Victor Yamauchi has joined NATEL as vice president of continuous improvement, a position which will focus intensely on lean implementation and training to meet business needs, announced president and CEO Sudesh Arora.

Yamauchi has extensive experience in strategic planning, supply chain design, procurement planning, manufacturing and quality systems. "Five years ago, NATEL made a commitment to implement Toyota's principles—proven to be the most effective standards to reduce manufacturing defects—throughout our organization,” said Arora.

“A major way we've kept this commitment is by recruiting talent with a "Toyota pedigree." Yamauchi not only possesses this pedigree, he also has the most extensive experience we've ever encountered in implementing Toyota's production system. We need senior leaders such as Yamauchi who deeply understand these principles and know how to use them. Yamauchi will help ensure that NATEL maintains, and exceeds, our status as the most efficient, high-reliability electronics manufacturer in North America.”

Before joining NATEL, Yamauchi gained nine years of biotech experience at Amgen Inc. in bulk/fill finish manufacturing (clinical and commercial), quality (lab operations), business units (office environment), and supply chain/warehouse operations. As director of supplier quality, he established a Supplier Relationship Excellence Program to conduct process improvements together with suppliers.

In 14 years at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Yamauchi helped develop and implement the Toyota Production System (TPS). He worked in all aspects of Toyota’s supply chain and helped suppliers meet stringent standards and transform their operations into lean processes.

Yamauchi earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at California State University, Northridge.