have enabled in the RF and microwave space. The articles cover 3D printed PCB circuits, antennas, coaxial SMA-to-waveguide transitions, copper and air dielectric routing circuits, filters, and waveguides.

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