Eastern OptX, specialists in fiber optic delay lines for RF and microwave test applications, introduced its new Series 5000 Doppler radar target generators today.

The Series 5000 features moving target generators covering radar frequencies from 1 to 18 GHz. The Series 5000 instruments are compact systems that provide Doppler radar target generation with speeds from 0 to 3000 MPH, allowing users to set target and radar source speeds and directions.

Series 5000 systems may be operated remotely using wireless control with scenario generator features including flight path replication, moving source and targets, and multiple target options. Data may be entered in multiple formats. Formats include: target and radar speed and direction; start-stop LONG-LAT; lateral path (angle of opening and angle of closing) and speeds; or pre-programmed Google Map placements.

Users can also create a complete moving target replication by integrating delay lines. All Series 5000 Doppler radar generators may be used with Eastern OptX Series 3000 delay lines to create both Doppler and step-wise target and source movements.  

About the Series 5000

The Series 5000 is available in 1U for 19" racks in bands from 1 to 18 GHz with external modulation input and external trigger input (synchronous mode). The instrument is controlled by USB or WiFi using optional Microsoft Surface™ with control software. Software for Doppler input includes speed, frequency, Google Maps, approaching/retreating targets, target speed and direction, and radar source speed and direction. Other important features of the Series 5000 software settings include:

  • Frequency: 0 - 5 kHz in 3 Hz steps
  • Slew Rate: 100 Hz per second
  • Modes: Free-running, synchronous (triggered from the falling edge of  the radar pulse, built-in detection or from an external trigger), and phase inversion (synchronous or free-running).