Anokiwave announced the first product in a family of second-generation 5G silicon quad core ICs that enable 3GPP-compliant base stations. The 39 GHz AWMF-0156 is part of Anokiwave’s on-going strategy to enable the commercialization of 5G millimeter wave systems with silicon ICs.

The AWMF-0156 operates from 37.1 to 40.0 GHz, supports four radiating elements and includes gain and phase controls for analog beam steering. Anokiwave’s patent-pending IP blocks, implemented in silicon, enable low-cost, hybrid beamforming with high efficiency and low latency beam steering. The AWMF-0156 is highly integrated and packaged in a wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) and fits within the typical 3.8 mm lattice spacing at 39 GHz.


Anokiwave offers evaluation kits to ease evaluation and adoption. The kits include boards with the IC, USB-SPI interface module with drivers and all required cables. Pilot production deliveries will be available in May (2018).

“Anokiwave is delivering innovative, production-ready ICs for the 5G market with industry first ICs at 26, 28 and 39 GHz and continues its leadership with today’s announcement of the world’s first family of 5G silicon core ICs that enable 3GPP compliance. The new generation of core ICs are an essential product family that allows network operators to roll out 5G coverage in earnest starting in 2018.” — Ian Gresham, Anokiwave fellow