Exhibition Guide


The following exhibitors are recognized for sponsoring complimentary coffee breaks in the exhibition hall during the 1997 MTT-S Exhibition:
4 Station Square
Suite 660
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Sponsor of breaks on:
Tuesday morning, June 10
Wednesday morning, June 11
Thursday morning, June 12
4590 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sponsor of the break on:
Tuesday afternoon, June 10
2501 West University
McKinney, TX 75070

Sponsor of the break on:
Wednesday afternoon, June 11
Editor's Note: The following is a listing of product and service descriptions received from exhibitors who responded to a call for information. For a complete listing of exhibitors, see pages 132 and 134.

Accumet Engineering Corp.
page 834
Hudson, MA
H.S. Muffoletto
Dicing (laser and diamond saw), lapping and polishing ceramic; and BeO, silica, AlN and other dielectric substrates.

Accuratus Corporation
page 274
Washington, NJ
B. Cunningham
Manufacturer of high precision ceramic structural shapes. Hard dielectrics in stock include alumina, beryllia and MACOR. Ferrites, ferroelectrics or other dielectrics are also fabricated. Design support for material selection, manufacturability and application is available.

AdComm Inc.
page 1036
South Hackensack, NJ
P. Skolnick
Amplifiers, SDLVAs, LMDS systems, synthesizers and custom subsystems.

ADC Solitra
page 1079
Kempele, Finland
M. Pirhonen, I. Rousti, K. Karhu, L. Ravaska
The company designs, manufactures and markets RF devices for the wireless telecommunications industry, including RF filters, subsystems, components and measurement systems. Five hundred people are employed worldwide, all working to serve the wireless industry exclusively. ISO 9001-certified quality systems are located on all sites.

Aeroflex Comstron
page 565
Plainview, NY
C. Scheetz, B. Meditz, L. Borow
Custom RF, PCS and telecommunication filters; switched filter banks; phase noise instrumentation; synthesizer products and instrumentation; integrated multifunction modules; RF ID transceiver technology; RCS measurements and range design; and microwave downconverters.

Aerowave Inc.
page 318
Medford, MA
T. Kozul, M. Kozul, L. Kahn, P. Chorney
Eighteen to 325 GHz mm-waveguide devices; monitoring and measurement directional couplers, power dividers and combiners; and variable attenuators, super HiPo loads, terminations, waveguide switches, pressurizing units, bends, twists, flanged lengths and various W/G hardware.

AIL Systems Inc.
page 973
Deer Park, NY
J. Whelehan, J. Pierro, C. Darling, H. Paczkowski
A leading supplier of products for the space community for over 30 years, the company has developed and delivered hardware from the component level to complete payloads for commercial, scientific and military programs. Products range from below 1 GHz up to 100 GHz. The company recently delivered a mm-wave radiometer for the US Navy's GEOSAT program and is in the process of delivering Ka-band up/downconverters for NASA's TDRSS program. The company is also the supplier of choice for some of the commercial satellite programs that are being developed.

A.J. Tuck Company
page 806
Brookfield, CT
A. Tuck, D. Tuck, L. Hunt, B. Boudreau
Custom-manufactured components by electroforming, including waveguide transition, filters, cavities, polarizers, OMTs, horns, miniature double-ridge and mm-waveguide components; air dielectric coaxial cables; and specialty engineering applications.

Alan Industries
page 532
Columbus, IN
B. Kennedy, D. King, W. Kennedy, S. Kennedy
A leading manufacturer of passive components for the wireless/satellite communications industry. Products include programmable, rotary and continuously variable attenuators; DC blocks; matching pads; directional couplers; terminations; return loss bridges; and coaxial switches. Visit booth 532 for custom applications.

Alpha Industries
page 343
Woburn, MA
GaAs RFICs, discrete semiconductors, filters, dielectric resonators and ceramic products for cellular, PCS and wireless data applications. New products to be displayed include the model PD18-73 two-way 0¡ power splitter/combiner and the model AP107-81 linear power amplifier operating at 1800 to 1900 MHz.

American Technical Ceramics (ATC)
page 914
Huntington Station, NY
S. Beyel, R. Fiore, K. Levine
The company manufactures and markets RF/microwave/mm-wave power capacitors, including ceramic and porcelain MLCs, ceramic single-layer capacitors (SLC), and custom products and assemblies. The Thin Film Custom Products Group offers full in-house capability, including sputtering, electroplating, laser machining and laser trimming for a variety of hybrid circuit requirements. In addition, a line of low cost general-purpose ceramic MLCs are offered for high volume surface-mount applications.

Amitron Inc.
page 1105
North Andover, MA
R. Simione
Ceramic printed circuit boards for low and high frequency applications utilizing thick-film technology. The company has capabilities allowing integration of thick- and thin-film technology. Solid gold or silver via filling in ceramic, ceramic machining and resistor trimming. QPL chip resistor supplier to DESC, providing chip resistor and attenuator frequency performance to 18 GHz and power handling to 4 W.

Amphenol Communication and Network Products Division
page 1104
Danbury, CT
A comprehensive array of coaxial interconnect products for use in cellular/PCS, telecommunications, networking and instrumentation applications. Products include TXL corrugated and TWB braided 50 W cables; and SMA, SMB, Micromate, BNC, N, TNC, DIN 7-16, UHF and mini-UHF connectors.
Amplifier Research
page 400

Souderton, PA
D. Shepherd, E. Shepherd, L. Pokorny, R. Rogers, K. Shepherd, D. Shepherd
RF and microwave broadband power amplifiers, dual-directional couplers, field strength monitor and sensors; amplifiers from 1 W to 50 kW, from DC to 18 GHz; and accessories including antennas, leveling preamplifiers, IEC interference generators, test/TEM cells and fiber-optic telemetry systems. New products include 20, 500 and 1000 W, TWTAs 1 to 18 GHz, and 25 and 50 W solid-state amplifiers from 0.8 to 4.2 GHz.

Amplifonix Inc.
page 253
Philadelphia, PA
A. Riben, K. Canelli, G. Yohner
Hybrid, bipolar and GaAs low to medium power amplifiers, PIN diode and GaAs switches, attenuators and VCOs in the kHz to 3 GHz frequency range; standard and custom solutions for major military and commercial OEMs; and Ax CASCADE design software.

Anadigics Inc.
page 835
Warren, NJ
G. Oliver, J. Patel, J. Miller
A manufacturer of standard and custom GaAs ICs for high speed video, telecom and datacom applications. The company specializes in the design and fabrication of RF receiver and transmitter integrated circuits. Products include Ku-band direct broadcast satellite (DBS) low noise block (LNB) downconverters, DBS receiver tuners, wireless receivers and transmitters. CATV products include up- and downconverters for wideband set-top tuners, and 1 GHz amplifiers. Additional product lines include laser drivers, transimpedance amplifiers for SONET, SDH, HPPI, FDDI and CATV applications.

Anaren Microwave
page 934
East Syracuse, NY
Anritsu Wiltron
page 457
Morgan Hill, CA
Your global partner for test and measurement solutions in RF, microwave, digital mobile radio and fiber-optic communications, featuring signal generators; spectrum, vector and scalar analyzers; power meters; and more.

Ansoft Corporation
page 319
Pittsburgh, PA
The High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) finite element software package computes S-parameters and fields for arbitrary three-dimensional passive structures in wireless/microwave design.

API Delevan
page 1129
East Aurora, NY
D. Kohlhagen, B. Grajek
Manufacturer of coils, inductors and related magnetics such as EMT suppressor chips and filter bends. Facilities are ISO 9001 approved. Products manufactured service the wireless, military, commercial and power supply industries.

Apollo Microwaves Ltd.
page 338
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
N. Vouloumanos, L. Schatt
Designer and manufacturer of switching and combining networks, monitoring controller and alarm panels for satellite earth stations. Products also include filters, diplexers, multiplexers, circulators, isolators, couplers and terminations for both SATCOM and wireless applications.

Artech House Publishers
page 408
Norwood, MA
M. Walsh
With over 900 titles published, Artech House is a leading publisher of professional-level titles in microwave technology, telecommunications, mobile communications, antennas and propagation, computer science and defense electronics. These titles include technical reference and guide books, design and engineering handbooks, detailed analyses of particular technologies, textbooks, technical and engineering policy texts, compendia of papers and reprints of previously out-of-print classics. The company is committed to providing high quality technical books to engineering and management professionals around the world.

Assemblies Inc.
page 1038
Warner Robins, GA
J. Daniel, J. Daniel, Jr.
Flexible and semirigid coaxial cable assemblies, and precision coaxial connectors.

Astrolab Inc.
page 961
Warren, NJ
S. Toma, J. Toma, M. Ceres
Designers and manufacturers of commercial and military coaxial connectors, cable, cable assemblies, adapters and other passive components.

Atlantic Microwave Corporation
page 237
Bolton, MA
F. Cavallaro, P. Walker, M. Federico, J. Rice
The company and Kevlin will present microwave waveguide products, monopulse comparators, series antenna feeds, switchable polarization feeds, power divider/combiners, hybrid polarizers, diode switches, ferrite circulators, filters, ARC sensors and orthogonal-mode junctions; antenna products, custom feeds, reflectors, satellite communication, telemetry and tracking systems, multiband and single-point feeds; and rotary joints, single and multichannel.

ATN Microwave Inc.
page 825
North Billerica, MA
K. Coffey, F. Schindler, M. Fennelly
LP2 load pull and NPS noise parameter systems.

A.T. Wall Company
page 322
Warwick, RI
B. Diggett, D. Huntsman
High quality rigid waveguides for defense, aerospace, telecommunications and subcontracting fabrication companies worldwide. Employing a cold drawing process, aluminum, copper, bronze, invar and silver waveguide tubes are made available in a wide variety of sizes, wall thicknesses and configurations. A worldwide warehouse stocking program ensures fast delivery.

Balo Hermetics
page 430
Butler, NJ
E. Rapoza, S. Rapoza, D. Ruff
Glass and ceramic-to-metal hermetic packages, specializing in microwave applications, including 50 W, blind push-on, DC multipin connections and coplanar multilayer (RF-to-DC) ceramic feedthrus; also using thermally conductive, low expansion, lightweight materials (CuW, CuMo, Mo, AL/SiC, explos, clad coppers, etc.). The company has production solutions to packaging challenges.

Belden Wire and Cable Company
page 969
Richmond, IN
B. Slater, B. Gebs, K. Coates
Introducing 1694A 0.047" conformable coax. Conformable coax replaces semirigid cables for hand-formable, easy-to-install assemblies; conformable coax is sweep tested to 20 GHz, exhibits exceptional phase stability and has the longest flex life of any hand-formable product on the market.

Berg Electronics, RF/Coaxial Division
page 1023
Franklin, IN
D. Kostka, J. Anderson, D. Robison
Manufacturer of electrical/electronic connectors and related cable assemblies. Products include coaxial connectors such as BNC/TNC, SMA/SMB/SMC and N series. New products include MCX series and cable assemblies. The company is a global connector manufacturer.

Besser Associates
page 359
Los Altos, CA
L. Besser, S. Besser, T. Costas
A worldwide leader in RF and wireless training, the company provides quality customized training for professionals in the RF and wireless industry, conducted by industry professionals.

Boonton Electronics Corporation
page 879
Parsippany, NJ
G. Kohli, S. Sanabria, Y. Guyomar, J. Titterton, R. Blackwell
Founded in 1947, the company is a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment dedicated to measuring the power of RF and microwave systems used in both the military and commercial sectors. The company also manufactures impedance measuring instruments, RF voltmeters, audio analyzers, oscilloscopes, OTDRs, field strength meters and recorders.

Boulder Microwave Technologies
page 1041
Boulder, CO
R. O'Rourke, D. Wu
The company offers the Ensemble" simulator for 2.5D electromagnetic simulation of printed antennas and circuits, including multilayer aperture-coupled microstrip antennas, cylindrical conformal antennas, active antennas and patch antenna arrays. Also offered are printed antenna design and training services.

Brush Wellman Ceramic Division
page 732
Tucson, AZ
E. Cooke, J. Sepulveda, R. Shaw
RF and microwave packages; RF packages for mixers, attenuators, amplifiers, power dividers, phase shifters, low noise amplifiers and switches; RF power resistor insulators and heat sinks; laser/optoelectronic packages; RF/microwave chip isolators; RF module bases; copper-tungsten heat sinks; beryllia ceramic, super BeO ceramic, metallized ceramic; and direct bond circuitry. New products include copper tungsten, super beryllia and power RF packages.

Brush Wellman Metals Division
page 732
Elmore, OH
T. Parsonage
Beryllium metal matrix composites for use in RF/microwave housings, bases and heat sinks; demonstrating 75 percent lighter than Kovar, 25 percent higher thermal conductivity than CuW or ALSiC, while providing CTE matching to the devices and chips.

California Eastern Labs (CEL)
page 819
Santa Clara, CA
J. Jacobs
North American agent for NEC RF, microwave and optoelectronic semiconductors, including small-signal and power bipolars, small-signal and power GaAs FETs, silicon and GaAs MMICs, multichip hybrids and photocouplers.

