This eBook surveys the state of GaN and its use for 5G base stations, concluding with the day when GaN will be eyed for 6G systems operating at E-Band and above. The first article reviews the growth of GaN since Strategy Analytics began tracking it in 2007. Strategy Analytics forecasts continued growth driven by strong defense and 5G demand. The next article discusses DPD linearization challenges for 5G transmitters. A relevant example of GaN’s broadband capabilities is presented in a design article of a 10 W nominal PA covering 1.4 to 3.6 GHz, achieving 60 to 68 percent drain efficiency and adjacent channel power ratio better than −30 dBc. The eBook concludes with an application note on making accurate device load-pull measurements from 70 to 110 GHz. Accurate load-pull data is a key element of successful PA design, and while E- and W-Band frequencies may not seem relevant to today’s cellular PA designers, it won’t be long.

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