SP6T RF Switch

The model H6N-742109 SP6T latching switch features indicator circuitry and operates from DC to 26.5 GHz. The low IM switch features a -130 dBc (min) third-order IM and -160 dBc (min) fifth-order IM. This model is offered with various actuator and mounting options. Special materials allow for superior RF performance and outstanding switching characteristics across the band. Delivery: stock to two weeks.

Charter Engineering Inc.,
Largo, FL (727) 549-8999.

Circle No. 216

MEMS Switch Family

This MEMS switch technology enables design engineers to create new wireless products featuring low insertion loss and high isolation capabilities in a smaller package. The MEMS technology platforms will enable the fast design and prototyping capabilities necessary to bring handset and microwave communications systems to market quickly. The MEMS switches can be customized and integrated with passive and active components on ICs for RF mixed-signal functions. The family is designed to operate from DC to 40 GHz with a low insertion loss of < 0.2 dB for die and < 0.4 dB for packaged devices. The switches provide high isolation of > 25 dB at 40 GHz and > 40 dB at 2 GHz.

Coventor Inc.,
Cary, NC (919) 854-7500.

Circle No. 217

RF Chip Capacitors

The S-series line of low ESR, high Q, high frequency multi-layer ceramic capacitors is designed for high volume wireless products such as RF modules, cellular amplifiers, WLAN, cable components and RF matching. The series is made with a proprietary combination of low loss dielectric and a highly conductive electrode system that significantly lowers the resistance. The capacitors are offered in size 0201, 0402, 0603 and 0805 in capacitance values from 0.2 to 220.0 picofarads. Price: 4¢ (1000). Delivery: stock to six weeks (ARO).

Johanson Technology Inc.,
Camarillo, CA (805) 389-1166.

Circle No. 218

3-channel Bandpass Filter

The model T10BPX-2175/X550-P three-channel bandpass filter is designed for military ap- plications and covers the 1200 to 3000 MHz frequency range in (3) 600 MHz bands. Passband SWR and insertion loss are 1.5 and 2.0 dB (max), respectively. Stopband rejection is 60 dB (min) at center frequency 900 MHz. Size: 1.54" x 1.30" x 0.37". Delivery: four weeks (ARO).

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100.

Circle No. 219


The M9-0444 mixer covers 4 to 44 GHz with a DC to 3 GHz IF. Designed for wideband appli- cations requiring a relatively high IF, the mixer is a unique double-balanced mixer design, available in a 2.92 mm connectorized outline. Local oscillator drive levels are +9 to +13, or +13 to +17 dBm. Typical conversion loss is 7 dB.

Marki Microwave Inc.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200.

Circle No. 220

High Voltage Reed Relays

The HF series of line of reed relays is offered in high voltage or high frequency and high power configurations for PCB mount or free-standing applications. The relays are designed to switch high voltages and feature switching voltages up to 10,000 V DC and breakdown voltages to 15,000 V DC, with 1000 giga between coil and contact, and carry current up to 5 A. They come in PCB mount or axial-leaded versions, and are available with 1 to 2 Form-A, 1 Form-B or 1 Form-C contacts. They also can include a wide range of options such as power switching up to 100 W, special pin-outs and case sizes. Applications range from high voltage test sets to medical equipment.

MEDER Electronic Inc.,
Mashpee, MA (508) 539-0002.

Circle No. 221

Power Splitter

The model D3-55FN three-way power splitter is ideal for in-building wireless distributed antenna systems, where its low loss and high reliability are important. It has exceptional bandwidth covering 700 to 2700 MHz, which includes existing cellular bands, the new 700 MHz band, the W-LAN frequencies at 2400 MHz and the projected UMTS band that runs up to 2690 MHz. All joints are moisture sealed to meet the IP65 rating and the mechanical shape allows simple attachment to pole or wall using the bracket provided.

Livingston, NJ (973) 992-7700.