Cascade Microtech Inc.
page 713
Beaverton, OR
E. Strid, J. Pence, D. Hogue, T. Burcham
Advanced microelectronic probing solutions, precision tools and analytical experience required to make accurate, repeatable, on-wafer measurements. Air coplanar probes to 110 GHz, waveguide versions, impedance matching, dual-tip and quadrant probes. Pyramid probes using second-generation membrane technology for probing up to 108 signals to 20 GHz. Fully automated VNA calibration using WinCal 2.2 software on a Summit 12 K MicroChambered probe station.

Celeritek Inc.
page 534
Santa Clara, CA
RF and microwave transceivers and transceiver components for applications from UHF through millimeter wave. The transceiver assemblies and GaAs RFICs are designed and manufactured for the following applications: PCS and cellular base stations and phones, satellite VSAT transmitters, point-to-point radio components and subsystems, 2.4 GHz ISM-band transceivers, and full- and half-duplex UHF mobile SATCOM boosters.

Charles E. Gillman Company
page 780
Rio Rico, AZ
D. Gerbis, M. Carter
Manufacturers of high performance, flexible, semirigid RF/microwave cable assemblies and wiring harnesses.

Circuits Processing Technology Subsidiary of Brush Wellman
page 732
Oceanside, CA
J. Occhipinti
An ISO 9002-registered manufacturer of custom metallized circuits for hybrid microelectronic packages for analog, RF and digital applications. The company's ECP process offers a cost-competitive alternative to thin-film designs with operating ranges up to 50 GHz.

Coilcraft Inc.
page 246
Cary, IL
Worldwide manufacturer of high frequency RF inductors (SMD), filters and DC/DC power magnetics (SMD)

Communications & Power Industries (CPI)
page 913
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
C. Eastment, B. Steer, J. Meacham
The company will feature a Ka-band wireless cable amplifier; a Ka-band klystron at 500 W CW, W-band klystrons at 100 W CW to 1000 W pulsed; high power, wideband TWT amplifiers covering 1 to 40 GHz; and traveling-wave tubes and microwave power modules for communications, radar, instrumentation and electronic warfare applications. CW power levels 20 W to 30 kW, 2 to 50 GHz range.

Communications & Power Industries TWTPpage 1107
Palo Alto, CA
The company's high reliability vacuum electron devices for satellite communication uplink amplifiers provide the vital link to reliable SATCOM transmission; they are not only available in standard and extended frequencies, but now with multistage collectors. Such flexibility and capability ensure good RF performance levels required for enhanced applications.

Communication Techniques Inc. a Vectron International company
page 501
Whippany, NJ
A leader in microwave signal sources and frequency synthesizers to the communications market. The company offers a unique total resource for low phase noise signal generation over the frequency range from 7 MHz to over 30 GHz. Products include phase-locked and free-running DROs, CROs, VCOs, microwave frequency synthesizers for VSAT, SATCOM and digital radio applications; and VXI synthesizers and up/downconverters for cellular and WLAN test equipment, subsystems, and clock and data recovery modules beyond 10 GHz.

Compac Development Corp.
page 361
Holbrook, NY
C. Groves, P. Rao

Compact Software Inc.
page 800
Paterson, NJ
B. Rowe, T. Wilson, P. Hothur, S. Georgi
Integrated CAE/CAD solutions for RF, microwave, lightwave and wireless design available for PC/Windows, Sun SPARC stations and HP workstations. Capabilities include schematic capture, linear and nonlinear frequency-domain simulations, physical layout, system simulation, time-domain simulation and full-wave electromagnetic simulation.

Compex Corporation
page 349
Medford, NJ
G. Gordon, D. Gordon
A variety of parallel plate ceramic capacitor values, sizes and configurations; gap, margin, row, binary and custom array caps are available gold-plated wire and solder bondable, many are available pretinned from 0.06 pF and 7 ´ 7 mils; selected values and sizes shipped within 48 hours.

Component General Inc.
page 811
Odessa, FL
L. Cook, T. Floridio
Power base-mounted components, including resistors, terminations and attenuators; SMA terminations; conduction-cooled loads; power chips, including resistors, terminations and attenuators; coaxial components, including rods, discs and T-pads; and flange terminations.

Connecting Devices Inc.
page 413
Long Beach, CA
W. Carpenter, M. Peeran, R. Hall, J. Dunbabin
Manufacturer of microwave connectors and cable assemblies for defense systems and wireless communications. Featuring an extensive line of SMP push-on blind-mate connectors to 40 GHz for high density, high frequency miniature microwave packaging. Other popular types include SSMA, SMA, 2.9 and 3.5 mm, radius right angle to 40 GHz, field replaceables to 26 GHz, TNC, type N, in- and between-series adapters, phase adjusters and specials, and semirigid flexible and Handi-formª reformable cable assemblies.

Continental Microwave & Tool Inc.
page 911
Hampton, NH
J. Ripel, R. Novello, P. Borzi
Flexible and rigid waveguide assemblies, passive components, waveguide antennas, and rectangular and double-ridged waveguide in rigid and seamless flexible styles from WR430 to WR19.

Coors Ceramics Company
page 804
Golden, CO
B. Czaplinski, J. Paxson, J.F. Wade, K. Hilfer, D. Pivic, M. Oller
The company's Electronic Products Group manufactures technical ceramics for the microelectronics industry. Primary product lines include ceramic substrates for microelectronics circuitry, laser-machined ceramic substrates, dry-pressed ceramics, metallized ceramics and glass-to-metal seals. The company is the largest domestic supplier for electronic ceramic components worldwide.

Cougar Components
page 1018
Sunnyvale, CA
Manufacturer of a complete line of small-signal to signal RF bipolar and GaAs FET cascadable amplifiers and components. Offering a great range of flexibility, these amplifiers are used in high performance applications such as airborne and satellite communications, navigation and guidance equipment, radar and reconnaissance systems, and commercial test equipment.

CRC Press Inc.
page 1025
Boca Raton, FL
K. Maus
Take a look at recently published titles from one of the world's leading scientific/technical publishers. Take advantage of the convention discount.

page 638
Santa Clara, CA
D. Tai, S. Mussynski, G. Graham, R. Shubin
A leading supplier of microwave and RF LNAs, medium and high power (100 W) amplifiers and subassemblies (up/downconverters and transceivers) covering a range of 500 MHz to 40 GHz; products are suited ideally for use in both commerical and wireless environments as well as for extreme environments required for military applications where price, performance and reliability are of the utmost concern.

Cuming Corporation
page 270
Avon, MA
J. Bruun, J. DaSilva
Microwave absorbing materials and assorted dielectrics.

Custom Microwave Inc.
page 667
Longmont, CO
C. Lee-Yow, E. Horvath, R. Horvath
Manufacturer of high precision microwave components, including filters, diplexers, orthomode transducers, scalar feed horns, power dividers, special waveguide bends, flexible waveguides, couplers, polarizers and mode transducers with a combination of precision machining and electroforming. Capabilities for manufacturing, engineering, RF design, inspection, machining, electroplating, electroforming and space-approved painting are housed in one facility.

Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
page 778
Ulm, Germany
W. Linss, H. Meinel
The Technical Operations Center of the Dasa Sensor Systems Division is a competent and internationally accepted manufacturer (ISO 9001 certified) for digital signal processing systems; micro- and mm-wave assemblies and components up to 100 GHz; high precision mechanics as well as micro- and mm-wave packaging and manufacturing; and M5-service for micro- and mm-wave LOS communications equipment suppliers.
Datum Inc.

Frequency & Time Systems
page 1039
Beverly, MA
A. Snow, K. Reaning
The company is a world leader in the engineering, manufacture and supply of high frequency sources. Products include hydrogen masers, primary frequency standards, OCXO/VCXO oscillators, RF distribution modules, synthesizers, high performance GPS receivers and servo modules for space flight, commercial and military use. Space-qualified oscillators and primary frequency standards will be exhibited.

DBS Microwave Inc.
page 1004
El Dorado Hills, CA
B. Anderson, S. Fake, D. Lusky, M. Rhoades
Microwave and mm-wave GaAs FET amplifiers covering 0.5 to 65 GHz; active frequency multipliers to 96 GHz, and microwave and mm-wave up/downconverters to 50 GHz; solid-state amplifiers and upconverter assemblies provide 1 W output power to 30 GHz; products are for high performance military and high volume, low cost commercial applications.

Delphi Components
page 232
Laguna Niguel, CA
R. Earl, C. Northrup
Highly reliable DROs and CROs using several technologies that provide high performance with small physical size; standard products range from 1 to 22 GHz with other frequencies as options; oscillators are available as internal or external reference, or as free-runing DROs/CROs.

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.
page 652 Beverly, MA
J. Gillen, M. Reagan, D. Delaney
Quality, USA-manufactured RF coaxial connectors, including BNC, TNC, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, TWINAX, GR874, HN, LC-LT, MHV, 75 W BNC and TNC, 700 W N, UHF and 7/16 (DIN 47223).

Dielectric Laboratories Inc.
page 501
Cazenovia, NY
G. Vorlop, D. Bates, W. Hautaniemi, B. Semans, E. Fox, B. Vitriol
RF and microwave single- and multilayer ceramic capacitors for surface-mount, MIC and MMIC applications. Integrated resistor/capacitor/transmission line products will also be featured. New product introductions will include: LTCC-M (low temperature co-fired ceramic on a metal core) packaging solutions; and C40 and C22 high voltage, high power capacitors for cellular/PCS base stations and HPA applications.

Ditom Microwave Inc.
page 232
San Jose, CA
D. Hassett, T. Weisz
Designer and manufacturer of coaxial and waveguide ferrite isolators and circulators in the 300 MHz to 40 GHz ranges; and a complete line of high power, low intermodulation circulators in the 800 to 960 MHz bands for cellular, 1.7 to 2 GHz for PCS, and high power isolators and circulators in the 320 to 330 MHz range for pager applications.

Dow Key Microwave
page 506
Ventura, CA
Manufacturer of RF and microwave electromechanical switches in both coaxial and waveguide. Switches are provided for applications ranging from hi-rel space to cellular, from avionics to medical and from military to test equipment. The frequency range spans DC to 26.5 GHz in coaxial and up to 60 GHz in waveguide.

DuPont Superconductivity
page 549
Wilmington, DE
D. Laubacher, A. Lauder, K. Hartnett, Z. Shen, C. Wilker
Custom, prototype and commercial superconducting components, devices and subassemblies; design support; high performance microwave components, including resonators, amplifiers, oscillators, filters, delay lines, splitters, combiners and antennas; benefits include high Q, low insertion loss and phase noise, and high temperature superconducting thin films up to three inches in diameter with good microwave properties.

Dynatex International
page 260
Santa Rosa, CA
P. Thompson
Manufacturer of semiconductor dicing equipment and materials wafer separation and adhesion systems for magnetic head manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and biotech production; scribe and break systems for III-V materials; and dicing blades and lubricants for SAW dicing.

Dynawave Inc.
page 960
Haverhill, MA
C. Lewis, B. Iwanicki, D. Gartzke, T. Scannelli
Designer and manufacturer of RF/microwave cabling, harnessing, delay lines, hi power cables and RF connectors for wireless systems. All cable assemblies are UL and CSA approved. Over 10 years experience in automated manufacturing and testing allows large production runs as well as smaller prototype orders to be produced on a JIT basis while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Eagleware Corp.
page 706
Stone Mountain, GA
R. Rhea, G. Parker, C. Holmes
The company is releasing the new version 6 of GENESYS, an integrated suite of easy-to-use and accurate synthesis and simulation tools for RF and microwave circuit designers. GENESYS runs on IBM PCs under Windows 3.1, Windows '95 and Windows NT.

EEV Inc.
page 531
Elmsford, NY
P. Fochi, A. Markiewicz, A. Sayers
TWTs and TWT amplifiers for radar, communications, ECM and decoy applications featuring the new range of power booster TWTs, types N10121 and N10123; high performance receiver protectors; magnetrons for industrial heating applications including new MGC106 and MGC107; X- and Ku-band injection-locked magnetrons amplifiers, GaAs, Schottky and graded-gap diodes; and microwave integrated assemblies.

EiC Corporation
page 255
Santa Clara, CA
The company is a startup to produce ICs/modules to serve the wireless/high speed communication markets with GaAS HBT, MESFET and Si BiCMOS technologies; currently offering several broadband RFIC function blocks for the cellular, PCS and ISM markets.

EIP Microwave Inc.
page 456
Milpitas, CA
B. White, S. Ashby
Microwave test equipment, including frequency counters, VXI synthesizers, pulse generators and VXI plug-and-play drivers.

Electro-Metrics Inc.
page 275
Johnstown, NY
K.W. Bach, C. Steding, C. Herzog, D. Hoy, V. Zabo
For over 35 years, the company has been manufacturing a wide selection of antennas and sensors for spectrum monitoring, SATCOM and other wideband communications applications. The products are engineered, tested and fabricated at the up-state New York facility by experienced and qualified engineers. Special requests are expedited and calibration results are kept on file. The company also manufactures a range of amplifiers, antennas, accessories, receivers and systems.

