For test & measurement applications, Guzik Technical Enterprises offers a broadband, programmable frequency divider, the G1182. The divider has an input frequency range from 100 kHz to 18 GHz, with an output frequency equal to the input divided by an integer between 1 and 65,536. The wide range is achieved by cascading two 256 dividers, which are set from the front panel of the rack-mountable or desktop housing or via a USB interface on the back of the unit. A 5-segment LED display on the front panel shows the division ratio. Because the two 256 dividers are cascaded, not all values in the 65,536 range are possible - for example, ratios divisible by a prime number greater than 256. In such cases, the microcontroller skips these values.

The divider achieves low jitter and phase noise: the phase noise at 1 kHz offset from an input 13.3 GHz carrier divided by 14 typically measures −131 dBc/Hz. The spurious-free dynamic range is better than 75 dBc compared to the output.

The G1182 provides four SMA outputs configured as two “differential” pairs (i.e., channel 1 ± and channel 2 ±). Each output provides 0.5 V peak-to-peak into a 50 Ω load with a 50 percent duty cycle for any division ratio. The input is similarly configured as a “differential” pair with two SMA connectors, accepting a signal from −6 to +10 dBm. Any unused inputs and outputs should be terminated with 50 Ω loads for best performance.

The divider uses an external 12 V power supply, which is supplied with a 2 m connecting cable. Power consumption is typically 9 W. The G1182 is designed to operate from 0°C to 50°C. The size of the unit is 8.3 in. wide, 4.6 in. deep and 1.66 in. high.

Guzik Technical Enterprises
Mountain View, Calif.