Dr. Ulrich L.  Rohde of Synergy Microwave Corp. was invited to give the 6th Sir J C Bose Memorial Lecture at IEEE Hyderabad Section on Dec 2, 2016 in Hyderabad, India. This was a joint session of the IEEE MTT, AP and EMC Societies. Dr. Rohde delivered the talk entitled, “Next Generation Networks: Software Defined Radio – Emerging Trends.” While working at RCA in 1982, Dr. Rohde’s department developed the first SDR with the COSMAC (Complementary Symmetry Monolithic Array Computer) chip working under a DoD contract. The RCA CDP1802, a 40-pin LSI integrated circuit chip, is an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor introduced by RCA in early 1976 and was the company's first single-chip microprocessor. Dr. Rohde was one of the first to present publically on this topic when he gave a talk entitled, “Digital HF Radio: A Sampling of Techniques” at the Third International Conference on HF Communication Systems and Techniques, London, England, February 26-28, 1985.RohdeAward

Sir J C (Jagadish Chandra) Bose was a Bengali scientist with expertise in math, physics, biology, and archaeology who lived in India. He pioneered the investigation of radio and microwave optics, made significant contributions to plant science, and laid the foundations of experimental science doing most of his work in during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Sir J.C. Bose did much of his original scientific work in the area of microwaves. He produced extremely short radio waves and was the first to use a semiconductor junction to detect radio waves. Bose's research on the response of tissues to microwaves and other stimuli led to many significant findings in that field. The IEEE named him one of the fathers of radio science.