Remote-Control-Spectrum-AnalyzerThe SPECTRAN RSA 9000 from Aaronia is a powerful logger box / remote spectrum analyzer which offer a continuous streaming of any spectrum to the internal disk up to years. This eliminates trips to difficult remote locations.

The RSA system allows a monitoring of multiple sites (multiple SPECTRAN RSA units) from one centralized location, making it the perfect tool e.g. for telecom providers who needs to test the signal
strength of several base stations at once or “just“ a powerful EMF monitoring.

Using the webinterface of the each SPECTRAN RSA can be remote controlled from any point in the world. The only requirement is a PC, Tablet or Smartphone with internet access. A continuous logging and streaming (datas can be stored and replayed up to years) of any frequency range as well as the storage on the harddisk of the SPECTRAN RSA or on a webserver are further points of advantage.