EMC Technology Inc.
page 965
Cherry Hill, NJ
H. Adjemian, M. Sonstein, L. Catalina, S. Rollin, T. Adair
A provider of microwave components, including a full line of surface-mount terminations, attenuators, resistors and unique solutions to temperature compensation problems; Thermopad¨; the company services the microwave and RF industry with unique engineering solutions to solve many problems faced by designers.

Emerson & Cuming
Microwave Products Inc.
page 580
Canton, MA
J. Wallman, M. Carpenter
A recognized global leader in the development of electromagnetic absorbing materials. The company has produced leading-edge materials and engineered solutions for the wireless communications, military, automotive, aerospace and biomedical markets for over 40 years. Products include ECCOSORB" (the industry standard), ECCOSTOCK" and ECCOSHIELD".

EMF Systems
page 320
State College, PA
J. Chernega, J. Chernega, J. Chernega
Solid-state microwave sources for military and commercial markets, including crystal, dielectric resonator and phase-locked oscillators, and synthesizers and associated circuitry.

Epsilon Lambda Electronics
page 243
Geneva, IL
R. Knox
mm-wave integrated subsystems for collision-warning sensors, near-object detection and speed radar. Gunn oscillators and VCOs. Complete line of mm-wave wave-passive components and millimeter patch-array antennas. Engineering of custom low cost integrated subsystems for radar and communication products from 20 to 110 GHz.

page 1020
Morgan Hill, CA
H. Barmore, R. Thurow, J. Harrold
High quality RF power transistors for the telecommunications and television broadcast markets for cellular, PCS and wireless base station applications. Power transistors that operate from 300 to 2200 MHz, at power levels from 0.25 to 175 W.

Evered Tube Division Cole Tubes Ltd.
page 1070
Birmingham, UK
S. Bradley, M. Thomson-Tur, K. Dimicco
The company is a pioneer of advanced waveguide manufacturing technology and a world leader in mil. spec. and precision-drawn waveguide tubing for high frequency transmission applications, including space and avionics. The company also offers tubing for the production of RF induction heating coils used in induction furnaces and high power transformers.

Film Microelectronics Inc. (FMI)
page 1117
No. Andover, MA
D. Stevenson, P. Richard
Manufacturer of Mil-PRF-38534 custom hybrid and thin-film circuits. Other products for thin film include substrates; resistor networks; precision, microwave and back-contact chip resistors in hybrid assembly and design; thick- and thin-film hybrids; multichip modules; solid-state relays; and diode drivers (packaged and unpackaged).

Filtran Microcircuits Inc.
page 435
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
C. Sutton, L. Parsons
The company will highlight its ability to produce precision microwave circuitry; examples of fine-line/narrow-gap circuitry with various plating combinations, proprietary sputtered blind-hole approach, multilayer PTFE and thin film on ceramic will be presented.

Flexco Microwave Inc.
page 331
Hackettstown, NJ
W. Pote, III
Precision coaxial cable assemblies; applications include test systems, cellular and communications, satellite defense, DC to 50 GHz, low loss and high power; any connector combination is available; ODs from 0.086" to 1.625".

Florida RF Labs Inc.
page 843
Stuart, FL
C. Fenex, D. Sampson, G. Moore, M. Trivison, M. Gottschalk
High power RF and microwave resistive components; resistors, terminations and attenuators to 800 W, DC to 26.5 GHz, for commercial, military and space applications; and high performance/low loss/low cost coaxial cable assemblies available in flexible, semiflexible and semirigid configurations, DC to 40 GHz.

Focus Microwaves
page 836
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
C. Tsironis, D. Dubouil, C. Ghali
Automatic load-pull systems; noise measurement systems from 0.4 to 100 GHz; on-wafer noise measurements to 100 GHz; active and harmonic load-pull systems; TRL calibration kits for VNA from 0.1 to 50 GHz; and power transistor test fixtures.

Frequency Electronics Inc.
page 530
Mitchel Field, NY
V. Re, G. Kushner
Precision frequency sources including signature OCOXOs, rubidium clocks and associated distribution systems; satellite communications are supported by C- and Ku-band VSAT RF transceivers; microwave MMIC devices are offered in chip or packaged form; a broad range of custom assemblies also are available.

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor Inc.
page 813
San Jose, CA
C. Burnett, Y. Hasegawa, B. Utter
Manufacturer of a complete range of microwave field effect transistors, hybrid MICs and GaAs MMICs for use in communications and radar systems. These applications include cellular and wireless phone and LAN systems, terrestrial radio, satellites and satellite systems, and phased-array radar DBS receivers.

Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.
page 948
San Jose, CA
W. Clark, J. Salvey, R. Soohoo, S. Coy, G. Frazer
The company offers a broad range of silicon and piezo-electric devices to meet the demand of the rapidly growing wireless communications market, including phase-locked loops, prescalers, mixers, amplifiers, power-management switches and D/A converters. Versi-TILE" LSI RF ASIC technology offers a low cost, minimum-risk, short development cycle path to customer-specific solutions. The piezo-electric product line includes RF and IF SAW filters as well as low loss duplexers for 900 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS applications.

Gamma-f Corp.
page 460
Torrance, CA
G. Peal, M. Stupnik, B. Terry
Design and manufacture of passive waveguide components. Among the products offered are filters, diplexers, orthomodes and other various feed components. Frequencies covered are from 2 to 110 GHz. Products are provided for commercial, defense and space programs.

GBC Materials
page 1037
Latrobe, PA
S. Johnson
The company is a full-service manufacturer capable of high volume production of both ceramic and glass parts for the electronics, electrical, automotive, appliance, aircraft and instrument industries. Basic Glass Products Corp., a subsidiary of GBC Materials Corp., manufactures microscopic-sized glass beads used in producing hermetically sealed packages.

GEC Plessey Semiconductors Inc.
page 571
Scotts Valley, CA
A. Davies
Integrated ICs for wireless systems, low power UHF (290 to 460 MHz) transmitter and receiver chip set for remote keyless entry and security systems; single-chip synthesizers from 500 MHz to 3 GHz; high speed prescalers from 250 MHz to 5.5 GHz; and log/limiting amplifiers from 100 to 500 MHz.

GEL-PAK" Division of Vichem Corp.
page 411
Sunnyvale, CA
J. Beacham, M. Laskosky, V. Althouse
Shipping, handling and storage systems for fragile devices utilizing elastomer and Vacuum Releaseª technology. VR-series trays are used for semiconductor devices, bare die, multichip modules, flip chips, wafers, substrates and microwave devices. Also offered is a full line of specialty films for thin-film head lapping, wafer polishing, thinning and protection.

General Microwave Corporation
page 612
Amityville, NY
M. Tuckman, R. Schacter, R. DeBrecht, T. Salina, A. Caggiano
The company's 37 years of experience have established it as a leader in the design and manufacture of discrete control components and complex integrated microwave assemblies. Products include RF/microwave/millimeter-wave PIN diode switches, attenuators, phase shifters and I-Q modulators; digitally tuned, voltage-controlled and dielectric resonator oscillators; and personal and survey nonionizing radiation hazard measuring instruments.

Georgia Tech
page 220
Atlanta, GA
C. Chun, A. Pham, N. Evers, S. Han, J. Laskar,
J. Yoo, E. Gebara, J. Bergman, D. Staiculerchi
Recent research and education activities in the RF/microwave area, including the RF/wireless educational program, microwave/mm-wave IC research and recent activities in microwave/wireless packaging research, will be presented.

GHz Technologies Inc.
page 918
St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
J. Lindover, J. L'Ecuyer, Z. Huszar
Suybsytems in the 400 MHz to 50 GHz frequency range for the telecommunication industry, which consist of multicouplers for AMPS, ETACS, NTACS, NMT-900, IS-54, IS-95, GSM and PDC for cellular applications, as well as antenna coupling units for 13, 15, 18, 23, 26, 28 and 29 GHz communications networks.

Giga-tronics Incorporated
page 443
San Ramon, CA
B. Geddes
The company designs, manufactures and markets microwave and radio frequency (RF) signal generation and power measurement instruments. These products are used primarily in the design, production, repair and maintenance of wireless communications, radar and electronic warfare systems.

Gilbert Engineering
page 906
Glendale, AZ
R. Dentremont, J. Lokken, R. Shamblin, C. Baker, J. Zorzy
GPO and GMS blind-mate miniature microwave coaxial connectors; standard and custom designs are available in both hermetic and nonhermetic versions for backplane and multipin microwave applications; the company's GPO connector series is designed for ultra reliability in high density miniature microwave packaging.

Glasteel Industrial Laminates
page 242
Collierville, TN
C. Zimmerman, D. Barriell, J. Moran
Two product lines of low loss copper-clad laminates for the commercial wireless market. The MC3D product provides a stable Dk and improved performance when compared to FR4. The MC5/GML 1000 product line provides alternative materials for applications that typically have utilized PTFE substrates.

G.T. Microwave Inc.
page 256
Landing, NJ
T. Baliotis, E. Baliotis, G. Apsley
A designer and manufacturer of microwave integrated components that offer the leading edge in performance. Custom and catalog PIN diode devices operating from 100 MHz to 20 GHz are available, including switches, attenuators, phase shifters and vector modulators. Services include subassembly integration of passive, control and active-type elements.

Harris Farinon Components
page 1034
San Antonio, TX
D. Diaz, C. Salsberry, J. McCollum, B. Fuller
A broad range of waveguide, coaxial and drop-in isolators, circulators and iso-adapter products for the LOS, satellite, wireless and military marketplace. The company is an ISO 9001-compliant supplier.

Haverhill Cable & Mfg. Corp.
page 910
Haverhill, MA
D. Kneeland, T. Kneeland, S. Raucci
The company designs and manufactures microwave transmission line products, coaxial cables, semirigid hand-formable and flexible products. It also has an array of passive components used in base station antenna, microwave radio, RF subsystems, amplifiers, and cellular and PCS phone applications.

Herotek Inc.
page 326
Sunnyvale, CA
C. Lai, J. Tatum, E. Colety
Products include RF and microwave components, 0.01 to 50 GHz detectors, limiters, comb generators, FET low noise amplifiers, FET power amplifiers, PIN switches, multipliers, integrated downconverters, MIC subassemblies, harmonic mixers, and ferrite isolators and circulators; products are supplied for the military, industrial and commercial markets.

Hewlett-Packard Company
page 619
Palo Alto, CA
The latest solutions in the area of high frequency EDA software, microwave component test, test systems and accessories, and microwave and RF design systems.

Hewlett-Packard Company, Components Group
page 624
Newark, CA
Solutions for wireless communications; semiconductor components including microwave and mm-wave chips and beam-lead diodes for PT to PT and DBS, Schottky and PIN diodes, transistors and RFICs in SOT-363; also shown are digital radio transmit/receive modules.

Hexawave Inc.
page 859
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
D. Hanes, K. Hsu
Low cost power GaAs FETs for cellular and PCS applications, C-band power GaAs FETs, GaAs MMIC switches, power modules and wireless equipment manufacturing services.

Hitachi Metals America Ltd.
page 1007
Arlington Heights, IL
G. Kotani
Cellular/satellite/mobile communications; specify the company's microwave components such as RF trans, isolator, splitter, mixer, filter, coupler, diplexer and antenna switch, and get a design moving today.

Hittite Microwave Corporation
page 1019
Woburn, MA
N. Hildreth, M. Olson, J. Griechen
Manufacturer and supplier of GaAs MMIC standard products in die and SMT packaged die form. Over 60 standard products are available from stock covering DC to 25 GHz. Download data sheets and product S-parameters at the company's Web-site: http://www.hittite.com.

Huber + Suhner
page 451
Essex, VT
M. Wisner
ISO 9001-certified facility stocks high quality RF connectors, antennas and components manufactured in both the US and Switzerland; in addition to high volume standard products, the company manufactures custom antennas, cable assemblies, EMP protectors and connectors for demanding cellular and PCS applications.

IFR Systems Inc.
page 852
Wichita, KS
A. Sutton, J. Bobetsky
Manufacturer of precision test instruments for microwave and wireless communication applications, including the AN-1800 series spectrum analyzers, which feature frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, an intuitive operator interface and a large LCD VGA display for vivid clarity.

Infolytica Corp.
page 1111
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
R. Rohonczy, B. Forghani, A. Khebir, A. Khouki, M. Zinger
The company will be launching a new software product for full-wave field solutions of the time harmonic Maxwell's equations. Using the latest in solver technology, the analysis of arbitrary three-dimensional high frequency circuits and components, including the scattering parameters of arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional structures, will be demonstrated under Windows '95 and NT. Drop by for a full demonstration.

Inmet Corp.
page 901
Ann Arbor, MI
T. Solomon, R. Garvey, A. Catalano, H. Jacques, C. Spencer
Designer and manufacturer of high quality, precision-made microwave components for commercial and military applications, including adapters, attenuators, DC blocks, equalizers, power dividers, terminations, resistors and custom-designed products that operate over the DC to 40 GHz range. The company offers precision manufacturing, quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery.

Integrated Microwave Corp.
page 337
San Diego, CA
T.W. Curella, M.W. Menn
Designer and manufacturer of ceramic and lumped-element filter products in RF and microwave frequencies for commercial and military applications.

