All Source Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Rongsheng (Ken) Li

This is the first book on the topic of all source positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) and how to solve the problem of PNT when the most widely-used measurement source available today, the GPS system, may become unavailable, jammed or spoofed. Readers learn how to define the system architecture as well as the algorithms for GPS-denied and GPS-challenged PNT systems. In addition, the book provides comprehensive coverage of the individual technologies used, such as celestial navigation, vision-based navigation, terrain referenced navigation, gravity anomaly referenced navigation, signal of opportunity based PNT and collaborative PNT.

Celestial navigation is discussed, with stars and satellite used as reference, and star-tracker technology also included. Propagation-based timing solutions are explored and the basic principles of oscillators and clocks are presented. Initial alignment of strap-down navigation systems is explored, including initial alignment as a Kalman filter problem. Velocimeter/dead reckoning based navigation and its impact on visual odometry is also explained. Covering both theoretical and practical issues, and packed with equations and models, this book is useful for both the engineering student as well as the advanced practitioner.

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