100 dB Isolation SP4T Switch
The model SWN-1170-4DT-AKG-STANDARD option 120 ultrabroadband SP4T switch is capable of 100 dB isolation over the 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency band. Insertion loss is < 4.5 dB, SWR is 1.9 and supply voltages are +5 V at 176 mA and -12 V at 48 mA. (Other supply voltages are available.) Switching speed is < 65 ns on and < 40 ns off. Size: 1.25" x 1.25" x 0.70". Weight: 1.5 oz (typ).
American Microwave Corp. (AMC), 
Frederick, MD 
(301) 662-4700.

SPDT Reflective Switches
These low cost, SPDT reflective switches are designed specifically for wireless applications from DC to 3 GHz and support both high and low power handset designs. Housed in space-saving SOT-6, SOIC-8 or MSOP-8 plastic packages, all of the GaAs MMIC switches accept +3 to +5 V DC supply voltages and offer low power consumption. The high power switches (models AWS5501S13, AWS5503S15 and AWS5504S13) are well suited for transmit/receive (T/R) switching, diversity switching and antenna selection applications; the low power switches (models AWS5502S14 and AWS5506S14) handle a broad range of multimode multiband cellular handset design needs such as synthesizer, filter and amplifier applications. Price: 58¢ to $1 (100,000).
Warren, NJ 
(908) 668-5000.

Data Link Filter
The model 800019 miniature filter has a low loss of 1.0 dBa at 2150 MHz and 30 dBc at 1 and 3 GHz. The filter includes a surface-mount data link transmitter cleanup filter and will survive an Sn62 reflow environment. The location of the miniature input and output pads can be specified to accommodate many board configurations. Size: 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.3".
Bree Engineering, 
San Marcos, CA 
(760) 510-4950.

High Speed Analog-to-digital Converters
The model AD9203 analog-to-digital converter operates on a 3.3 V supply and features a 1 to 2 V p-p input voltage range support, data format select option, internal clamp circuit, outstanding linearity performance (differential nonlinearity of +/-0.25 least significant bit) and an IF undersampling capability up to a 130 MHz input. At full speed (40 Msps), the 10-bit AD9203 will dissipate just 74 mW and only 0.65 mW in standby mode. This very low power consumption, combined with the small 28-pin TSSOP packaging, enables designers of imaging systems, portable test equipment and radio receiver systems to extend battery life and performance. Operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C. Price: $4.90 (1000). Delivery: stock.
Analog Devices Inc., 
Norwood, MA 
(800) 262-5643 or (781) 937-1428.

High Speed Decoupler
The model 0508 interdigitated capacitor (IDC) chip has a measured inductance of 110 pH, the lowest inductance of any FR4-mountable device in the industry. The IDC chip works by connecting the single capacitor with a series of eight vias to the power and ground planes in an alternating (or interdigitating) pattern, offering a solution for high speed decoupling. Its patented internal construction geometry alternates the polarity of these elements, allowing the alternating inductance values to cancel each other. The 0508 chip is available in capacitance values ranging from 0.047 mF at 16 V to 1.0 mF at 6.3 V with tolerances of +/-20 percent in an X7R dielectric. Terminations are available in plated nickel and solder, and the capacitors are provided in tape-and-reel packaging. Price: 25¢ to 35¢ (100,000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks.
AVX Corp., 
Myrtle Beach, SC 
(843) 946-0414.

10.5 GHz Diplexer
This 10.5 GHz diplexer provides 75 dB of isolation between channels. Insertion loss is < 1.5 dB with a bandwidth of 180 MHz and a transmit to receive spacing of 350 MHz. All connectors are SMA female. Size: 7.10" x 0.55" x 0.40".
Filtel Microwave Inc., 
Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada 
(450) 455-6082.

80 W UHF Drop-in Isolator
The model ECU124 dual-junction isolator has 50 dB isolation (min) from 850 to 870 MHz. Insertion loss through both junctions is 0.35 dB (max), SWR is 1.15 (max) and average forward power rating is 80 W. The footprint measures 2.17" x 1.25" with a thickness of 0.23". The terminations can withstand full power in the reverse direction.
Channel Microwave Corp., 
Camarillo, CA 
(805) 482-7280.

