AWR Corp., the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), and AMPSA, supplier of RF and microwave amplifier design software, announce AWR Connected™ for AMPSA, a synthesis-through-simulation design flow specifically developed to improve design throughput and productivity for amplifier designers.

AMPSA’s software provides synthesis solutions for impedance-matching networks and high dynamic range RF and microwave amplifiers that integrate directly with AWR’s Microwave Office® circuit design software. The control provided over the harmonic impedances in Version 10 of the IMW and ADW also facilitates the design of high-efficiency amplifiers. The solution enables high-frequency circuit designers to get a jumpstart on their designs by first leveraging the AMPSA synthesis tool, consisting of Impedance-Matching Wizard (IMW) and Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW) environments, to find the best solutions for the designer to optimize.  With AWR Connected for AMPSA, migrating from synthesis through to simulation (nonlinear harmonic balance) of amplifiers and related matching networks is a straightforward process that saves design time and improves time to market.

Pricing and Availability

AWR Connected for AMPSA supports the latest release of AMPSA’s synthesis technologies, V10 of IMW and ADW.  A special discount is now being offered on all orders placed during EuMW and continuing through the end of October.  AMPSA is also offering an upgrade discount to existing customers until the end of December 2013.  Contactyour local AWR sales representative or AMPSA’s Pieter Abrie  directly for more detailed information.