Circle No. 222

High Q Resonator

These 20 and 40 GHz DRO based filters (resonators) have Q of 12000 and conversion losses of 3 to 5 dB. To meet the demand and mission-critical system requirements, the package can be customized to various customer application needs and the resonators are available in surface-mount, drop-in, hybrid module and other types. This product can be used in various microwave and instrumentation applications.

Milli Optics Inc.,
Portland, OR (503) 629-0680 or (732) 940-9304.

Circle No. 223


The model NB00378 miniature size K connector features robust characteristics provided by a thin film hybrid MIC process ensures an operating temperature range of -30° to +70°C. The amplifier incorporates internally protected voltage regulators and can be biased in a wide range of DC voltage. High gain of 21 dB and P-1 dB of 19 dB make the amplifier ideal for any general-purpose application.

Nextec Microwave & RF Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 727-1189.

Circle No. 224

Microminiature Coaxial Connectors

The MMBX series features a minimum board-to-board distance of 7 mm, an axial misalign- ment of 0.6 mm and a radial misalignment of 0.4 mm. These connectors are particularly developed for board-to-board applications in civil telecommunication and military systems, but will also serve a lot of other configurations.

Rosny Sous Bois, France +33 1 49 35 35 35.

Circle No. 225

Thin Film Chip Attenuators

The model FMIAA001050DXANFGO surface-mount chip attenuator is ideal for applications requiring precision attenuation in a small form factor. Single component reduces circuit area and board space while replacing discrete components and improving performance. The thin film technology also insures a stable attenuation over time and temperature. Wire bondable pads are on the top surface and ground wrap eliminates the need for wire for shunt element. The attenuator operates over the DC to 22 GHz frequency range with 50 of impedance and a power rating of 250 mW. The model features an attenuation range of -1 dB through -20 dB in 1 dB steps.

SatCon Electronics,
Marlborough, MA (508) 485-6350.

Circle No. 226

Chip Resistors

This expanded line of established high reliability chip resistors qualified to MIL-PRF 55342. The new QPL sizes are as follows: RM0502 is a 0.050" x 0.020" with power ratings of 10 mW characteristics E, H and 20 mW characteristics K, M. Maximum voltage rating for the RM0502 is 40 V. RM0402 is a 0.040" x 0.020" with power ratings of 40 mW characteristics E, H, K and M. Maximum voltage rating is 25 V. M0603 is a 0.060" x 0.030" with power ratings of 70 mW characteristics E, H and M. Maximum voltage rating is 50 V. Available termination styles are solderable nickel barrier, epoxy bondable and gold wire bondable.

State of the Art Inc.,
State College, PA (800) 458-3401.

Circle No. 227


This 1.85 mm connector was developed to go beyond the 2.4 mm connector's maximum per- formance. The connector is threaded with performance to 60 GHz, utilizing an air interface. It operates from DC to 60 GHz, with a 1.25 (max) SWR, 0.30 dB insertion loss and 19 dB (max) return loss. The connector operates over a temperature range of -55° to +165°C.

St. Augustine, FL (877) 890-7483.

Circle No. 228

Bulkhead BNC Jack

The model UCBBJR29 pcb-mounted right angle bulkhead BNC jack is designed for true 75 W performance and carrier class applications. It is an ideal solution for OEM equipment applications that involve high data rates, high bandwidths and/or high frequencies with low return loss. A unique bulkhead feature allows torque of the BNC coupling mechanism to be transferred to a panel front in lieu of the board, ensuring the integrity of the board to connection junction. Price: $11.25 (5000).

Trompeter Electronics,
Westlake Village, CA (800) 982-2629.

Circle No. 229


The model TFS374A and TFS374B low loss, low profile surface-mount IF SAW filters are designed for wireless local area networks (WLAN). The 17 MHz wide filters provide low insertion loss, a small group delay ripple and a high stop band attenuation. The filters have a center frequency of 374 MHz and can be driven balanced or unbalanced. Size: 3.8 x 3.8 mm or 5.0 x 5.0 mm.