SP6T Magnetic Coaxial Switches
The 665 series low cost SP6T magnetic coaxial switches operate up to 18 GHz. Standard with SMA connectors, these 50 W impedance switches require 12 and 28 V DC actuating voltage. The switches can handle up to 100 W CW and offer up to five million operations without performance degradation. Commonly used in switch matrix and test equipment applications, the switches are designed with linear magnetic actuators for each position and optimized for SMA connectors. Individual solenoids provide faster switching time and positive action, resulting in low actuator current draw.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp., 
Ventura, CA 
(805) 650-0260.

2 - 18 GHz Digital/Analog Attenuators
The 348 series hermetically sealed, digitally programmed attenuators exhibit an attenuation range of 60 dB over greater than octave bands in the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range. Employing eight-bit control, each attenuator has 0.25 dB resolution with guaranteed monotonicity and performance over the -54° to +110°C temperature range. Designed primarily for digital control, the attenuators also may be controlled by an analog voltage or a combination of analog and digital control. A miniature 14-pin connector is employed for both control lines and power supply lines. High reliability screening is available as an option.
General Microwave Corp., 
Amityville, NY 
(516) 226-8900.

Digitally Controlled Tunable Filter
The model D3BT-1800/2200-IS digitally controlled tunable filter exhibits a typical insertion loss of 1.25 dB over the nominal one percent bandwidth from 1800 to 2200 MHz, 12-bit resolution and a tuning time of less than 10 seconds over the full octave range. (The three-section filter offers a 30 to 3 dB ratio of 3.5.) The filter is powered by 12 V DC and supplied with an AC transformer and major international plugs. An RS-232 port standard interface and an optional GPIB interface also are included.
Lorch Microwave, 
Salisbury, MD 
(800) 780-2169 or (410) 860-5100.

High Performance F-type Connectors
These high performance F-type female connectors incorporate a patented design capable of providing SWR of 1.12 (25 dB RL) to 3 GHz and are designed for applications where signal reflections must be minimized to maintain signal integrity. Available in standard PCB, chassis mount and adapter configurations, these connectors use nickel plating to prevent corrosion from harsh environments and offer an optional internal gasket to guard against moisture intrusion.
Holland Electronics LLC, 
Ventura, CA 
(805) 339-9134, ext. 120.

Three-way Divider/Combiner
The model 100-AD-FFN-03 three-way divider/combiner offers rugged construction for applications that require a weather-tight seal. Designed for the 806 to 906 MHz frequency range, this Wilkinson divider/combiner has a power rating of 100 W CW. Insertion loss is < 6.5 dB (max) and input SWR for all ports is 1.25 (max). Type-N female connectors are included, but others are also available. (Two- to eight-way packages with frequency ranges from 500 MHz to 3 GHz are also available.)
Bird Component Products (BCP), 
Largo, FL 
(727) 547-8826.

Versatile Surface-mount Switch
This wideband 0.5 to 6 GHz SP2T switch features a rugged, hermetic surface-mount package. Isolation is 40 dB, RF power is 2 W and voltage supply is +5/-15. The switch also offers a 1.2 dB loss TTL drive and is suited for wireless local loop, diversity switching, radar simulation, low distortion receivers and mobile communication test equipment applications.
Micronetics Wireless Inc., 
Hudson, NH 
(603) 883-2900.

Monolithic Double-balanced Mixers
The models MA4EX580L-1225 and MA4EX370L-1225 fully monolithic silicon Schottky barrier diode double-balanced mixers cover the 4.7 to 6.0 GHz and 3.0 to 4.0 GHz frequency bands, respectively. Fabricated with the company's patented Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC™) silicon/glass process, both mixers feature performance characteristics comparable to those of a low drive double-balanced hybrid mixer and provide low loss passive elements while retaining the advantages of low barrier silicon Schottky diodes. Available in a low cost surface-mount five-leaded SOT-25 plastic package, the mixers are most effective in situations that require small size and high repeatability and can be used in frequency conversion, modulation and demodulation for receivers and transmitters in portable cellular base station and other wireless applications. Delivery: stock.
M/A-COM, a division of AMP Inc., 
Lowell, MA 
(800) 366-2266.