Inter-Continental Microwave
page 618
Santa Clara, CA
W. Schuerch, A. Wong, P. Cortes, L. DeCecco, C. Davidson, K. Smith
Worldwide authority in the design and manufacture of microwave test fixtures and automatic device handling systems.

International Manufacturing Services Inc.
page 557
Portsmouth, RI
Surface-mount and flip-chip resistors for solder, epoxy and wire bonding. Microwave 26 GHz surface-mount chip resistors and 10 GHz attenuators. Sizes from 0.03" ´ 0.02"; power rating to 10 W; low values from 0.022 W; and engineering kits.

Ion Beam Milling of NH
page 922
Manchester, NH
R. Quagan, J. Kelley, J. McDonnell, G. Quagan
Custom metallized substrates (resistor and conductor), microwave ICs (planar R, L and C integration); YIG and SAW circuits, discrete thin-film resistor chips; thin-film chip inductors, thin-film chip attenuators; chip carriers and mother boards; diamond dicing (one-half mil. tol.); contract photolithography (1.5 mm); and custom ion beam milling services.

I.T.S. Electronics
page 332
Concord, Ontario, Canada
I. Tchaplia, M. Earle, U. Benari
State-of-the-art solid-state microwave products, including a wide range of power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers and integrated subsystems; the company caters to commercial and defense requirements and is active in satellite and wireless communication.

page 1114
Roanoke, VA
M. Russin, C. Lindberg, D. Oliver
GaAs RFIC power amplifiers for the wireless communication market.

Jansen & Barnard GaAs Code
page 234
Aachen, Germany and London/Cambridge, UK
A. Meyer, J. Barnard, P. Ladbrooke, J. Ladbrooke
LINMIC+/N is a CAD package for linear and nonlinear MIC/MMIC design, including EM tools and device modeling; WaveMaker software for designing RF, microwave and optoelectronic devices and circuits; and physical FET and HEMT simulators linked to circuit simulators to design circuits and new processes for manufacturability.

page 812
Carson, CA
D. Colletta, G. Etzler, G. Clothey, J. Williams, J. Trujillo, A. Cheung, P. Williams
The company manufacturers coaxial switches, filters (waveguide and coax) and various components. Unique designs include lightweight, compact SPST and SPDT switches; innovative switch matrixes; and custom switch and filter requirements. Applications include space-qualified products, commercial wireless, satellite, ATE, aerospace and military markets.

JCA Technology
page 660
Camarillo, CA
G. Wasylewski, J. Chau
The company specializes in the manufacture of RF amplifiers from 500 MHz to 30 GHz, including broadband 2 to 18 GHz amplifiers and ultra-low noise amplifiers across various radar, communications and octave bands. Custom amplifiers are available at catalog pricing.

JFW Industries Inc.
page 664
Indianapolis, IN
S. Watkins, M. Burton, J. Rieger, F. Walker, D. Mikels
Attenuators, RF switches and test systems; new products include attenuators, switches, power dividers and hand-off simulation systems in the 800 to 2200 MHz frequency range.

Johanson Manufacturing Corporation
page 230
Boonton, NJ
P. Erins
Variable capacitors, air dielectric and ceramic types; microwave tuning elements; fiber-optic ferrules and connectors; and VAC" variable attenuator connectors.

Johanson Technology
page 756
Camarillo, CA
T. Fatica
LASERtrimª tuning capacitors that provide innovative solutions to wireless tuning problems; fast, acurate, automatic capacitance tuning puts designs on frequency; high Q NPO wireless capacitors feature good ESR performance at an affordable cost; single-layer microwave capacitors are available for RF multichip modules. Stop by the booth for a closer look at this technology.

John Wiley & Sons
page 637
New York, NY
S. Elliot, G. Telecki
Founded in 1807, the company is an independent, global publisher of print and electronic products specializing in scientific and technical books, journals, textbooks and education materials for colleges and universities, and professional and consumer books and subscription services. The Internet site can be accessed at http://www.wiley.com.

K&L Microwave Inc.
page 500
Salisbury, MD
J. Price, H. Aikins
Components and subsystems satisfying requirements from 3 kHz to 40 GHz, including a full selection of microwave and RF filter, ceramic, dielectric resonator, wireless, tunable, solid-state and subassembly products.

page 854
Bothell, WA
J. Olson, L. Smale, T. D'Arcangelis
Fresh, innovative designs with guaranteed linear performance. Broadband amplifiers with expanded frequnecy coverage and enhanced power levels. Improvements are achieved without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Kaman Instrumentation
page 425
Colorado Springs, CO
T. Dillahunty, B. Miller
Fully annealed stainless steel, hermetically sealed, all-welded, EW-class cable assemblies that meet MIL-T81490 type II, class 2 specifications for semiflexible construction.

Karl Suss America
page 380
Waterbury Center, VT
D. Place, B. Jamison, B. Most, B. Heath, R. Williams, J. Barry
Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic microwave probing equipment and accessories, including manual and programmable probeheads, manual and motorized microscope movements, DC to W-band probes, microscopes, microwave and thermal chucks, localized environmental chambers, light-tight enclosures, isolation tables, calibration substrates, automatic calibration software, pattern recognition, material handling and laser cutters.

KDI/Triangle Corp.
page 901
Whippany, NJ
M. Snyder, C. Schraufnagl, R. Hartwig, T. Braviah
A 30-year supplier of state-of-the-art technology for the RF and microwave industry for commercial and military applications with products including fixed attenuators, high power frequency resistors and terminations, amplifiers, digital diode switches, couplers, detectors, levelers, mixers, duplexers, upconverters, modulators, oscillators, phase shifters, discriminators, hybrid microelectronic circuits and custom components for demanding requirements.

KMW Inc.
page 853
Santa Fe Springs, CA
N. Feigenbaum, A. Simmons, A. Song, K. Bolton
Components for wireless base systems; major product lines are coaxial switches, directional couplers, BPFs, duplexers, W/G components, combiners/dividers, LC filters, subsystems, cable assemblies and connectors. When there is a special need, the expertise to develop a custom solution is available.

Krytar Inc.
page 758
Sunnyvale, CA
D. Yoshii, C. Williford
High performance, ultra-broadband microwave components and test instruments, including directional couplers, direction detectors, coaxial Schottky and GaAs detectors, 90¡ and 180¡ hybrid couplers, two- and four-way power dividers, terminations and a low cost power meter to 26.5 GHz.
KVG, a Vectron

International company
page 501
Neckarbischofsheim, Germany
Recently acquired by Vectron International, the company has long been recognized as a technical leader in the design and manufacture of quartz crystals and crystal products. Strategically located in the center of Europe, the company's comprehensive oscillator, filter and discrete crystal product range directly complements that of the US-based Vectron International group.

KW Microwave Corporation
page 434
Carlsbad, CA
R. Crabtree, S. Tantod, D. Tantod, O. Rodriguez, J. Frost
An RF and microwave component and subsystem manufacturer with over 23 years of experience manufacturing RF/microwave filters, switch filters, multiplexers, diplexers, PIN diode control components, GPS low noise amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, active/passive multipliers, and ferrite circulators and isolators for both the commercial and military markets.

Kyocera America Inc.
page 610
San Diego, CA
Ceramic IC packages, including metallized parts for RF and microwave applications, and multilayer co-fired products such as sidebraze packages, chip carriers, flatpacks, hybrids, PGAs, MCMs and thin-film products; in addition to package manufacturing, the company also offers in-house subcontract IC assembly.

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.
page 610
San Diego, CA
L. Gibson, F. Roginski, S. Robeson
Dielectric ceramic resonators for bandpass filters and combiners; high dielectric ceramic substrates and TEM-mode filters; sapphire, thick- and thin-film substrates; ferrites in various shapes and aluminum nitride substrates; pressed and extruded insulators; glazed ceramic substrates and polished thin-film substrates; and dielectric resonators for satellite LNBA applications.

LCF Enterprises Inc.
page 1112
Camarillo, CA
L. Finman, P. Lippin, J. Pollock
Manufacturers of high power amplifiers that operate from 1 MHz to 2 GHz, 1 W to 1 kW. Products include small, high efficiency modules; turn-key rack-mount amplifier systems; and T/R (transmit/ receive) amplifier subsystems for broadband communications, radar systems, antenna and component testing, RF induction heating, calibration, mobile radios, missile applications, EMP testing and transmitter boosters.

LINTEK (AUS) Pty. Limited
page 772
Queanbeyan, Australia
S. Butler, J. Butler
Printed circuit boards for microwave applications.

Litton Airtron
page 518
Morris Plains, NJ
High power microwave components and subassemblies, flexible and rigid waveguide components and assemblies, ferrite devices, filters, microstrip and slotted array antennas, and GaAs substrates for RF applications.

Litton Solid State
page 518
Santa Clara, CA
D. Merkley, B. Quinn, B. Rischpaler, D. Hoekstra
Vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of GaAs/InP semiconductors, components and subsystems for wireless, commercial, military and high-rel applications covering UHF to mm-wave. Applications include point-to-point radio transceivers, SATCOM and space-qualified products, PHEMT semiconductors and foundry service, ferretec YIG products and microwave control components.

Lockheed Martin Government Electronic Systems
page 709
Moorestown, NJ
The company provides advanced packaging and fabrication of few-chip (FCM) and multichip modules using a high density interconnect technology. Applications range from power to digital microwave to mm-wave. Capabilities include microelectronic design and support, design layout, prototype fabrication and test, as well as production of FCMs and MCMs. Both ceramic-based and advanced chip-on-flex processes are available.

Lorch Microwave Inc.
page 805
Salisbury, MD
K. Bernstein, J. Evans, J. Devlin
With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, the company is a world-leading manufacturer of quality RF and microwave filters and components, specializing in discrete, ceramic, cavity and waveguide filters, as well as mixers, and phase shifters and comparitors. Standard products can be tailored to meet custom requirements.

page 1003
Beaverton, OR
G. Eimers, B. Boggs, B. Ritter, H.E. Plock
Systems and products for the fabrication of prototype circuit boards; no caustic chemicals are used in any products, including thru-hole plating.

M/A-COM, Inc.
page 601
Lowell, MA
E. Leahy
World's largest manufacturer of RF and microwave (100 MHz to 100 GHz) discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, components, connectors, cable assemblies and subsystems. The company will host a Design Seminar Series where technical papers will be presented on a wide range of RF and microwave technologies for a variety of applications.

Magnum Microwave
page 431
San Jose, CA
Microwave mixers (surface-mount packaging, microstrip carrier, hermetically sealed), voltage-controlled oscillators (surface-mount packages for wireless applications and thin-film, hermetic units for avionics/defense applications) and dielectric resonator oscillators (phase-locked solutions for radio links).

Marconi Instruments Inc.
page 736
Fort Worth, TX
The company is a supplier of test and measurement equipment for the RF, microwave and electronics industries. Products supplied include analog/digital signal sources, radio test sets, spectrum analyzers, microwave test, reflectometers, RF power meters, frequency meters, DC and AC sources, and power analyzers.

Maury Microwave Corporation
page 630
Ontario, CA
M. Maury, J. Adamson, B. Pastori, G. Simpson, D. Smith, B. Wolf, C. Fry
The company will exhibit its line of precision microwave instruments and components covering the spectrum from DC to 110 GHz. The automated tuner system (ATS) will be on display featuring active tuner modules and newly upgraded PC-based application software. Ancillary ATS equipment to be demonstrated includes a low noise microwave amplifier and amplifier converter for broadband low noise amplification, the universal transistor test fixture and a transistor bias supply for safe FET and bipolar device biasing. The MT2075C series noise gain analyzers will also be featured, as well as the company's metrology-grade sliding terminations and connector gauges.

Merix Corporation
page 265
Forest Grove, OR
Technologically advanced, electronic interconnect solutions, including rigid circuit boards, and high performance and flexible circuits used in sophisticated electronic equipment; and quality systems, including ISO-9001 and MBNQA.

Merrimac Industries Inc.
page 749
West Caldwell, NJ
A. Ramsden, B. Dornan, L. Miciak, W. Joswick
Passive components to 65 GHz, including power dividers, couplers, quadrature hybrids, hybrid junctions, beamformers, I & Q networks, modulators, demodulators and phase shifters. The company manufactures high performance mixers, modulators and passive components for commercial, defense and aerospace applications, and has miniaturized the 90¡ hybrid to a 0.2" ´ 0.16" case-free footprint.

Metelics Corp.
page 622
Sunnyvale, CA
J. Godbout, F. Kwan, C. McAllister
Products include microwave semiconductors and components; Schottky, tunnel, PIN, SRD and tuning diodes; and MIS capacitors, detectors, switches and limiters.

Mica Microwave Corporation
page 661
San Jose, CA
F. Mills, B. Barbaria, D. Wood
Design and manufacture of isolators/circulators, gain equalizers/harmonic phase shifters, detectors/limiters and multifunction modules for military, space and commercial systems.

