The latest V15.03 release of Cadence® AWR Design Environment® software, is now available for customer download. Version 15.03 of the software contains over 50 updates and improvements, including:
•    Application programming interfaces (APIs) – expanded calls/requests that support user defined interface programming for custom design automation and enhanced productivity
•    Cell libraries – improved mapping of shapes copied from a layout editor and pasted into an artwork cell editor 
•    Enhanced scripting – generate extensible markup language (XML) libraries from both schematic and system diagrams
•    Graphs – improved marker functionality/behavior and restore behavior for optimization/yield goal values when moved or stretched by user
•    Simulation – improvements to the AWR® APLAC® harmonic balance circuit, system and linear solver, as well as AWR AXIEM® planar electromagnetic (EM) and AWR Analyst™ 3D finite element method simulators that enhance simulation speeds and/or capacity to solve larger problems 
•    Layout and layout EM – multiple functionality improvements
•    Expanded shape preprocessing rules that account for via shape thickness calculation, improving accuracy of 3D EM analyses
•    Equations – multiple functionality improvements
•    System models – multiple improvements to 5G new radio blocks
•    Measurements – improved methodology for optional system measurement of thermal noise floor in AWR Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) RF budget analysis noise measurements, as well as improved functionality of circuit measurements
•    Job scheduler – enhanced functionality that allows users to manage and monitor remote simulations more efficiently
•    Wizards – improvements to open access import/export wizards, including new options for specifying which schematic symbols to export, as well as improvements to Gerber file import and robustness of network synthesis  

The V15.03 release is available today for download.