thinkRF has developed a portable, rugged, discrete and cost-effective multiband cellular power amplifier (PA) for public safety and emergency communications. Covering the mobile wireless bands between 700 MHz and 2.7 GHz, the H1000A provides 20 Watts maximum power output with adjustable gain to 43 dB. The PA has a dual-band architecture (i.e., high and low bands) for optimizing PA-antenna performance, with two TNC output ports for the two bands. The PA is designed to be used with more signal sources and operational scenarios than other PAs with similar electrical performance.

thinkRF describes the H1000A as the first “intelligent” multiband cellular PA, containing a microcontroller to simplify setup by verifying it is meeting all performance requirements prior to deployment. After the unit is fielded, the microcontroller monitors the health of the PA and diagnoses any problems. The PA is light enough to be carried in a backpack, or it can be mounted in a vehicle. It can also be networked and left unattended for remote applications.

The thinkRF H1000A PA was designed to ensure rain and dust will not interfere with operation and has an IP66 rating for the enclosure and connectors. The unit has no fan, so operation is silent and reliable. Built-in power filtering, surge suppression and regulation protect the PA from external power transients. It can be powered by two off-the-shelf V-mount batteries, available at many camera stores, and a “hot swappable” feature enables the batteries to be changed while the PA is operating. Seamless switching between the battery and 12 V external power keeps the unit running uninterrupted.

The H1000A PA was designed and is manufactured in Canada.

Ottawa, Canada