Vectron International,
Hudson, NH (888) 328-7661.

Circle No. 230


GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier

The model AM13515030WM-KM is a part of the company's new series of GaAs PHEMT power amplifiers. The unit has been designed to operate over the 13.0 to 16.5 GHz frequency band and is available in a SMT ceramic package with both RF and DC leads at the sides of the package to facilitate low cost assembly to the PC board. Typical performance at 13.5 to 15.0 GHz is a gain of 30 dB, input return loss of 5 dB3 , output return loss of 12 dB and efficiency of 20 percent. The amplifier is well suited for VSAT and military applications.

Amcom Communications,
Clarksburg, MD (301) 353-8400.

Circle No. 231

Low Noise, Wideband Amplifier

The model AML018P2001 low noise, wideband amplifier operates in the 0.1 to 8.0 GHz frequency range and provides 20 dB gain (min) and +20 dBm output power at 1 dB gain compression. Noise figure is 4 dB (max) and gain flatness is ±1.0 dB (max). Input and output SWR is 2.0 (typ). The amplifier operates with a voltage of +15 V DC and draws a nominal 340 mA. Internal DC regulator, reverse voltage protection and field removable SMA (f) connector shells are standard. Size: 1.25" x 0.75".

AML Communications Inc.,
Camarillo, CA (805) 388-1345.

Circle No. 232

Quad-band Power Amplifier

The model RMPA1958-99 high efficiency power amplifier module is designed for GSM/GPRS quad-band applications. The module, which has an overall frequency range of 824 to 1910 MHz, uses the company's proprietary InGaP MMIC technology together with a CMOS control circuit in an integrated design, affording greater flexibility and user convenience. Features include internal 50 input and output matching with internal DC blocking and a leadless chip-carrier module with on-board band select and output power control, reducing handset design complexity and minimizing loss. The amplifier is designed to operate at a supply voltage of 3.5 V DC and delivers an output power of 35 dBm for GSM applications, and 32.5 and 31.5 dBm, respectively, for DCS and PCS.

Raytheon RF Components Division,
Andover, MA (978) 684-8900.

Circle No. 233


Doppler Radar Antenna

The model 0143-800 35 GHz Doppler radar antenna offers superior sidelobe and cross- polarization performance. It consists of a 28" solid parabolic reflector with a 9" focal length, four support struts, two WR-28 waveguides to run to the edge of the reflector and one dual polarized feed assembly.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.

Circle No. 234



The ASTRIC (application specific transmit and receive IC) mixed signal RF ASIC technology platform delivers system-on-chip solutions that significantly reduce the system cost, power consumption, form factor and time-to-market of short range, low data rate, wireless applications. It provides a scalable path for integrating board-level and modular transmitter, receiver and transceiver applications into true SoC implementations. ASTRIC solutions are ideally suited to license-free, one-way and two-way wireless designs that require data rates up to 1 Mbps for short range applications. As a result, target data applications include telemetry, security systems, medical monitoring, interactive toys, intelligent agriculture and remote vehicular products.

AMI Semiconductor (AMIS),
Pocatello, ID (208) 233-4690.

Circle No. 235

Multi-function Chip

The model ADP3502 CDMA power management system that includes 11 low dropout regulators (LDOs), each optimized for one CDMA sub system, and four backup LDOs for stand-by mode operation. This is a multi-function chip optimized for CDMA-1x cell phone power management in the handset baseband and RF sections. Integrated features include a real time clock for the system, serial bus interface and charging control for Li-Ion/Li-Polymer batteries. Sophisticated controls are available for power-up during battery charging, keypad interface and include a general-purpose input/output function. The ADP3502 has a high level of integration, which significantly reduces the design effort, number of discrete components and solution size/cost. The main-sub LDO structure reduces the standby current consumption and as a result, greatly extends the standby time of the phone. Price: $5.37 (1000).