Micro-Chem Inc.
page 753
Santa Clara, CA
L. Matts, T. Selski, B. Collins, L. Hutchinson
Manufacturer of stripline, microwave and rigid ground plane PTFE circuit boards - specializing in single sided and double sided; introducing the new Multilayer Division. Now specializing in the manufacture of multilayer Teflon and mixed dielectrics for the microwave and telecommunications industries.

page 537
Collegeville, PA
M. Andrioft, D. Birch, R. Souders, J. Lewis

Micro Lambda Inc.
page 360
Fremont, CA
R. Leier, J. Nguyen, D. Suddarth
PC board-mount miniature and PMO oscillators for commercial applications; phase-locked sources for LMDS and MMDS systems; 40 GHz and miniature YIG filters for next-generation test equipment, VXI and VME formats; and harmonic generators, subassemblies, commercial analog and digital drive circuits.

MicroMetrics Inc.
page 357
Londonderry, NH
J. Morgan, D. Langan, F. Gilligan, C. Lien
Celebrating a decade in business, the company is a leading manufacturer of point contact diodes, as well as hyperabrupt and microwave tuning diodes, step recovery diodes, PIN/limiter diodes, capacitors, thin-film resistors, spiral inductors and Schottky diodes.

Micronetics Wireless
page 1102
Hudson, NH
D. Robbins, S. Bernstein
Designer and manufacturer of RF building block components, including voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) and high performance switches and noise sources. Also offered is a new line of test equipment to facilitate the design and production of CDMA and GSM communications systems. New this year: the MicroCal Module, a patented integrated circuit used to provide built-in monitoring of wireless local loop equipment, including handsets, base stations and subscriber units.

Microphase Corp.
page 1042
Norwalk, CT
Developer and manufacturer of microwave components and subsystems.

Microsource Inc.
page 967
Santa Rosa, CA
C. Antell, M. Lampenfeld, J. Meyers, E. Nyiri
YIG oscillators, YIG bandpass and band-reject filters, permanent magnet YIG oscillators and filters, narrow- and wideband synthesizers, frequency converters, receivers and radios.

Micro Substrates Corporation
page 971
Tempe, AZ
R. Panicker, B. Griffin, B. Greenman
Manufacturer of VIA/PLANE, ceramic substrates with solid tungsten-copper-filled vias for thin-film MIC hybrids and VIA/PAK, surface-mount, ceramic-leaded packages for applications up to 21 GHz. For packaging MMICs in frequencies up to 40 GHz, VIA/PAK BGAs are under development as an economical solution for the commercial wireless market.

Microtech Inc.
page 938
Cheshire, CT
J.A. McGregor, J. Marino, B. Hallock
Flexible and rigid waveguide components and passive microwave components from 1.1 through 60 GHz and millimeter flexible waveguides to 110 GHz. Components include rotary joints, waveguide-to-coax adapters, couplers, torsional joints, filters, comparators, antennas, windows and terminations.

Microwave Applications Group
page 1021
Santa Maria, CA
C. Boyd, W. Hord, T. Janzen
Microwave ferrite phase control elements and related electronic control circuits; and electronically scanning antenna systems.
Microwave Components

Enterprises Inc.
page 901
Ann Arbor, MI
J. Smucker
A world leader in the design and manufacture of RF/microwave components and subsystems. This new corporation comprises three innovative companies, including Inmet Corp., KDI/Triangle Corp. and Weinschel Corp., that design and manufacture a variety of RF/microwave components that can be found in many applications worldwide.

Microwave Development Company Inc.
page 1000
North Andover, MA
J. Cook, M. Crittenden, P. Hocknell, C. Tomes
One to 50 GHz waveguide components and subsystems, including filters, diplexers, couplers, Gunn oscillators, magic tees, circulators, output assemblies and terminations; double-ridge and rectangular waveguide components for the military, SATCOM and communications industries with emphasis on 13, 15, 18, 23, 26 and 38 GHz PCN microwave radios, tri-band communication and broadband, high power avionics systems; and coaxial filters and high power coaxial couplers and terminators.

Microwave Development Laboratories Inc.
page 831
Natick, MA
E. Scollins, W. Berry
Waveguide adapters, assemblies, attenuators, bends, twists, corporate feeds, couplers, crystal holders, circulators, diplexers, filters, flanges, gaskets, SSB generators, hybrids, isolators, mixers, mixer duplexers, monopulse comparators, rotary joints, double ridge, phase shifters, power dividers, rotary switches, tees, terminations, transitions, waveguide tubing and windows.

Microwave Device Technology Corp.
page 452
Westford, MA
T.B. Ramachandran, M.S. Ayyagari, D. Peterson
GaAs Gunn, abrupt and hyperabrupt varactor, PIN, IMPATT, Schottky, multiplier, and ISIS diodes; mm-wave active components, including oscillators, multipliers, switches, variable attenuators and mixers; mm-wave passive components, including isolators, circulators, Faraday rotation devices, couplers, filters and waveguide products; and mm-wave subsystems and microwave sensors.

Microwave Engineering Corp.
page 335
North Andover, MA
J. Hermann, D. Cloultier, S. Hekier, C. Holman, G. Smith

Microwave Journal
page 412
Norwood, MA

Microwave Printed Circuitry (MPC)
page 1066
Lowell, MA
M. Casper, C. Casper, R.Deitz
Printed circuit boards for microwave applications using PTFE-based materials for both commercial and military programs; microstrip and bonded stripline in addition to heavy metal-backed boards; plated through holes on aluminum are also featured.

Microwaves & RF
page 1056
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Microwaves & RF is a monthly publication for design engineers and engineering managers involved with RF, microwave and optical devices and systems. Communications Products is a bimonthly product tabloid with product reviews, short design articles and special reports for design engineers and engineering managers working in high frequency communications. Wireless Systems Design is a monthly magazine with the latest design information for wireless systems designers in areas of software, hardware and test equipment.

Microwave Technology
page 524
Fremont, CA
J. Spear, A. Roberts, B. Wilson, W. Ou, D. Apte
Manufacturer of highly linear GaAs FETs, low noise receiver amplifiers and power amplifiers for wireless infrastructure applications. PUREampsª is the newest line of products that offers low noise figure and high intercept points for tower-mounted LNAs, receiver multicouplers and base station receiver amplifiers.

MIC Technology Corporation
page 565
North Andover, MA
K. Callery, M. Doherty
Passive circuit solutions for the microelectronic industries, including PIMICª process technology that provides high frequency chip interconnect and packaging solutions by incorporating traditional discrete components in a solid-state approach; and RF, microwave, digital and mixed-signal environments accommodated in thin-film multilayer designs.

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems
page 670
Forest Hill, MD
R.F. Snyder, D. Petran
Directional couplers, 90¡ hybrids and power splitters constructed of low loss stripline technology in a surface-mountable package. Frequency synthesizers and PLL sources, and low noise and power amplifiers. Custom component and systems work. The company specializes in low and moderate quantities of custom couplers that are unattractive to its competition.

Millitech Corporation
page 559
South Deerfield, MA
A. Mathew, D. Dixon, P. Newton, J. Lowe
Manufacturer of millimeter-wave components, assemblies and systems for space, communications, defense and research applications; products consist of oscillators, mixers, multipliers, detectors, antennas and the entire range of passive products.

page 553
Diamond Springs, CA
J.C. Rosenberg, J. Young, P. Willis
An extensive product line of amplifiers, frequency multipliers and frequency converters in the microwave and mm-wave frequencies (0.1 to 95 GHz). Standard and custom products are integrated easily into any system. The company's experience in the industry provides strength and innovation in engineering, research and production for its customers.

page 543
Brooklyn, NY
H. Kaylie, R. Kaylie, G. Kaylie, R. Stolz
Standard and specialized surface-mount and plug-in IF/RF and microwave components, such as frequency mixers, power splitters/combiners, amplifiers, attenuators, terminations, directional couplers, bias-tees, filters, limiters, frequency doublers, phase detectors, phase modulators, switches, drivers, transformers and VCOs.
Mini-Systems Inc. Electronic Package Division
page 1002
Plainville, MA
D. Federschneider
Manufacturer of packages used for microwave, hybrid, fiber-optic, power and IC applications. Many different materials are utilized in the products' construction to satisfy customer needs. Some surface-mount packages may be used in the 18 GHz range or lower. Unique commercial packages are also considered.

Mini-Systems Inc. Sunbelt Micro. Division
page 1002
Deltona, FL
A. Le Pane
Manufacturer of custom high-rel thick-film products; specializing in substrate metallization, development and manufacturing of hybrid microcircuits and microelectronic subassemblies.

Mini-Systems Inc. Thick Film Division
page 1002
No. Attleboro, MA
P. Solan
High reliability, precision, thick-film chip resistors, arrays and networks featuring over 75 standard styles spanning a value range 50 mW to 100 GW. Surface-mount, solderable, wire bondable, QPL-approved configurations. Microwave T and Pi, low loss, chip attenuators; and standard and custom, gold-on-ceramic, jumpers and standoffs.

Mini-Systems Inc. Thin-Film Division
page 1002
Attleboro, MA
S. Hahn
Precision thin-film chip resistors, microwave terminations, attenuators, capacitors and networks. Frequency response through 24 GHz, absolute tolerances to 0.01 percent and TCRs to 5 ppm; surface-mount, packaged and wire-bondable configurations; metallized substrate, custom resistor and RCs; and through-hole circuit, design and fabrication.

Mitec Telecom Inc.
page 339
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
J. Robinson, A. Bertsch
Designer and manufacturer of filters, diplexers, amplifiers, flexible waveguide components and subsystems for the wireless and SATCOM industries. Four manufacturing facilities based in Canada, Thailand, the UK and the US serve the company's global customer base.

page 512
Hauppauge, NY
A. Faverio, T. Heil, H. Kiiss, M. Kiiss
The company is exhibiting solid-state microwave components, subsystems and systems to 60 GHz, including low noise and medium-power amplifiers, mixers and mixer-preamplifiers, switches, PIN attenuators, free-running and phase-locked oscillators, frequency synthesizers, upconverters, downconverters, frequency translators, FM modems, receivers, translators and custom assemblies.

Modular Components National Inc.
page 611
Forest Hill, MD
M. Creighton, I. Zazulak
A high technology service company that manufactures microwave circuit boards for commercial and defense applications. Capabilities include fine-line etching (up to 2 mil lines/spaces); multilayers, including mix dielectrics, CNC precision machining and laser profiling; and complete in-house plating capabilities.

Morgan Matroc Ltd.
page 860
Wrexham, UK
K. Linaker, R. Ragonese, G. Finn, A. Gaertner, R. Brown
Ceramic dielectric components, including high Q materials with dielectric constants between 20 and 88; parts produced to customers' requirements, generally as pucks, coaxials or substrates, and tested 100 percent for frequency; and first-class engineering and sales service to ensure satisfaction.

Morrow Technologies Corporation
page 943
Largo, FL
VXI- and PC-based spectrum analyzers. Models 9052 and V9054 cover a range of 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz. The new model V9085 covers 100 kHz to 8.5 GHz. These fully programmable instruments have a sensitivity to -130 dBm, four color traces and user-definable limit lines. The units are supplied with user interface and Visa P&P drivers, and support most popular software platforms.

Motorola Component Products Group
page 271
Schaumburg, IL
Manufacturers of a broad portfolio of components for wireless communications, automotive and computer applications. The portfolio includes printed circuit boards, RF ceramic filters, quartz crystals, filters and oscillators, and surface acoustic wave devices. The company's numerous innovations in material development, automated assembly and product design have led the way in this component revolution.

Motorola, RF Semiconductor Division
page 648
Phoenix, AZ
S. Baniszewski, D. Sundby
A broad product portfolio with exciting new product introductions to serve the wireless market. Key products include low power and high power discretes, RF hybrid power modules, RF CATV amplifiers and RF monolithic integrated circuits.

Murata Electronics North America Inc.
page 925
Smyrna, GA
C. Dunlap

M-WAVE/Poly Circuits/PC Dynamics
page 704
Bensenville, IL
The M-WAVE companies, Poly Circuits and PC Dynamics, offer complete in-house manufacturing capabilities to produce cost-effective PTFE printed circuit boards for microwave applications. Capabilities include double-sided, stripline, multilayer, mixed-dielectric multilayer circuits, prebonded metal backed and the patented Flexlink II bonding process.

Nanowave Tech. Inc.
page 920
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
J. Miller, A. Chapman, J. Ng, A. Mitha, V. Maksimovic

Narda Microwave
page 701
Hauppauge, NY
B. Leibowitz, V. Chitkara, J. Kirchman
SWR power monitoring systems, RF mechanical switches and non-ionizing radiation products will highlight the company's booth. These products are a small portion of the hundreds of in-stock components and instruments for wireless, industrial and DoD applications.

Narda Semiconductors
page 701
Lowell, MA
J. Tierney, J. Caruso
A complete line of semiconductors will be featured, including tuning varactors, power generation diodes, control devices, Schottky, passive component control components and surface-mount devices. A new full-line catalog will also be featured.

Narda West
page 701
Rancho Cordova, CA
Featured are a complete line of wireless and VSAT products, including filters, diplexers, isolators and circulators, as well as VSAT transceivers.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
page 218
Boulder, CO
J. Guerrieri
The Antenna and Materials Group of the National Institute of Standards and Technology provides antenna and materials measurement services to industry and government laboratories. Precision measurement techniques are developed for dielectric and magnetic properties of materials, antenna parameters, earth terminals and satellites. Continuing research leads to greater accuracy, speed and applicability, as well as lower cost.

