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Spectrum Instrumentation has a new line of arbitrary waveform generators (AWG), based on the LXI instrumentation standard, and available for immediate delivery. Seven new instruments in the generatorNETBOX series use the latest digital-to-analog converter (DAC) technology to generate signals from DC to 400 MHz, with full remote control through an Ethernet interface. The generatorNETBOX instruments offer two, four or eight fully synchronous channels. Each channel is clocked using a precision phase locked loop (PLL) control system that can be generated internally or from an external reference. To generate long and complex waveforms, the AWGs combine their large on-board memories with operating modes such as single-shot, loop, FIFO, gating  and sequence replay.

The top of the range is the DN2.66x series: fast, high resolution AWGs using 16-bit DACs, output rates to either 1.25 GSPS or 625 MSPS and large on-board memories (up to 2 × 4 GB). For lower frequency applications — up to 60 MHz frequency content — Spectrum offers the DN2.60x series, which has 14-bit DACs and output signal rates to 125 MSPS.

The instruments are self-contained, with all the tools necessary to generate an almost unlimited variety of waveforms. Spectrum’s SBench6-Pro software, standard with every unit, controls all the operating modes and hardware settings from a simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface. Available drivers allow users to write their own control programs using popular programming languages.

Small and compact, the generatorNETBOX products can be used on a benchtop or rack mounted. For mobile applications, they can be powered by an optional 12 or 24 V DC source.

Spectrum Instrumentation
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