Analog Devices,
Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.

Circle No. 236

TETRA Band Receive Filter Assembly

The model WSFA-00020 TETRA band receive filter assembly features an integral low noise amplifier with high and low level multicoupled outputs, internal DC power regulator and visual plus electric LNA fault detection. The receive center frequency (Fo) is designed to be factory tuned between 380 and 430 MHz, and is configured for 5 MHz passband, with 10 MHz separation between receive Fo and transmit Fo. In the receive path, the WSDA-00020 offers a low noise figure of 2.8 dB (max) for the high gain output and 3.4 dB (max) for the low gain outputs. The receive path is designed to be tuned on the low side of the transmit passband, and offers -60 dBc (min) rejection from DC to Fo-12.5 MHz, -80 dBc rejection from Fo +7.5 MHz to 1000 MHz and -60 dBc (min) from 1000 to 4000 MHz. Passband return loss is specified at 15 dB (min) at all ports. Operating temperature is -30° to +50°C. Delivery: 8 to 10 weeks.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 237

Heat Spreaders

The Diamonex® CVD diamond heat spreaders are ideal for high power device applications such as laser diodes, microwave FETs and MMICs and advanced multi-chip modules. Due to diamond's extremely high thermal conductivity, these heat spreaders improve performance by reducing junction temperatures, allowing for increased power output, speed and reliability. In addition, Diamonex CVD materials have a high electrical resistivity, which allows top-to-bottom isolation in the package design.

Morgan Advanced Ceramics,
Allentown, PA,

Circle No. 238

Integrated Receiver IC

The PointCharger™ SE4100 integrated receiver IC delivers benchmark levels of power consumption and integration to enable smaller, less ex- pensive and longer battery powered operation of peripheral devices used for automotive vehicle location, covert tracking, security, cellular, PDA and personal navigation systems. This IC integrates the IF filter, VCO, tank circuitry and LNA into a package with a typical draw of 10 mA from a 2.7 V supply. Integrating the complete receiver chain onto a single device lowers the bill of materials compared to most commercially available radios, thereby reducing cost and form factor while easing assembly, manufacture and test.

SiGe Semiconductor, Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada (613) 820-9244.

Circle No. 239


Thermal Interface Material

POLARCHIP™ CP7500 thermal interface material is a highly compressible, thermally conductive material ideally suited for filling air gaps between heat generating devices and heat sinks, heat spreaders and metal chassis. At 0.010" thick, this material provides excellent thermal performance in applications such as optical modules. It is especially effective in applications where there are surface irregularities and where low stress on components is required. In addition, the material passes Bellcore Silicone specifications. The material can be supplied in sheet form or in precision die-cuts that are suitable for high volume automated assembly systems. Price: 10¢ per square inch in high volumes.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Elkton, MD (800) 445-4673.

Circle No. 240


High Precision Assembly System

The Gold Connection consists of the company's new Gold Bumper™ and Flip Chip TCB™. The Gold Connection is an integrated solution that addresses the need for smaller package density, increased reliability and increased signal performance, while providing a clean, environmentally safe alternative to lead-based processes. The Gold Bumper produces gold wire ball bumps for flip chip applications. Using standard 1 mil gold wire in a process similar to wire bonding, the Gold Bumper creates planarized, tailless bumps in a consistent, repeatable, single-step process with up to 5 micron placement accuracy. Planarity and a consistent top surface area on each bump provide ideal connectivity and attachment for flip chip applications. It provides the flexibility to quickly and easily change the ball array, position and bump shape to match the desired attach process.

Palomar Technologies Inc.,
Vista, CA (760) 931-3600.

