Dispensing NozzlesTecdia’s dispensing nozzles cater to those looking for precision nozzles of the highest quality. To meet the unique requirements of our customers we offer 3 distinct product lines.

VERDIS is a new and versatile dispensing solution offering a high level of accuracy over a wide range of material viscosities.

  • VERDIS Versatile Dispensing Nozzles
  • VERDIS-S High Fluidity Dispensing Nozzles

Arque Ultra Precision Nozzles are a no compromise solution best suited for highly viscous materials where accuracy is mission critical.

  • ARQUE Ultra Precision Dispensing Nozzles

Standard dispensing needles are highly customizable in a wide range of lengths and gauges.

  • Standard Dispensing Needles

Custom coatings and tip shapes are also available.

  • Multi-Nozzle Dispensing Fixtures
  • Ruby Nozzles
  • Special Application Nozzle