Reverse-polarity TNC Connectors
The EZ reverse-polarity non-solder TNC connectors for LMR® flexible coaxial cables feature low loss and low SWR and are well suited for use at the upper ISM frequency bands of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz. The reverse-polarity configuration (female pin in male connector and male pin in female connector) is used for unlicensed wireless communications applications, and the connectors are available for LMR cables sizes 200, 400 and 600.
Times Microwave Systems, 
Wallingford, CT 
(203) 949-8424.

Fixed Attenuators and Terminations
The model 19 GPO/SMP attenuators for space and airborne applications are available in 1 to 12 dB and 20 dB values and include a 1 W power rating, SWR of 1.35 to 1.60 (max) and +/-0.40 to 0.70 dB deviation. Operating temperature range is -55° to +125°C. Connector options include smooth bore, limit and full detent. (Model 1454 terminations are also available.)
Weinschel Corp., 
Frederick, MD 
(800) 638-2048 or (301) 831-4701.

Surface-mount Vector Modulator
The model VM-A11S surfpac™ surface-mount vector modulator can accommodate input power of 10 W and operates over the 1.8 to 2.2 GHz frequency range. The cost-effective surfpac substrate technology allows the modulator to be integrated into a variety of wireless applications including feedforward amplifier applications. Featuring two control current inputs (< 80 mA each), the VM-A11S is accurate to within +/-0.2 dB and +/-1° over any 40 MHz segment of the PCS band. It is capable of 360° phase shifting and has a 14 dB (min) attenuation range. Input third-order intercept point is > +47 dBm and input/output SWR is < 1.4. Size: 0.90" x 1.00" x 0.21" (including surface-mount leads and rugged ceramic cover).
KDI/Triangle Corp., an MCE company, 
Whippany, NJ 
(973) 887-5700, ext. 500.

Transmit Combiner Module
The model WSC2-00018 high performance, compact PCS hybrid 2-1 transmit combiner module offers insertion loss of 3.1 dB (typ), return loss of 20 dB (min) and isolation of 20 dB (min). Ideal for PCS power amplifier combining and multicarrier PCS test system applications, the WSC2-00018 is configured with passbands of 1930 to 1990 MHz. Insertion loss within the passbands is 3.5 dB (max) and passband return loss is 20 dB (min). Maximum input power is 30 W CW and 500 W PIP and operating temperature is 0° to +50°C. The unit measures 2.8" x 2.37 x 2.00", excluding connectors. Connectors are type-N female at all ports.
K&L Microwave Inc., 
Salisbury, MD 
(410) 749-2424.

Low Cost Chip Resistor Arrays
The RCMC4D series low cost, four-element, isolated circuit, chip resistor arrays provide a maximum working voltage of 50 V. Resistance range is 10 W to 1 MW with tolerances of two and five percent and 100 W to 560 kW with tolerance of one percent. Applications include medical, computer, automotive, telecommunications, security, audio and video. Size: 3.2 (+/-0.2 mm) x 1.6 (+/- 0.2 mm) x 0.5 (+/-0.1 mm). Price: $8/M (production quantities). Delivery: four to eight weeks (ARO).
Laube Technology/Royal Ohm, 
Camarillo, CA 
(888) 355-2823.

Precision Right-angle Test Port Adapters
The models 8011E1, 8011F1 and 8011F2 precision right-angle test port adapters are specifi-cally designed to mate with the ruggedized test ports of Hewlett-Packard and Anritsu network analyzers. The adapters effectively extend the network analyzer test port at a right angle and provide the same ruggedized connector found on the network analyzer test port. All three models operate up to 34 GHz and come with the ruggedized connector to mate with the network analyzer test port and a standard 3.5 mm male or female connector on the other end. The analyzers allow the user to maintain the high reliability and stability of the network analyzer test port while providing more flexibility for unique measurement requirements.
Maury Microwave Corp., 
Ontario, CA 
(909) 987-4715.

High Power Filter
The model FF6434-1 high power transmit filter operates over the 851 to 870 MHz frequency range and is designed for transmit band filtering in land and mobile radio base stations. Insertion loss is < 0.65 dB, return loss is > 25 dB (max) and rejection is > 20 dB (min) at 823 and 900 MHz. Power handling is 200 W CW and 900 W peak. The filter measures 4.13" x 3.21" x 1.00", including the mounting flange. Type-N connectors are standard, but alternate interfaces are available upon request.
Sage Laboratories Inc., 
Natick, MA 
(508) 653-0844.