Circle No. 241


Circuit Simulation Software

Version 6.0 of LINMIC+/N microwave and RF IC design suite is a physics-based suite of integrated tools for the efficient EM-based design and layouting of passive and active, linear and nonlinear microwave circuits. A completely redesigned 2.5D PEEC simulation engine for multiplayer components with extended layout library from basic elements up to complete baluns and transformers with orders magnitude speed advantage compared to 3D planar tools. An extended harmonic balance algorithm for nonlinear circuits with digitally modulated excitation signals is also included. New nonlinear MESFET/HEMT/MOSFET models for harmonic balance simulation, including mode parameter extraction from measured data, are provided. Additionally, the functions and look and feel of the GUI have been further improved.

AC Microwave GmbH,
Aachen, Germany +49 241 8793022.

Circle No. 242

Filter Test Automation Program

The FTAP™ filter test automation program is designed to be an "off the shelf" program to automate users' filter test needs, while reducing the cost and increasing the accuracy of making filter measurements. FTAP is intended to increase accuracy and throughput, while reducing repetitive procedures. It offers a clean easy to navigate interface, utilizing the familiar look and feel of the Windows™ interface. The program supports two modes of operation, engineering and production. In engineering mode all functionality of the program is brought forward to the main screen, allowing for complete control of the grogram. In production mode, FTAP falls back into the traditional "serial" mode of operation, prompting the operator through every step of the measurement.

CorNic Technologies,
Ellicott City, MD (410) 627-0795.

Circle No. 243


Video and Telemetry Transmitter

The T400 series of transmitters offers improved efficiency and features ultra-high shock survival capabilities while operating on reduced voltages in a small form factor package. These characteristics make the transmitter conducive to modern telemetry as well as remote video applications. Typical current consumption of less than 800 mA at 8 V DC applied voltage allows users to resize battery requirements possibly freeing up on board space for other electronics and sensor functions. This series is also capable of supporting high data rates as a result of the circuitry design with the resultant being able to support the most modern PCM telemetry systems with greater than 15 Mbps throughput. The transmitter operates over the 2200 to 2400 MHz frequency range with up to 2 W power output from -40° to +85°C.

Microwave Innovations,
Warminster, PA (215) 443-5244.

Circle No. 245

Ultra Low Noise VCO

The model MW500-1241 voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is designed for CATV and other wireless applications. It has a very low phase noise level of -112 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, -132 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz. This VCO is also very clean and stable and harmonics are below -27 dBc, pushing is 0.17 MHz/v, pulling 0.9 MHz peak-to-peak and temperature drift is -0.05 MHz/°C from -40° to +80°C. Supply voltage is +5 V at 22 mA, power output is +4 dBm ±0.3 dB with tuning voltage range of 0 to 10 V. This VCO does not use a coaxial resonator. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 0.15".

Micronetics VCO Products Division,
Hudson, NH (603) 579-0900.

Circle No. 244

Low Noise VCO

The F2F series of low noise VCOs covers 2 to 20 GHz (in bands) and is ideally suited for frequency synthesizer applications. The fundamental output has a minimum of 20 dB isolation to the oscillator and is normally used to drive a phase locked system. The second output is achieved by using active doubling or filtering circuitry directly coupled to the oscillator and then connected to a buffer amplifier. This method of harmonic generation will reduce the noise figure to a minimum when the unit is used as a local oscillator. For synthesizer applications, the overall prescalar value can be reduced, improving noise floor performance. The series is packaged in hermetically sealed TO-8, TO-8B or SMA module packages and is guaranteed to meet specifications over a temperature range of -20° to +75°C.

Spinnaker Microwave Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 732-9828.

