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IMS2018 Industry News

May 2018 Show Issue Feature Articles

5G Update: Standards Emerge, Accelerating 5G Deployment

IMS2018 Exhibition Preview
Patrick Hindle, Microwave Journal Editor
See what many of the leading companies are featuring in the exhibition

Show Some Brotherly Love at IMS2018
Patrick Hindle, Microwave Journal Editor

IMS2018: Microwaves, Medicine, Mobility
Sridhar Kanamaluru, IMS2018 General Chair

2018 RFIC Symposium Welcome
Walid Ali-Ahmad, RFIC 2018 General Chair; Stefano Pellerano and Waleed Khalil, RFIC 2018 Technical Program Chairs

Spring ARFTG 2018
Dominique Schreurs, President and 2018 Spring ARFTG Conference Chair; Andrej Rumiantsev and Jean-Pierre Teyssier, 2018 Spring ARFTG Technical Program Committee Chairs

5G Summit Philadelphia

IMS Product Showcase

Cycles for Mega-Hertz (or mega hurts?) - Biking at IMS 2018

Digital Equalization of mmWave Analog Frequency Up and Down-converters
Anatoli Stein and Lauri Viitas (measurements performed by Vasily Morozov, Software by Alexey Egorov and Alexander Bolotov)

IMS2018 Plenary Recognizes Microwaves, Medicine and Mobility


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Microwave Journal Editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude talk with WTG experts, Matt Diessner and Walt Strickler, about utilizing power sensors and noise generators for 5G and A&D applications plus highlight their favorite products from IMS2018.

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Microwave Journal Editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude discuss the May IMS & 5G issue, ZTE/Facebook news and interview Anokiwave's Abhishek Kapoor, VP of Sales, discussing the 5G market and phased array products.

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Microwave Journal Full Interview with Anokiwave About 5G mmWave Market and Products



Microwave Journal Editors, Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude, cover the May IMS issue, 5G news and interview with Custom MMIC president and CEO, Paul Blount.

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Microwave Journal Talks with Custom MMIC About History and Market Trends - Part I



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