Coaxial Junctions
The J4 series four-port coaxial junctions (essentially connectors with a common ground and all center conductors united with minimum discontinuities) are designed for use in circuits where impedance match and isolation are relatively unimportant and a high quality single-point junction is desired. Finished in silver plate to minimize passive intermodulation, these coaxial junctions are available in a variety of N-type male and female connector combinations. J3 and J5 series coaxial junctions are also available.
Livingston, NJ 
(973) 992-7700, ext. 19.

Low Loss Cable Assemblies
The UFA series UTiFLEX® low loss cable assemblies feature good mechanical integrity without sacrificing insertion loss, phase stability or SWR and are most suitable for demanding military and commercial wireless applications. Maximum insertion loss ranges from 0.11 dB/ft at 1 GHz to 1.21 dB/ft at 50 GHz, depending upon the cable assemblies, and phase stability is as low as 2° at 10 and 18 GHz. All five cable assemblies in the series have 50 W impedance. The company's patented connector attachment for the UFA series provides high reliability, and can withstand heavy stress. The connector body, dielectric and center contact are completely captivated, offering the lowest possible SWR across the entire bandwidth. The cable assemblies are designed to survive the harshest and most stringent environments, including spaceflight, arctic/desert, airframe, battlefield and laboratory.
Pottstown, PA 
(800) 223-2629.

Selective Bandpass Filter
The model 3303-280/302 highly selective bandpass filter provides a maximum passband loss of 4 dB and a rejection of 30 dB at approximately +/-18 MHz from the center frequency. Impedance is 75 W and connectors are type F, female. Designed for indoor use, the filter has a 22 MHz bandwidth for frequency band isolation in headend equipment. A standard line of 3303 filters is also available for TV channels 2 to 6, A-5 to A-3, A-2 to I, 7 to 13 and J to W.
Microwave Filter Co. (MFC), 
East Syracuse, NY 
(800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4747.

MMCX Crimp Connectors
The model RFM-9000-1A MMCX straight crimp plug connector for RG-178/U cable is designed for use in applications where space requirements demand smaller components. Approximately 45 percent smaller than SMB connectors, the MMCX connectors are one of the smallest coaxial connector interfaces that can be used to terminate standard coaxial cables. The snap-in, slotless interface offers rotation capability with a controlled 50 W impedance and low SWR up to 6 GHz. All MMCX connectors feature gold-plated machined brass bodies with Teflon® dielectric material for performance and durability. Straight and right-angle styles are available in PCB and crimp plug and jack configurations.
RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, 
San Diego, CA 
(800) 233-1728 or (858) 549-6340.

Drop-in Circulator and Isolators
These broad bandwidth drop-in circulators and isolators provide 17 dB isolation over the 1300 to 1850 MHz frequency bandwidth. SWR is 1.3 and insertion loss is 0.5 dB. (Other frequency bands are available in a similar package.) The units operate from -20° to +85°C at 100 W of forward power and 10 W of reverse power. Circulators and isolators with IP3 test data are available to meet CDMA requirements. Size: 1.25" x 1.60" x 0.50".
Nova Microwave, 
Morgan Hill, CA 
(408) 778-2746.

A-band Receive Filter
The model AFB-21A-8284-07 AMPS receive filter provides highly selective channel filtering in the specialized mobile radio (SMR) transmit band. Designed to pass the AMPS A-band receive frequencies of 824 to 846.5 MHz, the filter is suitable for notching out the interferences caused by SMR transmit channels. The filter provides > 60 dB rejection from 851 to 1000 MHz and passband loss is 1.3 dB (max). Type-N female connectors are standard.
Narda Microwave-West, a division of L-3 Communications, 
Folsom, CA 
(916) 351-4500.