Circle No. 247

High Performance VCO

The model V495ME01 VCO is designed for the Mobitex radio market. It uses innovative design techniques to deliver unparalleled SSB phase noise while drawing little current. The VCO covers the 485-505 MHz frequency range within 0.5 to 4.5 V DC tuning range making it ideal for quick integration into PLLs where the error voltage can be taken directly from the ICs charge pump circuitry. It exhibits a spectral purity of -115 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier while preserving battery life. The V495ME01 consumes only 10 mA (typ), while operating from a 5 V DC supply. The VCO will further enhance the performance of any Mobitex radio PLL due to its 1.1:1 linearity over frequency and temperature. The oscillator typically suppresses harmonic levels to better than -7 dBc and with an average tuning gain of only 10 MHz/V across the frequency band. This VCO is designed for the harshest outdoor environment as it is specified to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of -40° to +85°C. Size: 0.50" x 0.50" x 0.16". Price: $15.95 each.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.

Circle No. 248


These popular TCXO (XO3080/XO3082) and VCXO (XO7080/XO7082) oscillator families have been extended to incorporate frequencies in the range of 10 to 20 MHz. These common family platforms had previously addressed frequency references from > 20 MHz through 125 MHz. The extension of the family to cover these frequencies was achieved through the incorporation of a special AT-cut crystal resonator process. The net result of this is an improvement in close in phase noise performance (-90 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz and -125 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offsets), as well as the enabling of tighter frequency/temperature performance across all family members over extended operating temperature ranges. The extension to these families is targeted at applications where guaranteed superior stability over extended periods of time (10 to 20 years) and/or over extended operating temperature ranges are absolute application requirements.

Piezo Technology Inc. (PTI),
Orlando, FL (407) 298-2000.

Circle No. 246


Programmable Attenuator Unit

The 100 W hot switching SmartStep™ programmable attenuator is designed using a highly adaptable platform that allows configuration of the step attenuator to the customer's requirements using either a remote control or through front panel control. These units provide a flexible, easy to program, low cost solution for bench test/calibration setups and subsystem applications.

Frederick, MD (800) 638-2048 or (301) 846-9222.

Circle No. 249


Wafer Probe Mount and Pre-match Tuners

The model MT902 precision 2.4 mm wafer probe mount and pre-match tuners operate from 8 to 50 GHz. There are three configurations: a high frequency 21.5 to 50.0 GHz pre-match tuner; a low frequency 8.0 to 21.5 GHz pre-match tuner; and an 8 to 50 GHz wafer probe mount. The series of pre-matching tuners are highly stable, low loss wafer probe mounts used in on-wafer device characterization applications. The pre-matching tuners are used to extend the matching range of the company's automated tuners for performing device characterization measurements on devices that have low impedance.

Maury Microwave,
Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.

Circle No. 250


AutoCal¨ Modules

The 36584 series AutoCal® modules provide fast, repeatable and high quality coaxial calibrations for 2-, 3- and 4-port S-parameter requirements. The precisely characterized AutoCal modules decrease downtime in the manufacturing line by requiring only a single connection instead of the separate short, open, load thru (SOLT) connections of a manual calibration. AutoCal modules are alternatives to SOLT calibrations because they deliver more repeatable calibrations, which translates into increased throughput, lower manufacturing costs and improved yield by avoiding mistakes caused by improper manual calibration procedures. The series covers the 10 MHz to 9 GHz frequency range. Price: $7900. Delivery: eight weeks.

Anritsu Corp.,
Morgan Hill, CA (800) 267-4878.

Circle No. 251

Digital Multimeters

These two compact PCI/PXI digital multimeters (DMMs) are designed for automated pro- duction testing, laboratory automation, portable/field testing, disk drive testing and resistor network testing applications. The model 7040 DMM has 6-3/4 digit performance with 0.006 percent basic DVC accuracy, and can be used as a general purpose DMM, providing resolution, accuracy, functionality and speed. The model 7044 digit LCR sourcing digital multimeter provides additional measurement functions, including inductance, capacitance and resistance measurement and sourcing capabilities. It was designed for applications demanding precision sources with simultaneous measurements, such as parametric testing. Self-calibrating and able to provide up to 1000 readings per second, both models provide flexible, full-featured auto-ranging and sourcing.

Fremont, CA (510) 490-2300.

Circle No. 252