Realistic environments containing multiple aggressors (transmitters) and multiple victims (receivers) pose significant engineering challenges with respect to cosite interference. In order to predict cosite interference accurately, a large number of contributing factors have to be taken into account. In particular, the RF performance characteristics of each transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) as well as the wideband coupling/isolation between all antennas must be considered in order to identify and eliminate undesired interference between systems.

CST STUDIO SUITE®, a leading integrated software package for accurate and efficient electromagnetic simulation, provides powerful solvers for computing the performance of antennas in their installed environments including radiation patterns and coupling/isolation. Delcross Technologies' EMIT (Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit) provides a software framework for managing RF system performance data, simulating intra-system EMI effects, and mitigating EMI issues, resulting in a comprehensive model database for predicting cosite interference and exploring effective mitigation solutions.

The collaboration between CST and Delcross will bring together EMIT's RF system models and predictive engine for quantifying the impact of interference on system performance with the powerful computational electromagnetic solutions of CST STUDIO SUITE. This integration provides a high-fidelity solution for the prediction of cosite interference in complex, RF-dense environments. 

"CST is very pleased to be working with Delcross Technologies on a truly comprehensive cosite analysis solution,” commented Dr. David Johns, VP of Engineering, CST of America, Inc. “With an ever increasing number of antennas installed on both civil and military vehicles, space for positioning new antennas is severely limited, elevating the risk of interference. Early identification of problems through this type of simulation is critical to minimize field testing and ensure successful deployment.”

"I am excited about the integration of CST STUDIO SUITE and EMIT,” said Dr. Fred German, Sr. Scientist & Lead Product Strategist, Delcross Technologies. “This combination brings together the industry's best analysis tools   for installed antenna performance and cosite interference prediction into a single, easy-to-use workflow that allows analysts to quickly identify potential interference problems and explore mitigation solutions in a virtual engineering environment."