This eBook explores several important yet often overlooked aspects of the components, testing and requirements for mmWave phased arrays. The first article, from Knowles, discusses filter options and where they best fit in the block diagram. Next, an article from Filtronic discusses two interesting concepts that have garnered considerable investment: low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and high-altitude platform stations (HAPS), the latter encompassing balloons, drones or other platforms that can beam radio signals to the ground below. Measuring the OTA performance of infrastructure and user equipment at mmWave frequencies adds a complex spatial dimension to more traditional “connected” measurements. In addition to test accuracy and repeatability, OTA measurements emphasize measurement speed and the size of the anechoic chamber. To address this complexity, Rohde & Schwarz has developed a compact antenna test range (CATR) —using multiple CATRs that automate OTA measurements requiring multiple angles of arrival. Finally, MilliBox reviews a compact, affordable and flexible chamber solution bridging the gap between traditional mmWave chambers and DIY solutions.

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