Cree Inc. and Array Wireless help bring the clarity of high-definition (HD) video transmission to Sunday Night Football (SNF) on NBC. The HD NFL games are broadcast using wireless video systems from Array Wireless that employ Cree’s advanced GaN RF components. Array Wireless counts on Cree world-class RF GaN technology to create high efficiency, low distortion, robust power amplifiers that are essential for high-definition video transmission.

Cree GaN RF technology is deployed in Array Wireless’ S-Band linear power amplifier product series, enabling smaller, lighter and more efficient power amplifiers than those based on gallium arsenide (GaAs). Winged Vision, a leader in aerial sports broadcasting, uses high linearity amplifiers from Array Wireless to transmit SNF video transmissions and maintain unparalleled fidelity from pre-game to post-game. According to Bob Mikkelson, president, at Winged Vision, the light weight Coded Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (COFDM) amplifiers from Array Wireless are a key component in developing compact HD broadcast systems, with “performance and efficiency that are head and shoulders above the rest.”

“Cree’s GaN RF devices are ideal for meeting the stringent linearity requirements for wide bandwidth HD digital transmission at high efficiency operation,” said Ed Takacs, president and founder, Array Wireless. “The lighter weight systems they enable are extremely beneficial in lowering fuel consumption and operating costs for our customers. We migrated from GaAs devices to Cree® GaN devices several years ago to offer increased transmission range while reducing our power amplifier size, weight and power consumption.”

Array Wireless’ TruPower Series Linear RF Amplifiers bring a new level of performance and reliability to microwave transmission of digitally modulated signals from UHF to 10 GHz. TruPower amplifiers use patent-pending linearization technology to minimize distortion and provide superior signal quality for complex multi-carrier modulations like OFDM while minimizing DC power consumption, heat and weight.

Cree RF GaN HEMT and MMIC devices are available for linear and pulsed amplifier applications in frequency bands from DC to Ku-Band at 18 GHz. The devices are available in a variety of output power ratings from 1 W to 400 W.