Spectrum Instrumentation has released 11 digitizer products for applications where a sensor converts a mechanical property such as vibration, acceleration, pressure or displacement to an electrical signal. The new digitizers capture and analyze electronic signals from DC to 2 MHz, with signal acquisition rates from 1 kSPS to 5 MSPS at 16-bit resolution. The 11 digitizers are available in two popular formats: PCIe card with two to eight channels or LXI-Ethernet instruments with four to 48 channels.

The four new models of the M2p.591x PCIe series are available with two, four or eight channels and mount directly inside a PC, making it a data acquisition system or data logger. Up to 16 cards can be connected to create larger systems, with as many as 128 fully synchronized channels.

The DN LXI products, part of Spectrum’s digitizerNETBOX series, offer similar capabilities as the PCIe cards but connect to a PC or system network with an Ethernet cable. Two digitizerNETBOX sizes are available: the small DN2.591 products, with four, eight or 16 channels, and the larger DN6.591 units, with 24, 32, 40 or 48 channels. The compact DN2.591 digitizers can be deployed almost anywhere, even in mobile applications, with an optional 12/24 V power supply. The high channel density of the DN6.591 units is well suited for setups where multiple signals - coming from arrays of sensors, transducers or antennas, for example - need to be acquired and analyzed.

Spectrum Instrumentation
Grosshansdorf, Germany