Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. continues to roll-out stackable Gang-Mounted RF/microwave interconnect designs. The latest design is end-to-end stackable to keep centerline distances tight and uniform. These designs are single or double row, but could accommodate additional rows, should the demand/need require the feature. The multi-port design is based around the 65 GHz rated SMPM style interconnects, with external keying features. The actual housing blocks are modular in scope, and are offered in sizes 2, 4, 8 or 16 position, with other positions available on demand. Terminations are thru-hole, surface mount, edge-launch or cable termination ready. A precision locating keying features minimal tolerance stack-up, allowing for up to four multi-port modules interlinked.

Engagement/disengagement forces need to be considered, when stacking multiple modules. Typical engagement force of a single port is 1.5 lbs., while disengagement force is 1 lb. typical. The board-to-board spacing, as well as, the locating pin and receptacle, conform to the Vita 67.2 industry standard. Delta’s fully vertically integrated facilities, with horizontal milling capabilities, allows for housing generation as well as the complete coaxial connector manufacturing cycle.

Gang-Mounted design efforts by Delta have incorporated a variety of RF/microwave push-on interfaces, including either hermetic or weather-sealed options for external box applications. Gang-Mount cable assemblies are available in a multitude of connector interfaces: all slide on- SMA, SMB, SMP, SMPM, among others. The assemblies utilize industry standard semi-rigid (.047, .085, .141) or flexible cable equivalents.

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