Nearson Inc.
page 673
Springfield, VA

Noble Publishing
page 668
Tucker, GA
G. Breed
Books and videos for RF, microwave and communications engineers.

NTK Technical Ceramics
page 407
Santa Clara, CA
P. DiPaolo
Communicational ceramic products include low dielectric glass ceramic substrate, high dielectric ceramic substrate, LCR thin film, high frequency ceramic packages, power packages with heat spreaders and heat sinks, aluminum nitride substrate with thin-film circuits, MCM-C, MCM-D/C, optical feed-thru ceramic package and custom high frequency ceramic products.

Nurad Technologies Inc.
page 245
Baltimore, MD
J. Shea, G. Smith
Standard and custom antennas, composite radomes and reflectors for the commercial and military markets.

Oak Frequency Control Group
page 1058
Mount Holly Springs, PA
Manufacturers of OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, clock oscillators, crystal blanks, crystal filters, component ovens and glass-to-metal hermetic-seal packages for the telecommunications, test and measurement, aerospace and defense industries.

page 858
New Bedford, MA
M. Medeiros, C. Orphanides, L. Couto, G. Ferrian
The largest custom metal package manufacturer in the world. The company's housings are used by all the major microelectronic companies that are working in the defense or high reliability commercial sectors. Traditional metals and composite materials are offered to meet the electrical and environmental requirements of any microwave system.

Optimization Systems Associates Inc.
page 1030
Dundas, Ontario, Canada
J. Bandler, R. Biernacki, S. Chen, D. Omerieic, J. Tripp
PC/UNIX-based automatic optimization/front-end drivers for EM simulators: Empipe3Dª - for HP's HFSS, Ansoft's HFSS and Ansoft's Maxwell" Eminence; and Empipeª - for emª from Sonnet Software employ the company's Geometry Captureª technology for user-defined optimizable parameters for arbitrary geometrical structures and exploit its automated optimization capabilities.

Optiprint AG
page 370
Rehetobel, Switzerland
R. Krsteiner, E. Bischof, J. Belangee
Precision microwave circuit boards; and examples of fine-line/narrow-gap circuitry with various combinations of vias, metal-backed/core technology, various substrate combinations and outsize boards will be displayed.

Optotek Ltd.
page 919
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
D. Kennedy, N. Lefebvre, R. Meierer
CAE/CAT software for RF and microwave applications. The MMICADª suite of software solutions comprises linear simulation, schematic capture, layout, filter synthesis, small- and large-signal transistor modeling, yield prediction and sensitivity analysis, data acquisition and control of vector network analyzers.

Oscillatek, a Vectron International company
page 501
Olathe, KS
B. Beck, M. Bowling
A leader in temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) technology. The company manufactures a complete line of frequency sources including TCXOs and hybrid crystal oscillators for a wide customer base that includes communications firms, instrument manufactures, computer companies and electronic systems manufacturers in both commercial and military markets.

Pacific Coast Technologies
page 1013
Wenatchee, WA
D. Harper, J. Pitre, E. Taylor
Hermetic connectors and packaging utilizing laser weld technology. Explosively bonded material used to produce laser-weldable RF, micro-d, sub-d, rack and panel, waveguide and custom connectors. Turn-key hermetic boxes produced fully plated with connectors and feedthrus laser welded in and ready to populate. Space and defense qualified on several programs.

Pacific Microelectronics Corp.
page 252
Portland, OR
T. Puerling, P. Danner
Manufacturer of custom ceramic RF packages. These packages include multilayer transmit/receive modules, RF receivers, transponders and transmitters; frequencies to 50 GHz with integral transmission lines, delay lines, capacitors, seal rings, heat sinks and feedthroughs can all be a part of the alumina or BeO substrate.

Pacific Monolithics, RFIC Products Group
page 606
Sunnyvale, CA
J. Di Bartolo, K. Prescott
The company specializes in high performance GaAs MESFET RFICs offering both single- or dual-bias supply versions of plastic-packaged surface-mount power amplifiers operating from 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Additional RFIC products include LNAs, VNAs, SPDT switches and VCOs. Ask about the new ultra-miniature PM-SOP package.

Panasonic Industrial Company
page 523
Secaucus, NJ
The company brings a wide variety of product solutions to RF design for applications in communications, telecom, datacom and entertainment. The exhibit includes RF modules, PLL synthesizers, VCOs, filters, duplexers and semiconductors. Products are supplied with the high quality expected from Panasonic.

Pascall Electronics Ltd.
page 1067
Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK
R. Burman, S. Chiplin, D. Bonner
Logarithmic IF amplifiers; I & Q detectors; phase discriminators; limiting and linear amplifiers; wireless telemetry systems; and rack-mounted and modular solid-state microwave power amplifiers, including a 100 W Ku-band unit. Also on display will be the model SPM6000 earth station monitoring equipment.

PCB Engineering
page 272
Milpitas, CA
D. Moody
The company provides a full-service printed circuit board fabrication facility, including in-house DFM review, in-house photo plotting and electrical test. A full range of board materials is available. SMOBC/HAL, organic and gold body finishes are also available, along with a toll-free modem for data transfer.

Penn Engineering Components Inc.
page 1120
No. Hollywood, CA
B. Washburn, B. Down
Microwave components, waveguide tubing and flanges; and custom components.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
page 1123
San Diego, CA
M. Miller, J. Siann, T. Munson, R. Reedy
Wireless and satellite ICs for applications up to 2 GHz fabricated with the company's proprietary UTSi" technology, an ultra-thin-silicon-on-insulator CMOS process offering significant advantages over conventional technologies in speed, power, dissipation, integration and radiation hardness.

Philips Technologies, Airpax Protector Group
page 236
Cambridge, MD
R. Pinheiro, J. Collins, J. Favinger
Close toleranced, intricate multicavity hermetically sealed machined housings in a variety of metals to support the microwave telecom and military marketplace in an operation that is totally vertically integrated, offering complete process from start to finish.

Picosecond Pulse Labs
page 535
Boulder, CO
J. Andrews, M. Van Pelt
The company will display its line of ultra-fast rise-time pulse generators and broadband coaxial components. New items this year include ultra-broadband (65 kHz to 14 GHz) amplifiers and Gaussian response lowpass rise-time filters for digital telecommunications applications.

Piezo Crystal Company
page 659
Carlisle, PA
G. Kurzenknabe, J. Griffith, R. Lackey
High performance quartz crystals and crystal oscillators for all telecommunications applications. Directly heated crystals and oscillators.

Polese Company
page 930
San Diego, CA
Worldwide supplier of copper tungsten used for heat sinking and heat dissipation, seal rings and special-shaped parts using the EDM method; and full plating capability, including gold, electroless and electrolytic nickel.

Polyfet RF Devices
page 657
Camarillo, CA
E. Greenbaum, S.K. Leong
The company has been serving the RF industry for the past 12 years, supplying high performance gold metallized MOSFETs. Both VDMOS and LDMOS silicon gate devices are available that operate up to 1.5 GHz, with power outputs of up to 300 W. Voltage supply ranges from 12.5 to 50 V. Applications are in communications, cellular and paging base stations; manpack and vehicular radios; TV; FM; and jammers.

Power Systems Technology
page 437
Melville, NY
B. Yuruckso, N. Jawdat, B. Liebman
The design and manufacture of 1 MHz to 3 GHz standard and custom-design solid-state high power amplifiers with ouput power levels from 2 W to multi kilowatts.

Precision Tube Company
page 730
Salisbury, MD
C. Blackledge, I. Schilling, D. McNeil, G. Nutter, C. Bogese, B. McNeil
Semirigid and flexible coax cable; and flexible and semirigid cable assemblies in both standard and custom designs, and coaxial delay lines; as well as exclusive US distributor and marketing agent for Spinner GmbH's Munich, Germany K-1 connector product line.

Q-bit Corporation
page 1001
Palm Bay NE, FL
G. Callaway, M. Rogers, F. Decker
Transmit power amplifiers, including feedforward intermod cancellation techniques offer good efficiency, temperature stability and intermodulation performance. Base station receiver amplifiers provide low noise and high intercept points. RF feedback amplifiers are constructed using a patented Power Feedbackª technique, yielding low SWR and high dynamic range. A low cost, high dynamic range surface-mount amplifier is available for commercial applications.

QUALCOMM Incorporated
page 935
San Diego, CA
D. Johnson, D. King, J. Beil, J. King, K. Rutland
The company's ASIC products encompass four technologies: forward error correction (Viterbi/Trellis decoder), voice compression (Vocoders and evaluation boards), synthesizers (direct-digital synthesizers, phase-locked loop frequency synthesizers and evaluation boards) and licensed CDMA ASICs. Stop by the booth to pick up the company's latest product information.

Quantum Epitaxial Designs Inc.
page 1074
Bethlehem, PA
A. Cornfeld, B. Giralico, J. McKeown
A world-leading merchant supplier of molecular beam epitaxy epitaxial wafers (3", 4" and 6") consisting of GaAs, AlGaAs and InGaAs on GaAs and InP substrates for MESFET, HEMT, PHEMT, HBT and quantum well infrared photodetectors for commercial and defense applications.

QUEST Microwave Inc.
page 1127
Sunnyvale, CA
A. Campbell, N. Khayat, B. Campbell, S. Khayat
The company manufactures ferrite products (isolators and circulators) for cellular/PCN/PCS communications, point-to-point radios and SATCOM/VSAT transceivers and converters.

Quinstar-Cernex Inc.
page 324
Cupertino, CA
C. Huynh, R. Steinberg, L. Fong, J. Kuno
Millimeter-wave and microwave components and custom subsystems such as couplers, terminations, adapters, isolators, polarizers, orthomode transducers, switches, standard gain horns, detectors, multipliers, mixers, up/downconverters, filters, oscillators, power amplifiers, LNAs, receivers, transmitters, transceivers and repeaters to be used in communications, radar, EW or general test systems.

R&K Company Limited
page 755
Fuji City, Shizuoka, Japan
T. Matsuda
GaAs FET power amplifier, GaAs FET MMIC, SMD DBM, SMD power divider, SMD directional coupler, broadband power amplifier, quadrature hybrid, digital attenuator, analog phase shifter, vector detectors, solid-state switch, frequency doubler and PIN diode attenuator.

Raytheon Microelectronics
page 651
Andover, MA
J. Armanino, M. Sheade, D. Maki
A leader in advanced research, design and high volume fabrication of GaAs MMICs and T/R modules for the wireless marketplace. Visit booth 651 to learn more about the company's latest MMICs for cellular/PCS, DBS and wireless LAN systems.

page 1011
Carlisle, PA
K. Stone, D. Smith
Quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, crystal filters and glass-to-metal sealed hermetic packages.

RelComm Technologies Inc.
page 958
Salisbury, MD
J. Tinkler, M. Magda
Subminiature surface-mount technology coaxial single-pole, single-throw (SP1T) and single-pole, double-throw (SP2T) relays provide a cost-effective approach for high volume, high performance wireless communications equipment, as well as automatic test equipment and a variety of test and monitoring instrumentation. Broadband operating frequencies range from DC to 8 GHz with available coil voltages of 12, 24 and 28 V DC.

REMEC Microwave
page 431
San Diego, CA
T. Mauk
RF/microwave assemblies and components for the aerospace telecommunications industry. Products include supercomponents and subassemblies, integrated amplifier assemblies, up-/down frequency converter assemblies, frequency multiplier and comb generator assemblies, switched filters, PIN diodes, channelized filters, multiplexers, build-to-print services, microwave mixers, VCOs and dielectric resonator oscillators.

Res-Net Microwave Inc.
page 808
Largo, FL
M. Giacalone, R. Mayo, N. Giacalone, G. Mayo
A wide selection of low and high power microwave products. Resistive components include terminations, attenuators and resistors available in various packages. Three- and four-port couplers are offered in coaxial, stripline and microstrip packages with and without connectors. In-phase and quadrature power dividers can also be provided in a number of styles. Wideband and band-limited delay lines are also available.

page 930
Torrington, CT
SMA, SMB, SMC and MCX connectors; D-subminiature coaxial connectors and housings; crimp-crimp 50 to 75 W connectors that have good characteristics to 2 GHz; and special connectors produced to customer requirements.

RF Design
page 671
Englewood, CO

RF Industries, Neulink Division
page 454
San Diego, CA
D. Catledge, A. Ekroos
Synthesized transceiver modems (136 to 174 MHz, 218 to 230 MHz, 260 to 280 MHz and 385 to 512 MHz). Crystal-controlled transceiver modems (VHF, UHF and 900 MHz). Synthesized paging exciter (2 to 5 W, 136 to 174 MHz and 260 to 280 MHz). High performance synthesized VHF and UHF receivers.

RF Micro Devices Inc.
page 947
Greensboro, NC
RF integrated circuits, including quadrature modulators, quadrature demodulators, LNA/mixers, IF amplifiers, attenuators and linear power amplifiers; and custom-designed products to optimize performance, power and size using GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor, GaAs MESFET and silicon bipolar technologies.