High Speed Threshold Detector
The model TD-30E-SHS-0518 ultra-high speed threshold detector offers a propagation delay of 6 ns at low levels and operates in the 500 MHz to 18 GHz frequency band and the -20 to +10 dBm dynamic range. Output logic is ECL, but TTL is also available. The typical minimum signal level for logic 1 varies between -20 dBm at 500 MHz and -17 dBm at 18 GHz. The output pulse width for levels of +10 dBm occurs within 25 ns of the input pulse width. The detector operates from +15 V DC at +15 mA and -15 V DC at -100 mA (typ) and measures 2.2" x 1.5" x 0.4".
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc. (PMI), 
Frederick, MD 
(301) 662-4700.

Two-way Resistive Power Dividers
The models DR 1, DR 2 and DR 3 broadband resistive power dividers have excellent stability over temperature and output power symmetry over the DC to 18 GHz frequency band with a division of 6 dB from matched ports. Inputs and outputs are interchangeable and phase difference is nominally +/-2.5° between output ports. The dividers utilize three resistors to provide good input and output source matching in ratio measurements and leveling applications. Stainless-steel SMA female/male connectors are available.
RLC Electronics Inc., 
Mt. Kisco, NY 
(914) 241-1334.

The SDU series switch/combiners for Digital European Cordless Telecommunications, GSM and PCS band and low loss, high power signal distribution applications allow power summation without the loss associated with using common combiners that require loading unused ports. The combiners can sum up numerous (2, 3, 4) coherent signals of 150 W each and survive random peak power applications of 1800 W. The SDU series is optimized for insertion loss in both the three- and four-port active condition with typical specifications of 0.5 dB (max). The units are packaged in rugged connectorized housings.
Signal Technology Corp., Olektron Operation, 
Beverly, MA 
(978) 524-7444.

Quick-change RF Coaxial Connectors
These universal, quick-change panel receptacle interfaces and adapter blocks allow users to mix and match a wide variety of RF connectors by simply removing four screws. These connectors feature a 1-1/4" receptacle that mounts onto any panel and have an interface that can accept 7-16, BNC, C, HN, LC, LC-large, LT, N, QDS, SC, SMA, TNC, UHF, LC-HV, LC-POL, SQS and 7/8" and 1-5/8"-50 EIA front ends. Constructed from nickel-plated brass with a Teflon insulator and silver-plated beryllium copper contacts, these connectors are designed for wattmeters and other high power test and monitoring equipment and permit rapid changes from one series to another (solving in-and-between-series mating problems).
Tru-Connector Corp., 
Peabody, MA 
(978) 532-0775.

Waveguide Isolators and Circulators
This family of waveguide isolators and circulators are designed with low insertion loss at a low cost. Millimeter-wave isolators specified to over 100 GHz have been shipped. Custom circulators are also available.
San Jose, CA 
(408) 266-7404.

Low Cost Load-insensitive Mixers
The models CSM5T, CSM5T17 and CSM5TH wideband, load-insensitive mixers are available in low cost, surface-mount packages for wireless applications. Frequency coverage is 50 to 4800 MHz LO and RF, 50 to 3000 MHz IF. Available in +10, +17 and +23 dBm LO drive levels, the mixers provide 7.2 dB conversion loss (typ) and 35 dB isolation.
Stellex Electronics Inc., 
Palo Alto, CA 
(800) 321-8075.

Ka-band Ultra-low Power Circulator
The model 19 HD 304 ultra-low power circulator for satellite multiplexing applications combines low mass with excellent electrical specifications to offer a combination of performance, mechanical robustness and reliability. Primarily used on receivers, the magnetically screened circulator is most suitable for demultiplexing and is space qualified. Options include isolator configuration, specific frequency bands, and finish and flange detail.
TRAK Communications Inc., a Tech-Sym company, 
Tampa, FL 
(813) 884-1411.

Powdered Iron Toroidal Inductors
The PTI powdered iron toroidal inductors for applications requiring low electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a small package can be utilized for SMPS operations, EMI filters, output chokes and energy storage devices. The PTI inductors feature air gaps that are inherently distributed in the powdered iron core, reducing material permeability and increasing energy storage capabilities (which results in smaller-size inductors). The inductors are designed for 30° temperature rise in still air when loaded to rated DC current at 40 kHz, and feature single-layer winding. The units have an inductance range of 22 to 450 mH and current up to 10 A DC. Price: 45¢ to $1.35 (10,000). Delivery: stock.
Signal Transformer Co. Inc., Insilco Technologies Group, 
Inwood, NY 
(516) 239-5777.