Advantech Wireless Inc., a privately-held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of Satellite, RF Equipment and Microwave Systems will give a live demo of the Next Generation Discovery Adaptive Satellite Access Technology (A-SAT™) platform at IBC 2014, which will take place September 12 – 16, 2014, in the Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam. At the Advantech Wireless booth no. 1.A74, visitors will find Advantech Wireless’ ground-breaking technologies, delivering best performance, maximum bandwidth utilization and major savings.

Maximum satellite bandwidth efficiency and radical CAPEX and OPEX cost-savings

While speaking with our customers, Advantech Wireless has noted that many need to make increasingly unpredictable demands on their network connections, particularly in the data capacity back from remote sites. While TDMA has long been seen as a solution to this, it is also known to be inefficient for streaming data flows.

A-SAT™ is beyond dual mode DVB-RCS/TDMA-SCPC, it monitors channel utilization and switches the satellite access method and MODCOD for the return channel in real time to dynamically maximize the space segment utilization efficiency. Additionally, by having TDMA and true DVB-S2 SCPC technologies in a single platform, the switch between traffic patterns is efficiently supported and all risks of equipment obsolescence are mitigated.

“We just love to innovate, and our A-SAT™ technology is a great example of that. We saw customers struggling to predict how to dimension their system in the face of constantly changing usage, so we solved it for them and optimised the efficiency,” explained Mark Lambert, VP sales & marketing, managing director EMEA Region at Advantech Wireless.

During this demonstration Advantech Wireless will show multiple VOIP calls, a classic TDMA application, suddenly being joined by streaming video (notoriously inefficient over TDMA). Visitors will see the VoIP calls being sustained as the Discovery Hub switches between TDMA and SCPC (and between SCPC and TDMA) satellite access techniques to deliver maximum efficiency for the new situation.

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