Richardson Electronics Ltd.
page 759
LaFox, IL
K. Connor, I. Byrne, J. Patterson, N. Hilgendorf
The company is an ISO 9002 registered, international specialty distributor offering its customers an extensive inventory of RF and microwave semiconductors, interconnect products, RF and microwave amplifiers, design-in support and numerous value-added services to address specific applications.

RJR Polymers Inc.
page 680
Oakland, CA
C. Ross, S. Kazarian, S. Mellen
The company is an Engineered Materials company that supplies cavity plastic packages, custom-formulated epoxies pre-applied to IC covers and other components, and high speed sealing equipment for lid and package assembly.

RLC Electronics Inc.
page 231
Mount Kisco, NY
D. Borck, A. Borck, J. Seminoro, J. Radder
Leading designer and manufacturer of switches, filters, attenuators, power dividers/combiners, couplers, terminations and other transmission line devices for military and commercial applications. The company offers devices for surface-mount and wireless requirements, and is proud to announce its ISO:9002 certification. It is committed to being recognized as a world-class supplier of precision microwave components.

Robinson Laboratories Inc.
page 945
Nashua, NH
B. Robinson, S. Robinson, F. Holt, T.J. Cole, E. Devita
Control components, receiver products, multifunction assemblies, broadband mixers (double-balanced image-rejection and single-sideband modulators), PIN diode switches, switch filters, digital and voltage-variable attenuators, limiter detectors, millimeter switches and attenuators, VSAT/SATCOM products, low noise block downconverters (stable and phase locked), low noise amplifiers and line amplifiers.

Rogers Corporation, Microwave Materials Division
page 613
Chandler, AZ
C. Santiago, C. Becker, M. Norris
High frequency, premium performance materials: RT/duroid" 5000, RT/duroid" 6000 and RT/duroid" 6002 materials; and TMM" circuit materials for stable and predictable circuit performance despite temperature changes, RO3000ª laminates with good electrical characteristics and RO4000" laminates with electrical and physical properties comparable to woven-glass PTFE substrates that process like most epoxy/glass laminates.

Roke Manor Research Limited
page 669
Romsey, Hampshire, UK
R. Green, D. Pennington
The company provides applied research and development services from concept study through production in sensor systems, radio communications, and IT and networks microwave and RF design capability for T/R applications using discrete and custom MMICs for mobile phone HPAs, phased-array systems and RCS prediction software.

H. Rollett & Co. Ltd.
page 479
London, UK
H. Medlicott, A. Garner, P. Prior
Precision rigid waveguide to the MIL/W-85/1 specification and to the tight tolerance BS9220 specification, including thin-wall aluminum for satellites, INVAR for telecommunication filters, copper circular for dual-polarized feeds, copper double ridge for ECM and heavy-wall bronze waveguide for high power applications; and seamless flexible waveguide and assemblies.

Roos Instruments Inc.
page 955
Santa Clara, CA
T. Dobrino, M. Flatten, M. Roos, C. Rossi-Roos
Production test equipment built specifically for IFICs, RFICs and MMICs and optimized for high volume production environments; hardware and software designed to function as a complete system; and customer-satisfied fixing requirements, as well as application and engineering support.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik
page 1024
Tittmoning, Germany
H. Rosenberger, B. Rosenberger, D. Verschatse, E. Parker
One of the leading coaxial connector manufacturers. The product range covers coaxial connectors for the frequency range up to 110 GHz, CAL-Kits for network analyzers, filters, passive components, and fiber-optic connectors and components.

Sage Active Microwave
page 839
Hollis, NH
P. Gale, D. Duncan
Semiconductor-based microwave components and assemblies; custom engineering and manufacturing of mixers, detectors, switches, attenuators, limiters and multifunction packages; and GaAs- or PIN-based components in surface-mount or drop-in configurations using customized integrations.

Sage Laboratories Inc.
page 839
Natick, MA
C. Marguerite, P. Gale, P. Alfano, T. Cieri, A. Funk, J. Majewski, L. Lanzillo

Sanders, a Lockheed Martin company, Microwave Electronics Division
page 701
Nashua, NH
P. Cooper, J. Mahoney, P. Smith, J. Komiak, M. Priolo, J. Heaton
mm-wave PHEMT GaAS MMIC foundry services and custom design for commercial and military chips and modules; automated microwave and mm-wave module manufacturing; PHEMT MMIC processes for VSAT, MILSATCOM, wireless LAN, digital wireless and automobile radars through 94 GHz MESFET processes; and EW and seeker T/R modules. ISO 9001 registered.

page 980
Palo Alto, CA
B. Kocher
A complete line of through-hole and SMT quartz crystals, clock oscillators, VCXOs and TCXOs in metal, plastic and ceramic packages from 32.768 kHz through 622.08 MHz. The company serves its customers worldwide with sales offices and ISO 9001/9002-certified manufacturing plants in the US, Europe and Asia.

Schott Electronic Packaging
page 267
Southbridge, MA
J. Hale, B. Kopp, J. Kiermeier, G. Thiele
Recognized as the premier glass-to-metal seal component supplier in the world, the company offers a variety of hybrid packages in platform designs, tub designs, flat packs, fiber-optic packages and machined packages. In addition, the company offers TO-style headers, window caps, lens caps and filter glass caps, as well as glass-to-metal seal components for a variety of automotive and quartz oscillator applications.

Scientific Microwave Corp.
page 364
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A. Saad, M. Saad
Passive microwave and mm-wave components, including filters, diplexers, circulators, hybrids, couplers, transitions and terminations for military, space and commercial applications; evanescent-mode ridge waveguide and planar structures; and custom production and consulting services.

Scientific Microwave Production
page 364
St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
A.M.K. Saad, A. Messiha
High power output arms using phase shifter or three-port isolator filters, cross-guide couplers, high directional couplers, waveguide arc detectors, waveguide attenuators and terminations, waveguide-to-coaxial adapters, waveguide-to-waveguide transitions, waveguide combiners and splitters, waveguide twists, high power flex flanges and all waveguide accessories.

Sciteq Communications Inc.
page 665
San Diego, CA
P. Feinberg, L. Buckridge, T. Mauro
Fractional PLL chips plus fractional PLL synthesizers. Wideband DDS synthesizers including chirp synthesizers with < -60 dBc spurs and 2 ns switching speed. Microwave prescalers up to 14 GHz.

Semflex Inc.
page 978
Mesa, AZ
D. Hartete, B. Burke, D. Thomas

Semiconductor Packaging Materials (SPM)
page 930
Armonk, NY
Aluminum, aluminum silicon and gold bonding wire and ribbon; gold wire for bumping; die bond, solder and braze preforms; bond pads, heat sinks, moly pedestals and special solder clad connectors; many parts packaged in tape on reel contract taping of components; ISO 9002 certified.

page 959
Hopkinton, MA
R. Kalvaitis, R. Ranslow, E. Beers, A. Beal
Designer and manufacturer of active commercial microwave subsystems and VSAT systems. Also offered are high power instruments, solid-state amplifiers, combiners, special antennas and filters.

Sigma Systems Corporation
page 379
San Diego, CA
D. Russell
For over 40 years, the company has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision thermal conditioning equipment. The Thermal Platform product line facilitates component access and real-time parametric testing of flat-package devices at real temperatures. Microprocessor control offers the flexibility of RS 232, IEEE 488 or front-panel program input and execution. With sizes ranging from 91 to 2555 cm2, ramps to 100¡C/minute, and proven stability and efficiency, the Thermal Platform is preferred by leading RF and microwave manufacturers the world over.

Signal Technology Corp.
page 710
Beverly, MA
The company provides innovative solutions through the design and production of sophisticated state-of-the-art electronic components and systems for a wide variety of commercial, aerospace and defense applications, including communications networks, satellite communications, electronic countermeasures, intelligence and guidance systems.

Sinclair Manufacturing Company
page 1050
Chartley, MA
A. Durr, F. Vaccaro
The company manufactures hermetic packages using both glass and ceramic as insulators as well as hermetic windows.

SIWARD International
page 353
Parsippany, NJ
The company is an established manufacturer of high quality frequency-control products, including crystals, crystal filters, oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs and VC-TCXOs for through-hole and surface-mount packages.

page 366
Santa Clara, CA
S. Lynch, H. Masuda
Electronic ceramic components, including Semifilt SC series DCT noise filters, SGM noise filters, RGM noise filters, dielectric ceramics for microwave frequencies, high frequency ceramic capacitors, coaxial-type resonators and ceramic resonators.

Sonnet Software Inc.
page 1031
Liverpool, NY
J. Rautio, J. Willhite, S. Carpenter, D. Johns
Microwave electromagnetic analysis software, including em for planar circuits and antennas and Micro-Stripes, a three-dimensional simulator based on the efficient transmission-line matrix (TLM) method.

Southwest Microwave Inc.
page 757
Tempe, AZ
J. Kubota, J. Rawlins, G. Hubbard

Spectrum Control Inc.
page 480
Erie, PA
S. Manahl, R. Zaday
Manufacturer of EMI/RFI filters including discrete, filtered connectors; and power line and surface-mount filters.

Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc.
page 1101
Westbury, NY
M. Markson, S. Pollock
Trimmer capacitors (air, ceramic, film, glass, mica, quartz and sapphire), microwave tuners, metallized glass inductors and tuners, SMT trimmers and inductors, and RADIOCERª ceramic RF power capacitors.

SSPA Microwave Corporation
page 1014
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
T.C. Cheng, A. Leung, J. Lewis
Manufacturer of solid-state high power amplifiers, including Ku-band, 100 W and C-band, 400 W. ISO-9001 certified.
Stanford Telecom,

Microwave Systems Division
page 956
Lowell, MA
V. Servello, M. Tucci, D. Strand, B. Davis
The company offers a complete line of DDS synthesizers used in EW, radar, communications, signal detection, surveillance and ATE. The operation also features communication products (DC to 30 GHz), including up/downconverters, RF front ends, interference measurement equipment for PCS and spread spectrum demodulators.

Stetco Inc.
page 1064
Franklin Park, IL
G. Murray, A. Ehredt
Chip coils, chip transformers, customized RFI/ EMI filters, filterized connectors and delay lines.

StratEdge Corporation
page 849
San Diego, CA
C. Trondle, T. Going, J. Carter
The company designs and manufactures microwave and mm-wave ceramic semiconductor packages addressing the needs of markets such as digital radio, VSAT and LMCS/LMDS/MVDS. Standard product lines are offered with packages ranging in frequency from DC through 43 GHz and custom-design capability up to W-band. Custom high speed digital packages, filters, feedthroughs and substrates utilizing Strat-E-Film" fine-line metallization.

SV Microwave
page 368
West Palm Beach, FL
J. Morelli, B. Martin, R. Thompson
RF and microwave connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, attenuators, terminations, hermetic launchers and radios right-angle connectors.

Synergy Microwave Corporation
page 801
Paterson, NJ
A. Almeida
Signal processing components for applications in cellular and PCS equipment, including mixers, I&O modulators, voltage-controlled oscillators, integrated phase-locked loops, frequency doublers, directional couplers, filters, signal splitters/combiners (0¡, 90¡ and 180¡), transformers, phase detectors, phase shifters and attenuators/switches; high emphasis on surface-mount packaging.

Taconic, Advanced Dielectric Division
page 923
Petersburgh, NY
B. Beumer, S. Seymour, J. Bushie, L. Gardner, B. Chaidez, B. Kune
A complete line of PTFE/fiberglass laminates that are at the heart of numerous commercial and military microwave applications, including antennas, radar, power amplifiers and DBS systems. Laminates are available in dielectric constants ranging from 2.17 to 3.20. Standard sheet size is 36" ´ 48", but the company is capable of manufacturing laminates up to 102".

TDK/MH&W International Corporation
page 1015
Denver, CO
R.P. Kiernan, G. Van Schaick, R. Long, P. Peek, V. Tweedy, K. Wright
Stripline- and ferrite substrate-type microwave devices, circulators and connector-type isolators; isolators and circulators; terminations, mixers and combiners; and KERATHERM heat conducting foils by Alfatec/Kerafol.

Tecdia Inc.
page 522
Mountain View, CA
N. Aguilar, Y. Kubota, A. A'Neals, N. Furuya
Single-layer, parallel-plate chip capacitors; GaAs FET protection mini boards; GaAs FET protection DC power boards; wideband and high current bias tees; and metallized alumina wafers for substrates.

Tech-Ceram Corporation
page 1054
Amesbury, MA
W. Dinardo, W. DeJean
Supplier of microwave/RF power packages in ceramic and ceramic-to-metal configurations. Product offerings include leaded, surface-mount, feed-throughs, metallized substrates, epoxy caps/lids and plastic packages. Custom designs are also available.

Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc.
page 248
New Cumberland, PA
P.C. Bates, C.E. Sunday
The company and its Advanced Noise Technology Division design and manufacture crystal oscillators, phase-locked oscillators, frequency multipliers, microwave sources and noise calibration systems at frequencies from 10 MHz to 18 GHz, as well as low noise, low spurious, coherence, stability and technology assistance as value-added products.

