Bogatin’s Practical Guide to Transmission Line Design and Characterization for Signal Integrity Applications

Eric Bogatin

This multimedia eBook establishes a solid foundation in the essential principles of how signals interact with transmission lines, how the physical design of interconnects affects transmission line properties and how to interpret single-ended and differential time domain reflection measurements to extract important figures of merits and avoid common mistakes. This book presents an intuitive understanding of transmission lines.

Instructional videos are provided in every chapter that cover important aspects of the interconnect design and characterization process. This video eBook helps establish foundations for designing and characterizing the electrical properties of interconnects to explain in a simplified way how signals propagate and interact with interconnects and how the physical design of transmission structures will impact performance.

Never be intimidated by impedance or differential pairs again.

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ISBN: 978-1-63081-692-6
603 pages, eBook

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