Telecom Analysis Systems Inc.
page 679
Eatontown, NJ
R. Fish, P. Petillo
Manufacturer of a full line of systems to test wireless and wireline data communications equipment. By combining both wireless and wireline testing components, the company delivers testing solutions that analyze the performance of products that transmit data through both land-based and RF networks. The company also supplies the industry's most comprehensive and realistic modeling of real-world transmission environments, enabling engineers to quickly isolate and identify performance problems in the lab - reducing the need for more expensive and time-consuming field tests.

Teledyne Electronic Technologies
page 525
Mountain View, CA
RF/microwave components and assemblies for wireless and telecommunications, including plastic filters, integrated filter assemblies, delay devices and high power switches for cellular/paging base stations, GaAs MMIC power amplifiers and converters for Ku- and C-band VSAT terminals, and power amplifiers for 2.4 and 5.8 GHz WLANs.

Telegartner Inc.
page 1065
Franklin Park, IL
R. Souders, K. Ludwig
Coaxial connectors, between-series and intra-series adapters, surge suppressors, coaxial cable assemblies and fiber-optic connectors.

Tele-Tech Corp.
page 779
Bozeman, MT
A. Zoller, C. Curtis
RF and microwave signal processing components and assemblies consisting of mixers, power dividers/combiners, quadrature hybrids, couplers and IQ assemblies.

Teradyne Inc.
page 880
Boston, MA
G. Eddy, D. Derian
A leading supplier of Mixed-Signal Microwaveª automatic test equipment; will demonstrate software tools for RF IC device testing; instrument and waveform displays will be presented as well as tools for implementing characterization and production test programs quickly. Come discover wireless system architecture, instrumentation, worldwide applications support and complete test solution.

Texas Instruments, Microwave GaAs Products
page 643
Dallas, TX
R. Lehmann, S. Nelson, C. Suckling, C. Pendaries, S. Hoshino, L. Howard, C. West, K. Blair, D. Green, M. Tessaro
A commercial and military GaAs MMIC and module supplier. The company serves these markets by providing standard GaAs discrete and MMIC devices, foundry and custom design services, and space-qualified MMICs and services. The production fabrication facility supports MESFET, HFET, PIN diode and PHEMT technologies. For more information, contact the Web site at http://www.ti.com/mgp.

Texas Instruments, Wireless Communications Business Unit
page 643
Dallas, TX
The division was formed to establish and maintain semiconductor technology leadership in the wireless communications market. It focuses its resources on the design, manufacture and support of highly integrated digital signal processing solutions for wireless communications products used with various transmission standards around the world.

Thin Film Technology
page 1010
Buellton, CA
G. St. Amour, G. Watkins, R. Pettengic
Vacuum coating, substrate patterning, and custom tooling and mashing services.

Times Microwave Systems
page 259
Wallingford, CT
D. Murray, B. Krimsier, T. Prema
Coaxial cable and assemblies, featuring new connector interfaces, labor-saving connector installation techniques and an environmentally sealed coaxial cable guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years in an outdoor environment.

TLC Precision Wafer Technology Inc.
page 233
Minneapolis, MN
T. Childs
Lattice engineering of III-V materials on GaAs and InP substrates; custom MBE wafers using GaAs, AlGaAs, InGaAs, InAs and AlAs for electronic and optical applications; HEMTs and PHEMTs, including C-HFETS, MIS-FETs and various MMIC circuits; computer-automated growth reports; SPC process, including surfscan defect density, sheet resistivity uniformity and x-value on every wafer; and high precision quality epi-wafers tailored to customer desired circuit performance.

page 436
Irvine, CA
The company manufactures a broad range of GaAs FETs from the L-band through mm-wave frequencies. Chip form, packaged FETs and MMICs in a wide variety of power ranges supporting all types of communications applications are offered. Also provided are GaAs FET solutions for all amplifier stages, from the driver stages through the highest power output stage.

Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems
page 419
Lansdale, PA
G. Bolger, J. Comish, R. Shillady
Antenna products including spiral, horn log periodic, cellular and PCS panels, microcell and tracking antennas, FSS and MSS antennas; microwave integrated circuits covering the frequency from 0.1 to 50 GHz, including custom front ends, up- and downcoverters, subassemblies, detector log video amplifiers (DLVA) and successive detection logarithmic amplifiers (SDLA) in both hybrid and monolithic form.

TRAK Microwave Corporation
page 731
Tampa, FL
T. Roberts, D. Killen, J. Reese, J. Krastel, S. Taylor, R. Walsh, W. Anthony, M. McWhorter
Synthesizers and oscillator-related products for multifunction assemblies. Components include oscillators, frequency multipliers, comb generators, filters, isolators and circulators. RF and IF passive signal processing components include mixers, couplers, splitters, hybrids, I/Q modulators/demodulators, phase shifters, variable attenuators and matching transformers. Antennas are available from Tecom Industries Inc. Time-related products include GPS time and frequency standards.

Trans-Tech Inc. a subsidiary of Alpha Industries
page 343
Adamstown, MD
The company will feature a full line of products utilized in wireless applications worldwide, including dielectric resonators and coaxial transmission line elements for VCO applications, ceramic bandpass filters, technical ceramic materials and powders; ferrite and garnet material for circulators/isolators and patch antennas for GPS applications. The new model D4500 temperature-stable material designed specifically for base station/combiner filter products in cellular and PCS/PCN applications will be introduced. Users will benefit from size reduction while maintaining high Q factor.

Trilithic Inc.
page 848
Indianapolis, IN
D. Distler
RF and microwave components, including filters, attenuators, switches, terminations, impedance-matching networks, power dividers and detectors. Subsystems include switching matrices, filterbanks, multiplexers and attenuator banks.

TRM - Technical Research & Manufacturing Inc.
page 330
Bedford, NH
A. Butts, A. Tirollo
Application-specific integrated modules (ASIM) and components, including beamformers, phase comparators, modulators, mixers, VCOs, power dividers/combiners, 90 and 180 hybrids, couplers, single-sideband modulators (SSM), image-reject mixers (IRM), and quadraphase modulators and transformers from DC to 26.5 GHz in connectorized, flatpack, surface-mount or drop-in packages.

Tru-Connector Corp.
page 346
Peabody, MA
D. Snader, S. O'Neil, A. Laflin
Manufacturer of a complete line of standard and custom RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, including high voltage connectors. Series available in triax, large, standard, miniature and subminiature plating to customer specifications.

TRW Inc. Space and Electronics Group
page 448
Redondo Beach, CA
K. Dow
TRW Commercial GaAs Products, together with its partners RF Micro Devices and Multilink, delivers complete solutions for PCS, cellular, microwave and mm-wave wireless communications, and fiber-optic electronics for high data rate transmission systems.

T-Tech Inc.
page 510
Atlanta, GA
R. Fisher, L. Vance, J. Taylor
Hardware and software solutions for prototyping circuit boards and other related applications using the Quick Circuit-series prototyping systems and related modules, options and accessories. The company will be introducing its new ISOPRO Gerber and DXF viewer, editor and isolation package for Windows 95 and NT.

UltraSource Inc.
page 273
No. Chelmsford, MA
S. Broderick
Custom thin-film hybrid circuits, metallized ceramics, etching services, dicing services, alumina and silicon resistor chips.

Unicircuit Inc.
page 1052
Englewood, CO
L. Riley, T. Gleason, D. Lee, K. Svee, K. Pinelli, S. Brann, M. Hodges
The company will display a variety of highly technical multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB) such as blind and buried via technology, plasma and laser ablated via technology, composite technology, bonded heat sinks, BGA, MCMs and more. These PCBs have been manufactured using a wide variety of materials and processing techniques. All PCBs were manufactured on a quick-turn basis.

UTE Microwave Inc.
page 635
Asbury Park, NJ
L. Nilson, B. Scammel, W. Reddock, D. Rive, R. Hendrix, A. Feller
Ferrite circulators and isolators from 100 MHz to 20 GHz in coaxial and waveguide. Iso-adapters, iso-filters, subassemblies, high average power and peak-power ferrite devices. Multiport, drop-in and special configurations.

Vari-L Company Inc.
page 764
Denver, CO
Precision manufacturer of RF components for a wide range of aerospace, military, industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Products offered include voltage-controlled oscillators, PLL synthesizer modules, double-balanced mixers, wideband transformers, power dividers/combiners, phase detectors, phase shifters and special integrated assemblies.

Vectron Laboratories Inc. a Vectron International company
page 501
Norwalk, CT
Oscillators are available from 0.01 Hz to beyond 2 GHz with sine or logic output in a broad range of configurations. Products include low noise OCXOs available with good stabilities, VCXOs for phase locking, linear VCXOs, VCOs, hybrid crystal oscillators, space-qualified oscillators, and clock recovery and data regeneration products.

Vectron Technologies Inc. a Vectron International company
page 501
Hudson, NH
The company was born out of the acquisition of the Frequency Control Products division of a major telecommunications company. With over 40 years of experience in crystal and SAW product development, this leader in frequency control products offers competitively priced, high performance, state-of-the-art clock and voltage-controlled oscillators, SAW filters, and clock and data retiming units for telecommunications and data communication applications.

Voltronics Corporation
page 939
Denville, NJ
N. Perrella
Multiturn precision trimmer capacitors with ranges to 250 pF and dielectrics of glass, quartz, air, sapphire and Teflon. Most are 40 psi sealed and all have non-rotating pistons. Single-turn ceramic trimmer capacitors with ranges to 40 pF in PC and surface-mount styles, and DRO and microwave cavity tuners.

Watkins-Johnson Company
page 401
Palo Alto, CA
T. Burkhard, S. Hoover
State-of-the-art RF and microwave components and subsystems for commercial and military/intel applications.

Weinschel Corporation
page 901
Frederick, MD
R. Stephens, G. Smith, K. Brown, F. MacLean, L. Pregely, B. Knill, J. Dholoo
Designer and manufacturer of a wide variety of RF and microwave components and instruments that operate over the DC to 40 GHz frequency range. Products include fixed attenuators (many dB values with models capable of handling up to 500 W), variable attenuators, step attenuators (manual, motorized and programmable), terminations and loads, precision adapters and connectors (all types including blind-mate and planar crown" connector systems), directional couplers, and power splitters and dividers. The instrument line includes attenuation and power calibration systems; and custom RF and microwave components for application-specific requirements.

Werlatone Inc.
page 254
Brewster, NY
G. Werlau, P. Kuring
Since 1965, broadband, high power two-, four- and custom N-way combiners from 2 to 2000 MHz up to 50 kW are available, as well as high power directional couplers from 10 kHz to 2.8 GHz up to 100 kW.

The Westaim Corp. ThermicEdge Electronic Materials
page 258
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
J. Ramsden, G. Evans, M. Vandermeulen, B. Palmer
The company offers a full range of aluminum nitride products and will feature leadless chip carriers. The company specializes in aluminum nitride with a complete line of metallized products for electronic applications. Reliable metallization technologies have been developed specifically for aluminum nitride, including thin film, thick film, refractory metal, electrolyses plating and active brazing. Precise thin-film hybrids with copper or gold metallization that perform well at high frequencies are custom fabricated. Standard and custom leadless chip carriers are also offered with a wide range of features, including good RF grounding.

West¥Bond Inc.
page 924
Anaheim, CA
I. Malcolm, J. Price
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic wire bonders; manual die bonders; wire bond pull testers; ball shear testers; insulated wire bonders; ultrasonics; and load cells and wire despoolers.

Whittaker Safety Systems
page 774
Simi Valley, CA
K. Strack
Silicon dioxide (SiO2) cable products and hermetic connectors. Coaxial cable ranging in diameter from 0.047" to 0.532" is available. Organically insulated SiO2 cable offers many high performance advantages. The cable is tested and qualified to MIL-T-81490 requirements. Stop by the booth for a demonstration of this unique product.

Williams Advanced Materials Subsidiary of Brush Wellman
page 732
Buffalo, NY
J. Alfano
Serving the hybrid microelectronic semiconductor and vapor deposition industries, the company puts over 85 years of experience to use in supplying a wide range of specialty products and services, from vapor deposition materials, backing plates and PVD accessories to bonding wire, frame lid assemblies, solder and brazing materials. The company also strives to offer solutions for its customers' varying requirements.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
page 900
Newark, DE
D. Baechtel, R. Shaller, G. Adler, H. Banning
Supplier of GORE-TEX" microwave cable assemblies, flexible waveguide assemblies and membrane radome products for use in military and commercial spaceflight and naval programs.

XL Microwave Inc.
page 861
Oakland, CA
R. Swift, D. Thornton, B. Artz
Manufacturer of microwave and mm-wave frequency counters, with power measurement to 60 GHz (available with internal battery). Source-locking frequency counters (locking frequencies from 10 MHz to 60 GHz). Gunn and YIG oscillator phase lock modules, sweeping current supplies and rubidium standards.

page 1075
Hagerstown, MD
Microwave ceramic materials - ferrites and magnets for circulator and isolators; dielectric materials for cellular base stations and PCS applications; advanced technical powders; dielectric and ferrite substrate material.

II Morrow Inc.
page 678
Salem, MA
M. Atchison, D. Schmidt
RF contract manufacturing with the company's broad vertically integrated technical abilities. Full turnkey assembly and test to the RF/wireless market can be provided.